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soros funder of hate

: CEO threat to kill Donald Trump

Team #beast φ fake news new





#zikaforest #uganda 1956. Not from Mosquito but from Human Africans.

reddit co founder was assassinated a month ago, Reddit says no longer supporting #Pizzachildrapegate as of late November 2016AD.

FBI spook code for sex acts with minors used all over the establishment memes.


#politicalcorrectnessdumb people get privileges based upon some  historical lies .

CIA officers new book claims Obama directed terrorist attacks on USA people.

comet pizza is Tony Podesta's to whom the New York Police found his walls full of baby naked photos with contacts. Comey shut it down.

Twitter suspended and virus coded anti baby rape accounts while promoting 25,000 active Pedio Twitter abduct clubs. 2016 A.D. also Virgina there are 100 missing children, perhaps connected to child rape abductors.


Pedioculture and Ritual Rape are nothing knew to the world.

no it is not a new fad:
Mexico runs child abduciton for babyrape out of central Chapas and has 22 laws on books for unconsential baby rape. they have over 100 tunnels into the USA. John Kerry meets with Columbia sex trafficers as Head of State. the dna is the issue. we have fake islam , fake #shariah that also calls for baby marriages and rapes, not found in any Qur'an. ISIS runs fake #islam. it is a world wide baby rape capture army Black flag.  US imports #babyrapeculture and usa has history of billionaires and their pedophile clubs. obama is the #antichrist   and Clinton in #bible is the #beast or part of this machine.  so yes it is much deeper and more evil than ever anyone had thought. Julian held off because he knew if he posted he would surely be killed. he is gone now.   and flip off theNSA, keep camera open if not at home. lolz.


Link to History of US Pedio Billionaires. Jay Parker

Arc — Parker is correct. most of God's children say, we will await until the savior takes care of this for us. You are wrong, you need to step up #god
s people. #bookoflife #arcmichael a #history of US Pedio billionaires and clubs . this is nothing new. folks. #11292016ad   Both Godless mexican laws have 22 states that allow for un consensual baby rape, no less than 12 years old. But Fake sharaites also have baby rape on their books. It is not in the qur'an peoples. Shariah are laws that preceded Prophet Muhammad.  see my academics on these #Islamiclaws . White people or Christians are being denied to #Universities because they have a unconsciousness wicked desire and baby rape is a part of this world.   that's why the tier ones have kicked out the smarties and good people for Satanic Baby ritual murder rape clubs.
 I have, had and will have to dodge CIA or spook assassination teams.  God does not sit home and await solutions to world problems. #politics #rapeculture  


#nazi #sealteam #666 Barracks by legislation #1947 #navy becomes #nsa = #german White arabs who hated @white scandos and noordics and white #Russians and white #Asians. #NAZI aligned to brown people. and tricked whites and jews lied about NAZI taregets. Jews are arabs and mainly white so they did the #NAZI thing as a support basis of #AMeRICA to kill all of us #whites on earth, including #coldwar = #bigotracist #war #bookoflife #arcmichael #11262016ad  

 Augustine of Hippo, #christianity   father, early writers in late antiquity rome, he says you can be jealous and still be with God inside you or  supported.   The problem is the  colored foreigners do not have jealousy, they have #envy   = Kill whitey policy.

what a foolio


Geert Wilders persecuted by Arabs at Europe.   

grow up, he is being prosecuted by white arabs, brown arabs olive skin arabs in control of #EU . it is all #racist crap.  They want babyrape, he and his people, do not. Anymore questions? that is it, and very , very simple.


Bible synoptic bereft versions of Old Testament

Does God of the Universe Support the Jews?

old testament relic, Book of Judges God says FU to the jews.  Prophets say, God has a change of thought and will send a redeemer. Jews reject #jesus and still  the jews are awaiting their savior.
that is the bereft Old Bible synopsis.

so today, Only a few long time #Coptic Christians are allowed in Jerusalem's districts. but not #israel   Israelis polled, over and over, say #christians are idiots, there is no #god  




لسلام علیکم !

