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John Podesta Semite Judean yellow bellied Child Rapist and Cannibal


Chester Bennington viewed a video of John Podesta torturing a young child. Then he found out recently John Podesta was his real Father. Lincoln Park, where Buena Vista Library sits is where Hillary Clinton and Deep State Podestas, and Jersey jews came to ID me for their big show assassination attempts on me, Arc Michael. Bible Ch . 12. going live.

Brian Ellis deputy Los Angeles PD sheriffs cover up and Linda Anne Bentlee said she has proof that her hubby, John Podesta’s rumored son was assassinated.  He was already dead before his body was hung and Chris Cornell’s big body does not fit the nose found over a room door. He is  tall and would be impossible form the LAPD and Sharif photos to have died by hanging  himself and toxicology report say he had no overdose but a vile of antioverdose was found empty but that could have  been administered by someone else or the paramedics. Why Autopsy report reviewed by the Kennedy and Martin Luther King, examiner, he did Cornell and said he had no drugs that would have killed him, toxicology report concluded. Police are keeping this info tight knit because Deep Pedio State owns Los Angeles as its headquarters are the Joooos of #Hollyrapewood

Chester Bennington, front man for Lincoln Park  ( the Buena Vista Library sits on a park called Lincoln Park, and this is where I eyed the Podestas’ and where Hillary Clinton came to spot me after he meeting at Palos Verdes, where Bennington lived. ) was reported by his wife already dead before Deep State hung him because Chris Cornell his good friend had viewed a Hollywood black book of Professionals in the entertainment industry on the Child Abduction and disembowel rape wait list for abducted children to rape, torture and eat.  He was about to expose many of Hollywood Celebrities that  are high profile and Oscar types. ‘’

Chester Charles Bennington was born on March 20, 1976, in Phoenix, Arizona and rumored this is his real father from his mother's fling

75% body type match. Scientists. There is a possibility that the older man that raped Chester as a child was indeed his own Father, John Podesta.

Chester Bennington is Chris Cornell’s long  time buddy. 
Bennington allegedly  the Baster Child of John Podesta, Hillary and Bill Clinton’s long time associate 1993, became chief of White House staff to Beast Bill Clinton in 1997 and was Hillary Clinton’s Democratic Campaign chairman who had his emails access by Hillary Clinton employee Seth Rich who turned on her and leaked for Bernie Sanders but did not read the pedio and Scalia ( SCOTUS) assassination mails and published all, or handed them over to someone who did publish them.

Tony Podesta marked as the most influential  lobbyist on Capitol Hill & often shoots an email to his  brother, John, saying Marina will have a dinner ( date) this night and are you going to be in town. Marina is a witch, a semite brown eyed Judean dark skin that does performance art with Menstrual blood, semen, and human blood and feces to desecrate Jesus Christ statues or whatnot.  Many or just some, not many read those emails are issue of vampirism. We believe these are not dinners but rituals of eating, drinking and blood of children or just human ingestion. All this links back to Prescott Bush’s Sex Majic, via Alister Crowley, rumored to be the real father of #Barbra Bush, George H. W, Bush’s long time and loving  and loyal wife to pure freaking EVIL.   She even looks like her Satanic Sex Ritual father? And so does Chester Bennington . He looks like  a son of someone like John Podesta. But it is rumored he was bastard child and sexually abused by a man when a child and this perhaps sparked his interest in the Pizza matter. If Chester discovered in that Hollywood Child Sex Clientele book his father’s name he would  have seen it as his duty to expose him or  even stop him cold.  It is very embarrassing to have a celebrity father who is rumored a Child Rapist murdering blood suxer. And he lived at Palos Verdes, southern California, a part of Los Angeles county and in a rich district  by the sea.

They are not related but look awfully like soul mates.

Bush familiy satanists

Sex Majic is a faith belief system where  one has  an orgy with buddies, all types, all flavors of sex, homo to bi to strait and to whomever gets pregnant, after the baby is born, it is said to have special powers so you rape it, molest it, kill it or disembowel it and then eat it or drink its blood to open a Portal to the underworld where one believes a demon grants one powers  over others on Earth. This is the faith based system of our Central Intelligence Agency. CIA.  The over 1,000,000 white and semi white babies, and afro too for African pedios are not reported by our media, like it should be and so we go after the individuals of these 11,000 affiliates to two or  three main branches of the Communications industry and take them out .

