Born Glenn Lee Beck[1][2]
February 10, 1964 (age 49, State adds one year so 50)
Everett, Washington, U.S.

No heaven Glen Beck

Glen Beck (as with Richard Cheney) has ‘capitalized’ on the low point of Barack H. Obama’s presidency, the illegal President’s poll numbers dipped to 39% general approval numbers, in June and July 2014 over multiple problems.  Obama put out a call to South and Middle Americans of amnesty, reports of flyers and other communique in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. The mothers took their children and rode trains ( through Mexico with the Mexican’s approval) and 160,000 children were moved across the Rio Grande , TX,  and caused a humanitarian problem to which Obama has ignored, except for proposing a $4 billion dollar plan to house these illegal immigrants.

This began in 2009, when university students associated to LA RAZA lobbied local powers to enact a Latino Free funds and citizenship plan so they can go to colleges and universities with the same privileges and even free money that Americans cannot receive, and over many years, all states adopted this legislation, called ‘The Dream Act.’ This act I s anti-American but because Brown people beat up daily their rich neighbors and no police will get involved, the plan was to appease  them to the breaking point and then back-off.  So when Obama said, how about making this Dream Act a national legislation, he put out flyers for  these people to come to America and they came by the trainloads.

Obama has ignored this humanitarian crises, as Rick Perry demanded he come to his state, Texas, when he had a stop to raise more money for  the Obama vacation coffers, and decided not to go to the boarder, because Obama is disengaged from most politics. He is a party, vacation and relaxing with money kinda fellow.

So Glen Beck decided to use his star power and raise over a million dollars so far to help these children in need. However, this is where Beck made his mistake. Obama wants the white middle class to pay for these children; he is even offering $6,000 to each family a month to house them, permanently. However, there have been over 5,000 domestic deaths due to poverty wars in America and neither Obama, nor Congress nor the media has addressed this but the Black Communities have addressed this and have called Barack Hussein Obama the worst president of ‘all time.’ They cite that he has demanded billions upon billions of dollars for these illegals (because they vote to keep the democrats in power and  provide cheap labor for the rich people of America ( all colors)). However, raising money for American, especially blacks or Jews remains a troubled idea by Beck.  

Rahm Emanuel who used illegal tactics but approved by Obama to move residency so he could apply to run for Chicago’s mayor, and he won, moved all the police out of Chicago’s troubled neighborhoods to the inner city to protect the rich and cut 1,200 police jobs because he needed to give raises to the rich Chicago government workers who are already well overpaid. Chicago has the strictest gun laws in the nation but that does not stop violence of ‘desperation.’ The real solution is to spend money on Americans first before the illegals. But Glen is about grabbing  the spot light not helping out people that are in need. I for example, have been targeted for being white and an orphan. I have no home, no money nor opportunity for work, but Glen does not  care about people like me. So who is this Glen Beck?

He had been linked to anti-Jewish statements, which is non forgivable when used politically.  Many blacks do not blame Jews for the world’s problems but Latins and Arabs have done so historically. He supports the Latins, they support hatred against Jews. 1 + 1 adds up here to a connection.  He claims Jesus would do this humanitarian thing, so that is why he is doing this. No he is helping Obama bring in more anti-Jewish people. He is a part of the Anti-Christ movement. He is a multi-millionaire, made his money off of hate speech.  There is no proof Latins are Christians. There are only a small group of religious Latins, and they are not  the ones controlling the immigration and  migration trains.  As I wrote, cheap labor of 42 dollars a day for 8-10 hours of back breaking  work is cheap labor and describes  our H1 VISA and our agri-business in the U.S.A. This  is  slave labor the same labor that blacks had but the Latins have no permanent housing, only a guest working job and then go home. While blacks were restricted their  free movement they did have a community and housing. Still both forms are not permissible by me, at all. The Americans tolerate this and accept this and so this is a larger problem.

Latins use a lie that they cut the grass ( not mine or many others), they become maids ( not to me, only the rich) and do jobs no other American wants. So $100,000 a year jobs which many Latin migrants hold, and even some jobs in the multi millions are jobs Americans do not want? They control  the Los Angeles job market since 2006 A.D. getting nearly 100% of the city and government jobs.  All of these jobs pay well and are desired by Blacks, and whites who are passed up for them, and even Asians. They are 71% of the total Los Angeles County population, which means non-diversity. They rule, they are the majority, and I live here and have not met one (not including spiritual latins) that claims they want to live and prosper in a diverse community. They want a pure racial community just like they did under Ferdinand and his racist Wife, who started the Spanish Inquisition, not for religious reasons but to crack down on government suppressors, as new Roman archive studies have shown, totally destroying the guess-work history books. So if Jesus was reborn today and  starving and struggling in the U.S.A. over its economic-social problems, Beck would not care, because of his  actions show today, he is only trying to help  Obama, his good buddy bring in cheap labor for the rich people like himself.