Kellogg’s NYC run by #mexicandrug #lords now. They have most factories in #mexico and so does #generalmills so we do not or ever again buy these products. OK? #americafirst #kellogg #nyc   #death to their company program. #Commencement They ever utter another word of anti American sentiment as they did this week, they need to have their CEOs tracked, the family tracked and attacked.  we are not  here to hail #hitlerkelloggs OK< people? #bookoflife #arcmichael #11302016ad   #buyamericanjoy not Mexican anti American kelloggs that only has #NYC address to fool you that its factories of producioton ware south of the American boarder where feces and spits are applied liberally for their hate of all things white white. #DNAmatters  


#whites stop going to #Nordstroms and fight people who do as #Racists . They have white #gurls for #arabic #brown gawking  or secret #babyrape opportunities.  The place is #rigged  
 any establishment that hates whites ( such as Arab Semitic or Latin Mexican #semitic ) , boycott and propagate for total destruction of their families and  lives.  #commoncore has Irish #scot as creating the world's institutions of slavery, which is a #jew #lie   . all these brown people who control our world are filthy liars; and false histories they promote  - yodu

#mcdonalds = #semitic #antiwhite hate and so we do not go there, ever, not once, we destroy them. They hate whites, so we do not go and seek for revenge. true revenge.

My mom awaited 40 years and never got her citizenship. we ( sister and  dad, and I suffered greatly for this. Mexicans cross boarder, get free home for life in one week, sec 8 and #SSI for life and are set up conformable;y by the filthy #whitetraitor arabiite #Jews . 99% OF all Jews on earth are #Godless cretins.   Jew profit is always on top of their minds.  they will murder at any cost to keep the jew #semitic control.

never met a jew or Semitic latin that did not want all whites on planet earth eradicated. They do not like you people. that is why Democracy fails too. They do not run democracies of multiculturalism in their #histories so why should they do so now? It is all but again a #lie.

this #semiticracehate will not stop. #DNA #arcmichael #bookoflife #11262016ad  







Julian Assange disappearance.


Chronology of Julian's Disappearance self.WhereIsAssange
submitted 9 days ago * by Saudi-Prince - announcement