They look alike

What is Skull&Bones sex majic or their adopted hero Edward Alexander Crowley; 12 October 1875 – 1 December 1947, aka The Beast or Alister or Allice the tranny  - a NAZI dna chump who also worked as a deep state for the Brits?

Finally Chester Bennington’s final strange video where one word is ‘goodbye’ features a demon that  represents the  entertainment but also the Deep State playing a game of win or  die on the  basketball court where this demon sends his minions against Chester who beats them all  and the demon kills his own  who fail. In the end, a child, a young, very young girl comes out and destroys both of them making a slam dunk in the basketball hoop. There was no consciousness to this it is interpreted on the Matrix level ( Below ground, meaning  sub-consciousness ) where Chester was trying to amend his  own past and the  industry that  supported his wealthy lifestyle telling him to shut up on issue of the elite he did not agree with = molestation, rape, child abuse and of course his own experience of being the victim of pedophilia, himself.  The video Good Goodby (  may have ramifications beyond 2017 because eventually we will eradicate form planet earth all pedios and delete their souls, so they no longer can reincarnate and be a part of Human Experience in our Wider and large Universe.  ON the surface level, the force level the girl winning in the end of this video means that Chester Bennington’s life was not wasted but was very purposeful and significant.  The  slopping job of setting up crime scenes of both Chris  Cornell and Chester were  nearly exact and both had no intentions of ending it all, quite the opposite.
Wane Country , Detroit for Chris Cornell.  Podesta vacation itinerary  Randy Cody Detroit Investigator is only one of a number of Detroit police and investigators to say he has proof that Chris Cornell was murdered before a cover up to look like a suicide.  Noting that Chris was standing on his feet, dead with a loose noose around his neck;  What about the Chester Good Goodby video? Yes it is a special video but the facts point out because of his younger years and deep seeded fears from his child abuse most of lyrics on all of his albums were tethered to his pain from these episodes , so quite deep indeed.

Detroit Autopsy report failed to mention the huge head gash of Chris Cornell, the  Police and detectives on the scenes were able to see it and then make mention later of its absence, from the CIA autopsy report. That is how Deep State works. Seth Rich was alive according to Paramedics who said he has a good change to live and then was taken to a secret location, and a Clinton and Podeta lobbyist doctor saw him, came out and pronounced him dead and then called John to tell him the good news.  His identification is  in my other reports.

Both Chester and Chris had exactly the same type of exercise ropes found around their necks. The  first responder audio recorded comments by a paramedic on this issue, en rout. And the Body was cold, dead for a long time and so the timelines do not add up to his purposed time of death. Then the autopsy said most of the ribs of Chris were destroyed by blunt trauma. And the Paramedics did not say they did this at all. Why? His body was already dead cold. 9 (nine) rib fractures was what the autopsy report said, but it did not mentioned the gapping gash on his  head!

youtube video of song √ a different video among the detective work has a video fleshed out by Chester of his father torturing a young boy and demanding that boy call him his father. The video is more recent than if it was a young Chester, but the child does have a high pitched vocal cords as his father does in adult life and so it is a distrubing video, <11:22 mark of this video > but still looks like it was done without John Podesta's knowlege, perhaps a spectator to his child torture.

12:12 am July 21 st 2017, Chesters’ wife tweets:  “he  did not kill himself. He was already dead [sic] did, before he hung himself. I have proof. “ Talinda Bennington, Twitter.

Susan Elaine, Chester’s mother allegedly had an affaire that ruined their marriage . That was  John Podesta. He looks like him too. Clinton Foundation gave Chester a grant because they had known he was John’s bastard child from  an affair with Elaine.
Palos Verdes Estates, California, U.S. is where Hillary had a meeting and later in that day came to Beuna Vista Library where the Park is Named Lincoln Park to eye me for  her attameps at assassination, she brought her Tony Pukdesta crews.
Chester Charles Bennington was born on March 20, 1976, in Phoenix, Arizona. His mother was a nurse. His not real father worked on child sex abuse cases for the Police at Arizona .  He lived and was killed at Palos Verdes. Palos Verdes Estates, California, U.S. is where Hillary Clinton and Deep Doodoo State had a meeting and later in that day came to Beuna Vista Library where the Park is Named Lincoln Park to eye me for  her attempts at assassination, she brought her Tony Pukdesta crews.