What about the people that are dying here at home, no jobs, no help from the U.S government;  I’m linked to Cornerstone, but the staff will not end the bullying by blacks to take  the benefits, physical  bullying. The staff is terrified to manage the mentally ill and homeless ‘politically correct’ social groups, so I cannot attend, I do not feel comfortable there and so I must be overlooked. I know plenty of illegals that have section 8, free housing and SSI for  life, and only a small amount of effort is on their part to get these coveted positions. The Latins do not allow whites, blacks or Asians into most of the retail jobs, and their method since the 1970s has been physical desperation. When I see Latins commit robberies with no one hurt, the police look the other way. If  you are white and the police stop you and you are mentally ill or homeless, you may be killed for their pleasure and covered-up and if it goes to court, the courts will side with the police. The poor and suppressed in America need Americans helping Americans. And since you forsaken this, and make your money off of Americans, you are no different than those bully corporations that use cheap labor to keep your bills low and your bully elite king lifestyles alive.

Is Beck an Anti Christ? Yes, he would deny great and good Americans from having basic needs met while ‘getting’ brownie points for helping his arch enemy Obama get illegals into jobs in America, where Obama’s program is for poor Americans to teach Latins their jobs and then get out of America and allow those Latins to take their lives.

If Beck had an audience with God, and the Lord communicated to him where the best positon to place your money is;  God would respond to fund a Military, take it into Mexico and eradicate all the corporation owners and government controllers that keep a two class system alive in Mexico, where 10% are the most rich class in all of the world, currently ( most multi billionaires per capita, Forbes, 2006- current) and 90% are living in squalor and kill every one of them to change the world systems.

The problem is the rich will not share, and since not sharing is the root of evil, then to God we must take out the evil. Mexico’s VISA gov. website demands no migration from foreigners, except large business pursuits, only beneficial to Mexico’s elite. This is because they are LA RAZA, which is the NAZIs in a brown form.  Since LA RAZA is showing up at Murrieta and other locations to violently protests against Americans blocking the migrants, Beck’s actions are not of the Lord but for his help of NAZI brown racists and Obama’s wishes to end whites and blacks in America and promote Arabs and Latins as they both mirror his own skin color.

There is some 40% youth black long term unemployment.  Some 17% of all blacks are jobless. By 2040s, Latins will reach voting block numbers to enact racial quotas on Asians, Blacks and European whites. Rich whites do not want to hire poor whites because rich whites do not like to treat people with respect. This applies to other colored groups as well. The homes and poor that are involved in gang violence only do so because of job losses and no job opportunities. In fact, many black gang members from Los Angeles joined I.S.I.S. and prior the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood because they pay weekly cash benefits. This is because there are no jobs in Los Angeles. All jobs since 2006 have gone to illegals. And yes, almost all retail workers are illegals. But the Californian system does not punish Latin law breakers they make special cases for them to do crimes and not be punished. That is because the browns own southern California.

I can’t sleep at night thinking about your on daughter and so I and about 150 volunteers and multiple semi-trucks are going down to our border and we will see your child…and we will care for them,” Beck said.

“Beck has raised more than $2 million in food, toys and supplies that he plans to bring to children being held on the southern border this Saturday, along with members of Congress.”

“But while he’s raising money for the undocumented children, Beck cautioned listeners he is not an advocate for illegal immigration.”  And of course that means he is a liar.

If you go online … you’ll see that there’s a lot of people who are very upset because they think that I’m going to be encouraging people to come here and that’s not true,” Beck said of the public’s reception to his announcement to aid undocumented children. Can anyone be more blatantly a liar than this?  The fact that rich people pull stunts like this for publicity which equals more recognition which equals more money and over their lifetime they do absolutely nothing for Americans, while calling themselves Americans remains nonsense.

It’s evil what’s happening to these children all the way around, and then to have them used for political purposes,” Beck said Monday. “I don’t care if it’s the left or the right that’s doing it, it is wrong, it is shameful, it is un-American and it’s not the Christian thing to do.” Christians do not arm the enemy Beck, as you have done. There are plenty of Asian, White and black homeless and struggling families in the U.S.A. to concern yourself over but you have not, this  is just a political stunt to ‘fix’ your anti-Jewish racism reputation. That means you are not a Christian. They do not hate Jews like you have demonstrated in your life.

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