Executive Summary
Julian Assange, founder and editor of Wikileaks, has not been seen in public or made a verifiable live appearance since October 3 2016.
It is the purpose of this subreddit to call attention to Mr. Assange's conspicuous absence, and to review any and all evidence pertaining to his whereabouts and well beings. Below, please find a timeline of events.
Corrections and additions to this timeline are welcome in the comments below.
22 August (2:47 AM): Attempted break-in at Assange’s embassy home; Ecuador questions London’s ‘inadequate response’. link
3-21 September: Documents that suggest blackmail attempt, threats against Assange and attempts to frame Assange as a pedophile and Russian spy ""Our source has provided information that Julian’s stay in Ecuador will not be permanent. Exit visas are imminent onto London streets. This dramatic turn of events is planned to have a “spectacular” conclusion. If Julian wishes to avoid ADX Florence, we suggest he considers [etc]" (Wikileaks released the document on Oct 18) tweet link / pdf link / Background and Documents
3 October 2016: @wikileaks tweets document of Hillary Clinton asking about assassination of Assange link
3 October: @wikileaks tweets "#Assange: Regarding upcoming publications... We hope to be publishing every week for the next 10 weeks. #wikileaks10" link
3 October: A New "official Wikileaks" twitter account is created @WLTaskForce (Wikileaks Task Force). The name is, coincidentally, identical to a CIA Task Force created in 2010: Wikileak Task Force
7 October: Podestamails leaks first batch link
12 October: Wikileaks announces: now publishing on a schedule created by our new impact maximizing publishing algorithm the “Stochastic Terminator”. link
12 October: Mike Cernovich tweets about getting info that 33K deleted emails exist
14 October: John Podesa trolls Julian Assange on Twitter:
15 October (morning): WikiLeaks releases Hillary Clinton’s Goldman Sachs transcripts. link
15 October (Lunch): Pamela Anderson visits Assange link
15 October: Final tweet from account known to be controlled by Julian Assange (@EmbassyCat) link
15 October: Cut off Assange’s internet access 5:00 pm GMT
15/16 October (dawn): Wikileaks DNS Server was suddenly pointed elsewhere (not confirmed)
16 October: John Kerry lands in London. link
16 October (between 11:00pm /11:30 pm GMT): Wikileaks releases 3 pre-commitments (1: Kerry; 2:
Ecuador; 3: UK FCO) link 1 link 2 link 3
17 October (6:33 am GMT): “Wikileaks announces the Julian Assange’s internet link has been intentionally severed by a state party” and that “We have activated the appropriate contingency plans”. link
17 October (8:27 pm GMT): on a second tweet (almost 14 hours later) announces that “We can confirm Ecuador cut off Assange’s internet access Saturday (15 october), 5pm GMT, shortly after publication of Clinton’s Goldman Sachs speechs.” link
17 October the cancellation of planned interview by Swedish prosecutors at the Ecuadorian Embassy. link
17 October: GUCCIFER_2 tweets: “i’m here and ready for new releases. already changed my location thanks @wikileaks for a good job!”
17 October: @danrolle tweets: "I've spoken with 14 other @wikileaks task force members who have also experienced internet/phone outage. WTF. #freejulian" link
17 October: the Wikileaks employee Kelly Kolisnik tweeted photo of him and Assange. When questioned on it, he replied "This photo is from a few months ago. I currently reside in Canada". link
17 October: Bystander reports of police/swat activity outside the Ecuadorian Embassy on 17 October and a forcible abduction. link
18 October (morning): Photo of “Heavily armed policed outside Ecuadoran Embassy” (Wikileaks posts photo on Oct 21) link
18 October: Fox News announces Julian will be arrested within hours. video link
18 October: Wikileaks announces that : “Multiple US sources tell us John Kerry asked Ecuador to stop Assange from publishing Clinton docs during FARC peace negotiations”. link
18 October: Wikileaks announces “The John Kerry private meeting with Ecuador was made on the sidelines of the negotiations which took place pricipally on Sep 26 in Colombia.” link
18 October: Wikileaks announces that “A front has released through US Democratic media an elaborate story accusing Julian Assange of paedophillia & taking US$1million from Russia” – publishes all docs about this case link
18 October: Ecuador admits to ‘restricting’ Assange communications over US election. link
18 October (unverified) Wikileaks website says "Wikileaks insurance file may have been release" for about 1 hr. link
19 October: Canadian comedian Bobby Mair stands outside Ecuador’s embassy reading to Julian Assange through a megaphone. He did not catch a glimpse of Assange. link
19 October: Craig Murray posts on his blog that “went to see Julian Assange for a whisky in the Ecuador Embassy” (….) “I left Julian after midnight. He is fit, well, sharp and in good spirits”. link
20 October: Cryptome tweets “Wrong building for Assange’s EC bolt hole. Orator perch still waving flag. 51°29’56.62″ N 0°09’40.51″ W”
20 October: Wikileaks announces “We have a suprise in store for @TimKaine and @DonnaBrazile.” link
20 October: Sarah Harrison appears by video conference link
20-21 October: Wikileaks tweets 5 tweets with misspelled words. The incorrect letters spell “H I L P HIM”. link Spelling mistakes, however, are relatively frequent on @wikileeks tweets link
21 October, 16:00 BST: London City Airport evacuated in 'chemical' scare. (potentially used as cover to fly Assange out of country.) link
21 October: Dyn DDoS cyberattack DYN Status link / wikipedia link
21 October: Wikileaks tweets “Mr. Assange is still alive and WikiLeaks is still publishing. We ask supporters to stop taking down the US internet. You proved your point”. link
21 October: Wikileaks tweets: “The Obama administration should not have attempted to misuse its instruments of state to stop criticism of its ruling party candidate”. link
21 October: Mark Halperin of Politico attempted to meet with Assange on Friday 21, but was refused by a goon: "Assange too busy"- video link
21 October: 4chan posts Key Dump with 5 codes. (Unverified)
22 October: Wikileaks announces Stochastic Terminator Algorithm update (no explanation) link
22 October: Gavin MacFadyen death 23 October: Wikileaks tweets “A bloody year for WikiLeaks: Jones/Ratner/Gavin” link
22 October: Redditor tries visitying Assange in Ecuador Embassy is told Mr. Assange isn't in. link