“  I was abused by an older friend of the  family” but was too young and blocked it out. That was John Podesta and Sex Majic. Rape the  offspring you had during a night or an afire. Alister Crowley Sex Majic.

Borther, Sister and Daddy

Marvin Peirce and Sister barabara and her father Alister Crowley look alike, eh?



Robert Meuller and John Brennan were involved in new Century, the attacks on American 11 th september 2,001 A.D.


Explain why my white white mother could never achive after 1‚000 attempts to gain her U.S. Citizenship ⊂ 1950s — 1994 A.D.⊃ ?


Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood. Apokálypsis: Alpha DNA ♣ Assassination attempts on me by deep state.

matrix 1 ‚§ 2 §StarWars + Islam' |

Why did Seal team 6 train  ISIS at 10 Sites at Syria and Jorden as Recep Tayyip Erdoğan had shown the ten secret bases on Turkish National Television 20 July 2017 AD? Any questions? that sounds  like GOOGLE was doing white genocide and  the CEOs need to be arrested for murder, no?

Robyn left a large sharp knife in the diry kitchen water and lied to Sandra she did not put it there. No one since I lived here ever leaves this large kitchen knife in the sink, they always wash it ; they leave dishes and regular butter ( no sharp knifes) but not large ones. Robyn talks trash behind Sandra's back, a part of her self talking to herself to shame others and threaten violence against them if they do not cower to the large bullied brown eyed welfare queen. she is 51 years old and semi to nearly illiterate. 072222017AD

Paul Ryan was born in a petri dish at The Heritage Foundation~!"

discuss link to comment, left in bad spelling


larry zorba the uneducated liberal, if you wouldn't spend so much time having sex with other men just because that fucking faggot queer nigger told you it is normal then you wouldn't be so fucking stupid. There is no justifiable reason to impeach President Trump unlike that there was for fucking queer nigger Odumbo. The only reaso they didn't impeach that faggot queer nigger was because they were afraid they's incite a race war. If you liberals want to have President Trump impeached you will incite a different war. A war of We the people of the United States. We had to put up with a fucking faggot queer nigger for 8 years who believed a man should fuck a man and a woman should fuck a woman and if  you liberals thinks that still stands today then you are in for a world of hurt. Every EO that the fucking faggot queer nigger signed will be overruled by President Trump to get our country back on the straight and narrow. So keep talking about impeachment because us President Trump supporters are listneing and we know who needs to be taken out to preserve the sanctity of our country. We are not a country of a marriage between the same sex. That started with that fucking faggot wueer nigger. Larry zorba, you may be married to a man

IRAN INTEL HAS CIA SHOOOTING DOWN Malaysian flight to start another war opportunity to make bombs as they make CIA $billions in profits. Profits to kill . link facebook, offsite comment archive. Linked below.


4 months ago
Both the CIA and the FBI (also the Defense Intelligence Agency) along with MI6 and state controlled media covered up the fact that Barrack Obama and David Cameron involved Australia, Canada and the E.U. (and inveigled Malaysia from day one) in the dirtiest lie and execrable cover up since the Nazi and Soviet regimes; using their propaganda weapon of deceit and deception to draw attention away from the fact that the junta of loose cannons they backed in Kiev mistaking the Malaysian passenger aircraft to be American (the Malaysian flag is practically identical to the American flag) and therefore an opportunity to get the U.S. militarily involved, was directly guilty of shooting down MH17 with their Sukhoi (first machine gunning the cockpit to silence the crew) launched an air-to-air. By so doing they effectively became accessories after the fact. Mr Najib Razak the Malaysian Prime Minister called for the meeting, ostensibly to play golf, in Hawaii to tell Obama that it is time to come clean. Obama and the Saudis paid the Malaysian PM (the $billions now in question) to shut up. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel earlier resigned and washed his hands of it. Aleksandr Kolomiyets along with many others have deserted, they want to have nothing to do with the cover-up and be associated with spinning the well media-packaged web of lies NATO been fabricating blaming Russia.  


Comparisons of Islam Dress to USA dress styles.

Arc Michael
It is called Kink, open bondage and good for their society. women love it. White sissy NAZI Judeans at USA, just secretly abduct 3 year olds , rape them, eat them or just kill them. So what is your point? over 1,000,000 white babies abducted from USA by colored rapists that want all #trumpsupporters dead. got it?


#USCongress has a lower poll ratings than #DonaldTrump and so does #Senator Chuck #Schumer, Democrat of New York has lower poll numbers than #DonaldTrump and the #media is 100% against Americans, too . The media are white traitors and minorities that came here to steal everything.

The media supports #foreign stock holders and #CEO profits. Cheap Foreign Labor is their meme . It is always a Marxist 'commodity' how the masses are treated by the Liberal Gobment Black controllers who use white sissy traitors as front chumps. .

#bookoflife #arcmichael Media needs to stop complaining as US Congress low poll numbers goes back to the #Clinton years. It hovers about 20% mean value for over two decades or more.



Religious Wars? Where, when and how, who ?

+Al Montoya u choose the religion of 'commodity'. All media , news, washdc, edu says 'economics' matters on all things. Never a fucking thing about a human being; It is all economics. that Al, imo, is a #religion. Godless have faith in economics, like build bombs = larger glasses of wine. No religion created a single war in all of history. It was all economic.

The crusades were for a robbery * #knightstempler = economics or for saving western civilization as Godless NON Muslims took allepo , turkoman tribal warriors. & which kept the west alive with spices and herbs and lifeware from the east. So their armies were attacking #Byzantine, a Christian Eastern Capitol and so we decided to take care of that. That is not a bad thing. Yes, the 4 th crusade was pure evil and funded by Venetian international bankers in the form of a religious quest. when it was pure evil and financial . still that is not a religious thing. ISIS was never Islamic. Their law books are not found in any shariah nor quraan . they are CIA deep state baby rape caliphate. imo #arcmichael

National Public Radio funded by USA citizens is a DEEPSTATE Anti American outfit of kiddie rapers.

imo, and I careless of yours is that Comey, Meuller, McCabe and many others were vital instruments in pulling off #911 now that we have the CIA confession of planting 3,000 namothermite charges and the vast EU study by scientists that this was indeed a controlled Demolition. #bang. Caught red handed #NPR.






Washington (CNN) Diana Orrock, the Republican national committeewoman for Nevada, shared an article on Monday calling for the death of Sen. John McCain for his hawkish foreign policy views.

"Amen," Orrock wrote in a now-deleted tweet sharing a post on Medium titled "Please Just F***ing Die Already."

79-year-old retired CIA agent, Malcom Howard ( 46 years, tapped to do it because he was a civil engineers on blowing up buildings) , has made a series of astonishing claims since being released from hospital in New Jersey on Friday and told he has weeks to live. Mr. Howard claims he was involved in the “controlled demolition” of World Trade Center 7

2002 public interview on PBS
Lease Holder: Larry Silverstine said in 2014  ( made over 5 million) when the CIA destroyed the buildings. John Kerry said yes true. Too. And then CIA agent, Malcom Howard on a deathbed, he says he was involved in the “controlled demolition” of World Trade Center.
CIA agent, Malcom Howard said that feds decided to pull building seven down. ‘pull’ is a demolition term to blow up the building to bring it down.

two months ago I got word that GOD's #Bible *Banned #Judeans occupying #Israel will black out #Gaza and the Christian and Moslem #Palestinians for punishment for the campaign to boycott Israeli goods ? What are those? They do nothing but kill #Americans and steal their tax dollars? They call themselves impervious to judgment and a special class of Earthlings. Funning that NAZI said exactly the same thing, eh? #Ashlee Judd in 1990s with CIA spookies moved Clock timers to Israel. For those in the #WMD genre will know exactly what I mean. #Hollywood stars colluding with WMD distributors, world wide.

#bookoflife glad michy poo buggied her offices while she considered a run for the US Senate, she is a hollywooder emotional wreak . #arcmichael #07212017AD

On Hillary Clinton's very public sale of a Uranium Company to Russia ( 20%) for $500,000 Speaking fee given to her husband, on the very very high end of speaking engagements. William J Clinton said nothing of importance because it is all an establishment rigged system .


You think Robert Meuller will prosecute a single establishment crony?


brown eyes and a non white : National Security Agency Director Mike Rogers in Washington, U.S. said today that Russia—US cyber relationship proposed by Donald Trump is not a good thing because we do baby rape, murder US citizens who are whistleblowers’ and we abduct about 600,000 children worldwide for murder rape and disemboweling rituals, we did 911 and took over Afghanistan for the opinion fields, because we are drugged out of our minds, and so this is not a good idea as they, the people of GOD, they might find out!