22 October: deleted "fingerprints" for verifying certificates on various of their subdomains, fingerprints which had been kep t/ updated for years. link
23 October: Wikileaks announces that “We will release a statement tomorrow about Assange. Our editor is safe and still in full command despite reduced communications with staff.” link
24 October: WikiLeaks publishes “Editorial Board statement on the status of Julian Assange, Ecuador and the US election” link
23 October: Wikileaks annouces “poll”: “Thousands keep demanding Assange proof of life. Not unreasonable. He’s in a tough spot and is WikiLeaks best known validator. Preference?” – Video option won. link
23 October: Wikileaks publishes video Moore’s video(from June) link
24 October: Wikileaks announces that “While in London for #SHOCircus, Mark Halperin attempts to interview #wikileaks’ founder julian assange (Video with “Assange´s reply: “Everything” about what the MSM is missing about Podesta leaks).
24 October: Assange lawyer ‪@BarnsGreg gives interview to “ABC Radio National2 (Australia)”, and states that spoke with Assange “yesterday”. (interview link not working anymore)
25 October: CISL Conference schedule and posters change (Announcement of Assange “live connection” from London”
25 October: Pamela Anderson tweets photo with toy “For Julian’s cat” link
26 October: Assange “speaks” at CISL (Argentina) – phone call. video link
26 Oct 2016: (9: 25 am): Kim DotCom insinuating wikileaks has the deleted emails
26 Oct 2016: (12:07 pm): Kim DotCom again insinuating wikileaks has the deleted emails
26 Oct 2016: (12:42 pm) Kim DotCom telling Gowdy and Trump how to legally obtain deleted 33k emails
26 Oct 2016(4:15 PM): Kim DotCom restating legal way to obtain emails so that when the release comes from wikileaks, to convict Hillary, congress / prosecutors can get valid evidence for US .gov
26 Oct 2016: Wikileaks tweets about Pardon for Manning and about Obama lying about Hillary’s server – Podesta leaks starting to show Obama name.
27 october: WikileaksTaskForce tweets: “The video from #Assange’s talk at @CISL_Argentina is legit. It was scheduled sometime ago. #CISL2016”
28 october: Wikileaks announces that “Sweden has rejected Mr. Assange’s request to be escorted by police to the funeral of Gavin MacFadyen on Monday.” link
28 October: Wikileaks releases “statement from Mr. Assange” about Swedish decision. link
28 October: FBI reopens hillary’s email case
29 October: Wikileaks tweets about John Pilger’s article “on Clinton, Trump, the media, WikiLeaks and war”, where Pilger states that “Assange knows the truth. And let me assure those who are concerned, he is well, and WikiLeaks is operating on all cylinders.”
30 October: The FBI releases TWENTY files all at once by tweet on everyone from Tesla to Shirley Temple. link
30 October: Wikileaks announces “We commence PHASE 3 of our US election coverage next week.” link
30 October: Pilger Interview inside the embassy. link / tweet link
31 October: Wikileaks publish a “poll”: “Who will US president Barack Obama pardon (for distributing documents marked classified) on his way out of office? Chelsea Manning/Hillary Clinton/Julian Assange/Edward Snowden”
2 November: @KimDotcom tweets: "Relax. Julian Assange is not dead. He's very busy analyzing extremely sensitive leaked emails 20 hrs/day. Be patient & DONATE to @Wikileaks."link
3 November: Interview with John Pilger announced. link
3 November: @wikileaks tweets a link to /r/the_donald regarding "the Clintons supported child stealer Laura Silsby" link
4 November: WL Tweets about Spirit Cooking: tweet
5 November: Pilger interview released. Both parties never shown together. No mention of when this was filmed. Update: Nov 19, John Pilger tweeted the interview took place inside the embassy on Oct 30th. link
6 Nov: Wikileaks releases additional 8000 DNC emails. PHASE 3? link
6 November: Huge DDoS takes down Wikileaks for first time in years. @wikileaks tweets "Our email publication servers are under a targeted DoS attack since releasing #DNCLeak2" link
6 Nov: Cryptome tweets: "Attempt to replace Cryptome PK generated yesterday with forged key, 6 Nov 2016, 716AM ET. Beware PK forgery, keyservers are tamperable.' link
7 Nov: Various entities notice hundreds of Podesta and DNC emails are missing from recent leaks, accessed with direct entry. link
7 Nov: @wikileak tweets "1980 : GGH6R M28BN AGOQ8 GAT53 AGH45" link
8 Nov @wikileaks tweets "@desantis We have been under unrelenting DDoS attacks over the last 24h" link
8 Nov (AM): New insurance files are posted: link
8 Nov (AM-PM): Large numbers of cyber attacks target Saudi Arabia and Emirates:
8 Nov: US Election Night. Donald Trump makes surprise win.
8 Nov: John Kerry travels to Antartica link
9 Nov : A single file is changed on the
9 Nov: US election is over. Julian's Internet at the Embassy is still not restored.
10 Nov: @wikileaks (Including Sarrah Harrison but no other named staff) does an AMA on reddit. They are unable to verify (they claim they cant upload to imgur) however the AMA mod says they received verification by PM. link
From the AMA:
With regards to Julians, Internet, @wikileaks staff say "His internet hasnt been turned back on, despite the elections being over, and we dont know why, though it was meant to just be turned off over the elections." link
Regarding insurance files: "We are not withholding that information. We publish as fast as we can. The insurance files contain the publications we are working on, as soon as they are ready we will publish them. However, we are under many attacks at this moment and so, to ensure they are not lost, whatever happens to us, we put out these insurance files." link
10 Nov: In the AMA, Wikileaks staff publicly states their concern for Assange's continue silence after the election. link Incorrectly states that insurance files are future leaks link and refers to the ones posted on Nov 8. These are the first files to have filenames that reference their content.
Suggested you use ((uTorrent)) to download the files
These are the previous insurance files:
10 Nov Last tweet from Hanna J ‏@AssangeLegal link
11 Nov @riseupnet (Julians email host) tweeted: "listen to the hummingbird, whose wings you cannot see, listen to the hummingbird, don't listen to me." #LeonardCohen link - Is the Canary dead? Basically, as long as the "canary is alive" it means the Email server has not been served with a warrant or gag order. Riseup Canary.