Reuters today.

On Monday, DARPA announced that it has selected five groups to receive grants for its Neural Engineering System Design Program (NESD), a program that has the goal of creating “an implantable system able to provide precision communication between the brain and the digital world.”

The ultimate goal of the program is to create something that would be able to turn the signals from our brain into readable data, as well as to create an interface that would work in the reverse, allowing us to send data to the brain. [ & make you are slaves and robot slaves or we push the pain button to your neural brain, ha ha ha, we are the niggers]


Bible BEAST : project 38,000 Haitian abduct for bohemian Grove and Rape Island. Klaus Eberwein a former head of the Haitian Development group  was to testify today, he was found dead a few days ago, mysterious circumstances. Found with a gunshot to the head like Vince Foster, and no police records.


Special Prosecutor Mueller’s Law Firm Gave 99.81% of its Campaign Contributions to Hillary Clinton (VIDEO)

Democrat Minority Leader Enjoys lower poll numbers than Donald Trump!

Dragon Code are Ruinous Dinosaurs and political code for law breakers are DINO or democrats in name only. They destroyed the world, being individualists engaged in unholy & restricted group think.

Google CEOs have been involved in massive global genocide and they tell their members to shut up and die. Fuck this foreign military social media, anti American outlet. Go trump supporters. Google has been advertising assassinating Donald Trump since July of 2015 A.D. And they are billionaires. Go figure, death and profits. In the Bible it says GOG are evil and by Biblical mysticism, we can add one or two letters or subtract to reveal hidden etymology of the name mark of . GOG 11:45 am #07222017AD

wrong it takes years to make cases. nothing was done for a long time and Jeff stepped up. but be careful Google Execs are a part of that ring. they threatened to kick me off for standing up for my civil rights. who are google but brown foreigners who hate George Washington who used violent rhetoric against his enemies. #FukGoogle

US Constitution has no clause that says we cannot threaten violence. that was started by Liberals in 1860s, not 1600s of 1776 and so Larry Page and Sergi Brin are traitors to America. They should give up all #patents and get to the streets and give all their money away and live on the streets. Or I do what I do #archangelMichael. I watched Google post kittie sex vidoes after videos and lauding these as moral and horse sex, all day long.
Google is aligned to 911 operators to kick off more Americans form their international ISIS baby rape murder squads. Google is livid that Trump stopped their child sex ring, DAESH or something like that . Or Sergi and Larry are threatened by #hillaryclinton and #Beast Bill Clinton. Google spreads hate , child sex and animal sex, and violence against white people and tells its members not to do the same. #GOG les is some form of #tyranny. So when they kick me off is all I have left. They tried to assassinate me 12 times, one day was like 20 attempts with changes for abduction and torture. Google is run by Anti Americans born over near Russia or the Middle east and have bee since day one, received NSA funding to kill Americans. that is collusion with Murder Inc. So we track them and eradicate them.

Google needs more blacks, like over 50% on all levels or we end them, now . tired of these racist bigots and they grab women inappropriately as media has been reporting on major networks, in 2017AD. So google is abusing women and colored races. And they want us to submit to their bigotry and racism? #FUGoogle

#Google incites violence they sent assassinators after me. #bookoflife Sergi Brin is a #Russian agent. #lolz . Google runs ISIS and other violent murderous regimes. we need to think on tracking its owners now. They killed so many white Americana and google people are from #Russia and other countries. #arcmichael #07222017AD

US Constitution has no clause that says we cannot threaten violence. that was put in 1860s, like 200 years after colonialism by Liberal Democrats who are pussies and #foreigners. I live the US original Constitution. not the Judeans African murder inc against white people. Google execs are brown foreigners who hate George Washington and hate America and are liars about it. #google needs to get rid of their white employees after they know Google is out to rape and kill them. what else explains their reactions to Americans. They see us as food to be devoured.

#fukgoogle - #GOG

Do not use GOOGLE

don't advertise standing up for yourself GOOGLE has made it clear, they run our world. Violence promoters like GOOGLE Murder INC is good to kill Americans, like #Google = ran #ISIS out of its San Fran headquarters to kill white people and Christians . they are murder inc. the CEOs are murderers and tell users on their platform not to be like them or they will destroy you. That sounds like an alien invasion to me.

Ever since I came on Google plus the GOG team has promoted violence against Americans from its onset. I noticed most of the Americans have been cut off of GOOGLE and anti American fills its streams and kittie sex and horse sex, spammed about 1 out of 10 posts by Google's team. #pediogog

Military Chain of Command, Modernity US Dragon
JSOC or top command makes the call, usually the POTUS if they are leftwingers because even Bush was a liberal masking on the Republican party. He was anything but Conservative. he sent poor white to die for colored Silicon valley cocaine, women abuse, parties and desk jobs. They hate white us soldiers.

Google ran ISIS so they are a part of this global human #genocide machine. they want us whistleblowers killed. sent out warning too. Perhaps CIA has a knife to their necks FBI Robert ( I Love James Comey)  #meuller works for #ISIS as ISIS worked for GOOGLE ( #gog ) #cia confirmed by #Recep Tayyip #Erdoğan on State run Turkish TV on 07 20 2017AD . #epic post and Bush supplied Saddam Hussein with raw chem materials for the Iran Iraq 1980s war. So add that too. Confirmed. #deeppoopoostate

Sadiq Said Bible Revelations Code name is #dragon but that is all of the Americas, north to middle to south,. + 1

A James Comey lawsuit is being waged by the U.S. Intelligence service because he stole over two million classified documents, robbed them and stole them according to the  N.S.A.

unmasking of data of Millions of Americans.

James Comey said he borrowed them and returned them but they had unmasked 20,000,000 Americans, their computer stuff, their address and phones and conversations, on Americans.

James Comey took 600,000 classifieds and 47 hard drives continuing  CIA actions in performing pre and during 11th September 2,001, which was called Operation New Century.

Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood.


#un finally admits USA arms the terrorists and has done so with their knowledge. What to do? USafrica is a liar, liberals are anti white and the white in the liberal parties are traitors to conservative whites which is exactly what the yellow bellied Latino < Italian< Spanish, Portuguese, Mixed race German Jew want. that makes these former mention groups the enmity of white people, and also attack their white liberal traitors. #bookoflife #arcmichael

I mean if Google or socials want to get tough, we need your white asses out, get all black employees and we will start demanding and marching for this you racist bigot leftwing Tech Anti American drop bombs for money and cocaine beyootches. FU AmeriKoon suxers.

UN on camera USA bombed Aleppo, Anatolia,  and fought Russia and Syria on the side of ISIS

Gplus post 1:27 posted here 072017AD

Donald Trump Let Obama Care fail on itself ≡ Win

most of our work force are first generation illegal immigrant who will never give a flying fxxk about any white man's piece of paper. #arcMichael 07 18 2017AD 1:50am NoHo 844 kempst

49,440 Network News Hours devoted toward any discussion‡  on Russian Influence by white Conservatives into the US General Elections. And Still no evidence.
12,360 Network single news channel CNN talked about a fake Russian collusion = 17 strait months, it ended for a week, last week. But started back up again . No evidence and Media, US Congress, wasting time as Deep State is killing in the open now American citizens and the cops are involved in covering it up because many are Israeli spies.
Urban moving systems is a jew Italian front new Jersey New York mob outfit.

C.I.A. Does Mosul, before and after Pictures.

when you see America falling to like last place in all of the world's country rankings, think of this ok? Foreigners make up our state legislatures due to Political Correctness, so stop your crying libtards. 70 years push-out by white and yellow bellied judean US traitors. and over 250 years of Wasa anti white white DNA denial. Caucasian Arabite Semite white people never accepted white —white like I here on earth, so we take it away soon.

Second Death: David Richmond Gergen b. May 9, 1942, Durham, NC, sD —5:23 AM 07172017AD ; Walter M Shauh, jr.  to the lake of fire. Branson second death . #Brits collude with #Democrats. arrest millions of US democrats for treason. Obama father (AP, Politico) was moving women in a sex ring operation.

After review, gone. He colluded with Obama #antichrist Afro POTUS prior to the general election. My source, only. imo. #seconddeath bye say good bye to your family. Your soul will be deleted.