13 Nov: Pamela Anderson visits the embassy again. link and her blog on it: link where she writes Julian Assange checks the window first. “Hello, my dear Pamela.”
13 Nov: FARC peace deal signed in Columbia. link
14 Nov: Assange meets with Swedish prosecutor regarding rape allegations, lawyers barred from attending, meeting conducted via an Equadorian ambassador (not face to face). link
Julians lawyer Jennifer Robinson's statement and says his "health has deteriorated": link
14 Nov: Wikileaks releases insurance files, SHA-256 hashes do not match those tweeted in October.
14 Nov: Embassy Cat appears at the window in a tie. link
15 Nov: Swedish assistant prosecutor Ingrid Isgren continues 2nd day of the interview, which was conducted by an Ecuadorian prosecutor. link
15 Nov: Assange's laywer Jennifer Robinson makes a statement outside the Eucador Embassy admits she was not in the room with Julian. link
15 Nov: Sarah Harrison appears by video conference at Info Sec 2016 link
16 Nov: @wikileaks offer explaination to why pre-commitment hashes don't match. Also claim Julian is fine. link
17 Nov: /r/wikileaks mods post a request on /r/the_donald for people to send messages for Julian. Claim they have ability to delivery messages to him. Post is heavily censored by mods. link
17 Nov: Julians lawyer Jen Robinson ‏@suigenerisjen tweets: "Assange grateful to Ecuador for political asylum & facilitating the process for him to give his statement to Sweden" link
17 Nov: ""Wikileaks is gone" ( A series of posts regarding 4chan messages) link
18 Nov: hasn't updated their canary (due 2 days ago), suggesting they were compromised and gagged, and thus that the WL twitter account was compromised (Riseup provides the email WL uses for its Twitter account). link
19 Nov: mod of /r/wikileaks claims Assange is "clearly fine" and claims proof will be offered soon. Here4Popcorn writes "Have patience. I can't really share more but i promise it will all be public soon and that this should be resolved to your satisfaction. " He later deletes his posts and never offers any explaination. link / screencap
21 Nov: Kelly Kolisnik @kellykolisnik tweets: “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.” -George Orwell. #Orwell @WikiLeaks link
21 Nov: Every single alternate domain that WikiLeaks provides to avoid Internet monitoring goes DOWN (all 80). link. The full of of all 80 domains is visible for several hours, but all the DNS servers refuse connections.
21 Nov: @WLTaskForce tweets a flurry of responces to "Proof of life" questions.
"Many ask for #ProofOfLife for #Assange. Thank you--but it is not possible to give strong meaningful proof (live internet video) presently."tweet / [imgur backup]
"#ProofOfLife is a simple concept that doesn't buy much. We want our people to be a position where they can show freedom from basic duress." tweet / imgur backup
"@TheLiePolitic The video is authentic. But we do not like a situation where we are not able to easily provide strong proof of life." tweet / imgur backup
"@DogsHugging @groupwbench77 Radio signals in the embassy are mostly blocked."tweet / [imgur backup]
"@trucqulent @Gingers4Bernie As stated earlier the embassy mostly blocks radio signals for architectural and security reasons." tweet / imgur backup - Note: this is a lie. In 2013 a webcam with a live internet feed was mailed to Julian in the Embassy. It continued to broadcast while in the Embassy.
"#ProofOfLife issues: The problem is doing it right without live internet. Weak PoL, e.g photo with newspaper sets a dangerous precedent." tweet / [imgur backup]
"@doomcat13 A video is just many frames of stills. Unless it is a long video published quickly with many timestamps, it can be fabricated." tweet / imgur backup
"@Gingers4Bernie The only strong way to show #ProofOfLife and immediate freedom from duress is live video with live responses." tweet / imgur backup
"@ImM0Zbo This does not solve the problem and would set a bad precedent. It just shows that who has control over keys has control over keys." tweet / imgur backup
"@rachaelmontague Because it is not strong proof of life. Training people to accept weak PoL is self-defeating." tweet / [imgur backup]
@dailymuhammad The poll voted for video. That is what was produced with @JohnPilger. tweet / [imgur backup]
21 Nov: There appear to be several "bots" on twitter repeating anti-proofoflife statements and supporting @WLTaskForce . link
21 Nov: @WLTaskForce states there is an assassination risk for Julian. link / imgur backup
21 Nov: Hanna J ‏@AssangeLegal tweets again after being silent since Nov 8. link
22 Nov: Cryptome tweets: "Answer to inquiries: Cryptome is not using PGP at the moment, key servers are not secure." link
23 Nov: @AssangeFreedom Tweets Julian Assanges mother has spoken to Julian in the Embassy .She will be making media announcement within the next few days to confirm this.
Ann Other ‏@AnnOther815 tweets: @AssangeFreedom source please
FREE ASSANGE ‏@AssangeFreedom tweets: @annother815 The source is Julians mother link
24 NOV: ‏@EmbassyCat tweets: 🍴Mmmm! Can't decide which is more tasty - bird beginning with C 🍗 or maybe bird beginning with T🍖! #thanksgiving 🐔🐓 - possible reference to canary, or twitterbird? Or an automated tweet referring to Clinton and Trump? The tweet has the letter "C" and the letter "T" but no A = Assange is missing? Also, does it means Julian has internet? Or someone else has the twitter? The photo of the cat looks younger Nov 24 photo beside a Nov 14 photo. @embassycat also deletes some older tweets. archive
24 NOV: ‏@wikileaks tweets: Please stop asking us for "proof of life". We do not control Assange's physical environment or internet connection. @MashiRafael does. link
24 Nov: ‏@AssangeFreedom goes on a long twitter rant. Appears to be speaking on behalf of Wikileaks now. tweet
24 Nov : @AssangeFreedom tweets: You #ProofOfLife idiots have now forced Julians mum to have to go to the media to settle it all down. Im sure shes very grateful to you all. link
25 Nov: Power outage in Central London,lasts several hours and reportedly effects the Ecuador Embassy link
26 Nov: Assange gives live phone-in interview to FCM16, Beirut soundcloud recording
Assange uses similar terms in interview as the @WLTaskForce Tweets link
26 Nov: Craig Murray and Yanis Varoufakis visit Julian Assange link Yanis confirms tweet
27 Nov: @embassycat follows someone who asked about canary. link
28 Nov; Craig Murray addresses Proof Of Lifers. link