“Did Hillary Clinton ever apologize for receiving the answers to the debate? Just asking ! Donald Trump Twitter, 07172017AD

Black Afro heritage & bigoted anti–white assassins make up 30+ % of the FBI NSA and CIA

ovewr 1/3 rd of the assassination attempts upon me by Deep Doodoo State, blacks made up that one - third representation. Today, they are screaming treason to all Trump ( white people) supporters Here is my heart felt responce.

let us deport all Niggers to their own planet and cut them off of all colored people , for ever and ever and ever. Fexk these lying brown thugs . 99% of white in history had no role or benefit, from US and Caribbean or south American or Africa, of any nigger controlled slavery. #Niggers ( Nigerian Congolese) enslaves their own and white also, early modern history. They need to go to the extinction. place. tired of lying niggers and the CIA FBI NSA niggers trying to kill me and have already killed whites. FUC K You niggers.

Black assassins make up 30+ % of the FBI NSA and CIA and do whatever Yellow bellied jew ask them to kill. Most are American citizens and the Media, Institutions, Cops, Edu, Entertainment or Military will not in general stand up to Deep   ‘BABYRAPE KOOKAFATE’   STATE.

R U S S I A N I N V E S T I G A T I O N HERE مساءالخير 2003 UX34 Dragon X USA Deep State

How Prog-guru John Podesta isn’t  a household name as world class underage sex slave op cover-uperer defensing unspeakable dregs escapes me. final communication between the world at 10:21 A.M. Los Angeles Time 2011 A.D. February 5 th. — Andrew James Breitbart. (DC #PedoMafia ) & More Attorneys Found Dead In Wasserman Schultz Florida District! DNCCorrupt three high profiles attourness in Debbie Wasserman Shultz's district in the last two weeks.

#podestagroup was an #Obama #stimulus slush fund. confirmed.

Like Seth Rich, Andrew Breitbart dies after leaving a bar, and speaking to a liberal

Our Gang to Lovettesville, bonnie uber will pick up
ruby , emerson, maEVE luzzatto,[ ages,] 11, 9, and 7 for your entertainment in the pool
. Signed John Podesta. #pizza ingredients in code for #deeprapestate this hacked email was one of the first that triggered the Pizza meme against the Hillary Clinton Campaign. in the summer of 2016  . That server sits in #Irvine #California and deeppediostate will not give it to the US CONGRESS.

3:26 -27 p.m. 07072017AD

next to uS?

#Pizza as #Pedophile may be older than modernity but it comes directly from a John Podesta Email , referring to a court case in which the owner of #CometPizza ( joJo 's Pizza dude was convicted, their buddy of producing child porn for the elite rich people) had been friends with a now convicted child abuser. Source #FBI on these codes and things. Not the Comey FBI, but the real ones.

Next to Comet Pizza is the Hillary Clinton Help the Child Slave Foundation, lolz. Beyond Boarders, where no orphan can escape our James Clapper NRO reach, eh Kookstate?

#Mexican s with noise machines are so loud 24/7 one cannot think. gas leaf blowers have been illegal for 40 years ( southern California law that cops kill whitey so that brown Mexican can break laws endlessly and give them #cocaine .) No laws have been followed since 1979AD and arguments do not work . Mexican cops that cannot speak English, nor correct Spanish are yes men to Italian CIA Mafioso who kill whitey crackers, these AMERICANS AND Italian need to be eradicated off of earth for these crimes against me. All they do is try to kill me and claim they are the chosen race, the #german Saxon Afro German, brown eyed, or the Judeans 'we are chosen' but forgot to read the bible where GOD throws us out for disobeying him. Jews are evil and are liars.

Cops are crooked Deepstate actors and illegal too. most are first gen illegal immigrants that #California #Mexican #politicians gave them orders to hurt American citizens so the elite can get voted back into power, like forever. because illigants are dumb) and still they run 24/8 here, endless ear damage and dust on clothes and in mouth. #FU mexico that took over world and started capitalism. Yes it was a latino that started the early modern version of capitalism. Fucked up the world and taught the British to be abusers in empire. I say pass a bill if you hire noise makers pay the medical bills and washing bills of the people you harm , there should be no Mexican gardeners,. Use a rake for fuxk sake.

#USAfrica a place of Barbary cannibalism championed by CIA Semite Italian Mafioso FBI niggah Faggots = all that use white traitors or afro whites, large bodied but dumb and aggressively stupid and violent = #meamic.

John Podesta's son murdered by his own father?