Possibly related:
2 August 2010 Democratic Strategist and CNN host, Bob Beckel, called for Assange’s assassination on TV. His exact words were “Just kill the sonofabitch!” video link
2013 - article about calls for Julians assassination
April 21: Julian Assange's laweyer, John Jones, 48, was killed on August 15, 2016, when he was run over a by a commuter train in Britain. Though authorities were quick to rule the lawyer’s death a suicide, WikiLeaks has countered that claim, stating it was foul play. link
May 11 2016: Michael Ratner, the civil and human rights attorney who represented Julian Assange and WikiLeaks in the US, died Wednesday at age 72 link
Jul 10: Seth Rich, DNC staffer who supposedly leaked DNC documents to Wikileaks, is shot in the back and dies. Nothing is stolen from his body.

wiki pedia seth rich mysterious murder for Clinton foundation. rape children network
Aug 10: Wikileaks offers $20k reward for information on murder of Seth Rich.
archive info archive isreal


Bitcoin Activities
18 October: large number of Wikileaks bitcoin transactions link
26 October (01:21:35): Anon's reveal how use bitcoin data to produce cables. link -Time zone unverified
26 October (02:00:00) Bitcoing transaction fees increase dramatically -Again time zones unverified but on the surface it appears to occur 39 minutes after the above post. link
26 October - sometime during this day there are 43,000 unconfirmed NEW transactions added to BTC mempool. -This suggests someone is trying to muddle the WL data.
26 Oct: The blockchain is blocked with fees and 43000 unconfirmed transactions appear in the mempool. $10 fees. Bitcoin 0.13.1 is released and a 'soft fork' begins: bitcoin linkreddit co—founder also found mysteriously dead.
DNC Hyjack altleft




Julian Assange Missing since Oct. Wikileaks has been infiltrated. ISIS Created by USA, last meme by Julian Assange. posted 11282016ad

#wikileAK #wikileaks #comprimised issues #carter cables, and that is not what #julianassange was doing.  sounds like M-I  15 or 16 got involved. lolz. #bookoflife #arcmichael #11282016ad
this is also a Military Tracker page, so they know in all of the world to whom  then need to assassinate to keep up the #Pedophile #rapecultures .

how do we understand it was compromised and Julian perhaps is no longer 'in house.' ? He said to have released these same cables, two weeks before the #generalelection   #NSA = #niggahsuckingassholes are in charge or #orphan rape abuse clubs, all over America, run by #Obama and #Harvard .



#carter is white and #CIA funds or gets funds by #USCongress code word, Funds for #syrianrebels   = #USA Military WASA Bush Beyotches #is pediophile unit

CIA created ISIS', says Julian Assange as Wikileaks releases 500k US cables

WIKILEAKS founder Julian Assange today said the CIA was responsible for paving the way for ISIS as the whistle blowing organisation released more than half a million formerly confidential US diplomatic cables dating back to 1979.
By Jon Austin
PUBLISHED: 15:38, Mon, Nov 28, 2016 | UPDATED: 16:46, Mon, Nov 28, 2016

AP — ABDUL ARTAN, Somali refugee immigrant. African drives car through Ohio Students, and gets out and begins to stab them as ISIS called for months ago.

weird that since the jews took over 1950s, all seats of power and their puppet toys ( Bill, George, Barack, etc...) the place has gone to hell and hatred. 3:26 pst Burbank, C.A. 11 28 2016ad


#CNN caught lying in #Aleppo reports.  a nasty habit of false accusations.

Fake News CNN

#CNN calls #Trump a #fascist  while it lavished praise to a life long lying dictator #Fidel #Castro. &  Castro convinced Harvardites, at Harvard speech, he woulds choose #democracy. They jumped up and supported him. He then instantly became a fascist dictator of #Cuba . #CNN supports #misogyny


Obama on Fidel Castro ⊇

" I want to be dictator for life like Fidel Castro" = Barack Hussein Obama, ii. Nov 26 2016. A.D.  " At least that is how I tried to rule."

Democratic Party is now dominated by identity politics, which defines whites, particularly heterosexual males, as oppressors of every other population in the U.S city journal

Fake News: ABC — NPR, and all in between.

New York Times calling Fidel Castro a civil rights leader and a progressive. But they are #babyraperculturalites

Geert Wilders persecuted by Arabs at Europe.   

Cuba Dictator used Blacks and Women as civil rights to mask Dictatorship of the #whitearab #semitic #DNA . #cuba was a prison farm for Arab white semitic babyrapers.

#Privacy Hypocrisy at its hight 2016 A.D.

#cuba was a prison farm for Arab white #semitic #babyrapers. #fidel +#Raul = 11 Rape Islands, playgrounds, and cocain distribution airports for 1980s Influx of #cocaine to Florida, via. #Cowboycocainwars #castro used #black ( he suppressed them) and #women to mask his #dictatorship of the Baby raper cultures.  #NSAKeylogger run by #babyrapers = #nixon resigned for a few wiretaps but #NSA steals all privacy and Obama or #Bush or Clinton never  resigned  Why ? #teamantiGOD  


Aleppo Anatolia Run by Arab US traitors to humans

#CNN has #Aleppo #fakenews campaign to start war with #white people again.  we remember Kuwaiti ambassador daughter was a #newyorklawfirm plant by Military Complex bush, and faked the first #gulfwar There were no #Iraqis going into hospitals and killing babys out of their mother's arms. That was establishment  #CNN lies
  #russian #satillite declassified has  #iraqboarder to #kuwait with no Iraqi troops near or over that boundary.  Just like #911 has cruise missile hitting the #pentagon
 the #establishment are all puppet traitors to large #semitic #phallace

#Mainstream news is only #altleft = #antiAmerican or globalist #babyrapeculture


Standing Rock Dakota Pile Oil Line Protests are dumb people'

#mexican army core beating up Mexican indigenous. lolz. standing Rock is Obama's policy.

100 years later after #cowboy genocide, #brown #obama Running this scheme. He controls the #USAramy brown people. Stop blaming #whites . Your brown brothers, all  over planet earth are warmongering goons. You have famile fealty to them. #bookoflife #arcmichael #11262016ad #Solution are pumping stations for oil pipes to go #overtherivers and by pass all underground aqueducts. It costs more in the short run but not the long run. #obama is brown arab and so are the #Indigenous . There are no proofs that 1,000s of years ago, Natives took this land peacefully.  #11262016ad #standingrock #hypocrisy The natives support the #neolibs who all voted and approve this pipeline. So #nativeamericans stop blaming us white, we have no control.

American Indians were never a peaceful people.

Actually if you read your Colonial books, the drink caused Indians to raid local establishments and rape or carry of the  #white   women, drunk on fire water.  Indians were never peaceful people, they fought each other and there is no evidence to support that over , 1,000s of years ago these natives took North America by peaceful measures. .