Brian Ellis deputy Los Angeles PD sheriffs cover up and Linda Anne Bentlee said she has proof that her hubby, John Podesta’s rumored son was assassinated.  He was already dead before his body was hung and Chris Cornell’s big body does not fit the nose found over a room door. He is  tall and would be impossible form the LAPD and Sharif photos to have died by hanging  himself and toxicology report say he had no overdose but a vile of antioverdose was found empty but that could have  been administered by someone else or the paramedics. Why Autopsy report reviewed by the Kennedy and Martin Luther King, examiner, he did Cornell and said he had no drugs that would have killed him, toxicology report concluded. Police are keeping this info tight knit because Deep Pedio State owns Los Angeles as its headquarters are the Joooos of #Hollyrapewood


آيات الإثني عشر، واحد يأتي أيلول/سبتمبر 2017 ميلادي الإسلام الحب والسلام. رئيس الملائكة ميخائيل 23:51 NoHo 07212017AD to Google groups 11:55 p.m. हर हर महादेव ।  everywhere is Shiva )( the destroyer) .

Finally some Honesty of a person with lower approval ratings then, allas, Donald Trump.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer had choice words for Hillary Clinton in an interview over the weekend, blasting the Democratic presidential nominee for blaming Russia for her loss to now-President Trump. 

“When you lose to somebody who has a 40 percent popularity, you don’t blame other things -- Comey, Russia -- you blame yourself,” Schumer told the Washington Post.

“So what did we do wrong? People didn’t know what we stood for, just that we were against Trump. And still believe that.”


Janet L. Robinson, b. June 11, 1950, Fall River, Massachusetts, sD NYTimes leaker of US intel sensitive. Alma materSalve Regina University

Jews are Saxon, get your dna strait, Darrel the barrel of duffasness !!!!!!!!!

Jews run Hollywood and USA and are yellow bellied commies that lie and  say they support Democracy.

Reporter who  reported a 13-  year-old Jesse Dirkhising in Rogers, Ark., on Sept. 26,
allegedly murdered at the hands of two gay men, received 20% of Emails calling for his death = death threats . Why? Homes are complaining that children are their property to rape and  to murder. Arkansas officials and bill Clinton approve the rape and murder of Children. Ask Hillary's campagin manager, he approves too. The USA is full of demon dragons and need to be eradicated. CNS news […] There is a more plausible connection between gay activism, which promotes sadistic sex behavior, and Dirkhising's death. Why have the establishment media ignored the horrible murder of  13-year-old Jesse Dirkhising by two homosexual men in the little  town of Rogers, Arkansas? That is a question that was first asked by The Washington Times on October 22, nearly a month  after the seventh- grader was found dead after he had been  brutally assaulted sexually by Davis Carpenter, 38, and his
lover, Joshua Brown, 22, on September 26.

Mexican Cartels are the U.S. C.I.A. Central Idiot Assholes. CIA son estos carteles

Martin Price+2
CIA is Mexican cartels. Same thing. Though they will always orchestrate some mind twisting mumbo jumbo to deceive otherwise.

#robertmeuller ran illegal world armies and killed millions of innocents and he is a free chump today. #goislam
Operation #Tinderhouse over saw 66 CIA operatives be trained to mimic Al quaeda fighters and then join the Anti Assad Forces, confirmed by Turkish Premiere who feels more safe that #AntiChrist #Obama is out of office; and he showed on national Television, 10 secret US CIA bases, some inside Jordan and some inside of Syria, all illegal and backed up by a nigger gooo army that is currently occupying my Home at Palestine. Each CIA operative cost $4 Million apiece to train. So $264 Million U.S. Dollars, which was perhaps mis reported as the Deep State has taken about $750 or more billion a year in operational costs. So that is a small fraction of cash on the free side to train Anti American forces on the #americandime #traitors

some of their success were fake Chemmy attacks. #arcmichael to frame #Islam and to frame white #Russians.

6:01 PDT p.m. #NoHo #arcmichael #bookoflife #07242017AD



thousands of white children are abducted each year in America and some put it at close to a million and it remains Italian Spanish Semite DNAers working with white traitor judeans at the U.S. State Dept and C.I.A. F.B..I. N.S. A. and only the top rings of leadership.

Clinton foundation runs orphan exchanges and her campagin manager runs Satanic Kiddie sex rings.




Everyone here is talking about why John Podesta refused to give the DNC server to the FBI and the CIA. Disgraceful!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 7, 2017













United States of America Military, Entertainment, Academic, Media,  Industrial, Complex 


Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.


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