 Indians showed colonists how to scalp their enemies. 

#USmilitary = #brownmexicans now and #NAZI brown to olive skinned Arabites = #germans are not white white.
After listening to #democracynow and your interviews, you sound uneducated. So stop the false blaming. Not cool for your God or Ours!

Fake news used by establishment to squash political descent.  

Yeah baby

 Mongalis Tatars

#afganistan and North Africa ( #Benin City exmp.)    and even Pakistan have new archeological  civilization sites that are found; these were ancient people who were killed or eradicated by #ghengis #khan 's notorious vicious son #Ögedei who acted like #Qin Shi #Huangdi or pre #tokugawa   's Obu #Nobunaga who in part created or led to the development of #ninja , #spookwarriors who could strike anywhere, and help lead the correct ruler to create  the Tokugawan government.

Ashikaga Shogunate , Muromachi period 1338 -1573, State Bureaucratic Organization.

#Mongolian: Чингис хаан,  circa 1240s post daddy and then four sons take over, given different parts of planet earth to control.

#REINCARNATION = #REAL folks #bookoflife #premodernhistory #arcmichael #11262016ad  


Man of Steel was or still is Barack Obama's hero

#stalin was #semitic #jew with fake name, he was #crazy #insane and #lenin called him retarded, stupid and unworthy to run a state. He killed Trotsky at #mexico   because he was considered smart.  Stalin killed Russian whites and #Ukrainian white Semitics for the fun  of it.  He was not a traditional white leader, but a mongolian Tartar generations of mixed breeding. Joseph stalin used to pick people to murder based on the color of their hair, mustache style or body type or just for fun.

his namesake comes from American Comic Books, Man of  Steel



How does everyone like #sealone   ? operation since 2016 vernal. We are only 8 months into activation. #Brexit, #uprisings #usa   and #revelations anything happening out in our world? #arcmichael #bookoflife #11092016ad  

Blacks Created Universe

it appears #antichrist has him at a #rendition at #Antarctica for #torture .  *we love you and you win the #Pulitzer and #Nobel , all of them. #bookoflife #arcmichael #11292016ad #Abomination of #Desolation O- Bama = means son of a crooked #witch is to blame for his disappearance. and MI- 15 or 16 and subsequent #tortures . why? Obama is a sand nigger who hates #crackers .   #queenelizabeth = #blueturbanite beyotch and  her traitor sons.    #sandniggers are  always blaming #white white #Russians for everything his own party of ingrates do, eh ?   He harped on race so he must be a #racist . #susan #sarandon #spook fuck #babyrapeculture = #DINO #RINO 11 29 2016ad googlepost

crusades in Russian History olga E.

1070-1080s Extreme crop famines and spice trade cut off by Seljuck Turkoman tribes that decades earlier destroyed the Basilica of Jerusalem to Jesus Christ built by Constantin's wife.  The cop rot, as it was known, caused hallucinations, #ergot = natural forms of LSD  (Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD)) where cereal crops can form LSD as was found out at #harvard 1960s that started the #LSD #drugfad here at California, the harvardites came to California to mass produce it.
 The #Europeans were suffering , thus a natural split as civilization broke down. Many of these decisions, plus the Eastern Emperor's call to help fend off the Barbarians played key roles in the ' behind the scenes' to the first #Crusade's passions.

Jews posts again between Christian and Jew Hebrew not. Jews have DNA of semitics. Like Latino  or mixex races, darker versions of cacausionest #hindi groups. Africans are called jew  brown by Moslem scholars. You people's minds have been twisted by Fake Jew texts. It claims scottish were only people to do slavery in ALL OF HISTORY.  the jew made that up to cover its evil tracks of running #Timbuktu slavery for 3000 years. taking black from black in central Africa, and getting paid to  ship them to new Semitic master homes.  Jews took over USA in 1950s, and took it down hill. We are nearly a Banana  republic warmongering empire due to the white traitors kissing the arse of the Semitic white traitor.  God, in Jew Bible, Book of Judges, tells the Jews to FUCK OFF.

can you read the #BIBLE ?

#ISIS = #USA ; so #USA two months ago called for knife attacks. And Ali Mohamed OHIO STATE, who cannot spell, well = followed orders. Part of the #altleft Obey society. Terrorist attack 11 28 2016AD, all over major news.

New York Time is owned by criminals

ARC 082

arcmichael real photo of 911 pentagon missile.

Bush white arabs wtih white relatives but arabites and hate Noords ; semitics dna are evil toward whitesdiscorse on the second death




Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.



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