Fareed Zakaria


Palestinians teach their students, even people like Fareed Zakaria FZ that because of Israeli’s 1948 massacres of Palestinians, as Edward Said had called for, this should not be forgotten and used as a rallying cry to end Israel; However, no children are taught that 2/3 rds of  Hitler’s South Eastern NAZI military, for the last year of World War II was made up of Moslem Palestinians commanders and soldiers. Their job, as they accepted it, was to kills as many Jews as possible, in helping out the Final Solution ( to eradicate Jews from Earth).  Fareed Zakaria is bias and the Associated Press communicates to its audience that it is an unbiased Corporation. But it still is a corporation and WashPo are Racist(s).

Palestinians were hateful racists under the Ottoman Empire.

The Palestinians were a part of the Ottoman Empire 1503- 1510 A.D. to its fall, 1900s A.D. During this time, Palestinians were a part of the Moslem period of the Ottoman Empire. From 16 th century to the 18 th century, races lived in districts but in peace, relative peace, in the Ottoman Empire, but over time a racist group from Palestinian advocated to the Ottoman Sultanate that Jews and Christians ( Armenians) need to be killed, all of them. And so a systematic racism occurred, the Ottoman Empire fell apart and racism destroyed it. Until the Palestinians look inward at their past and their parents, they have no right to claim Jews are evil for killing and profiling them: Period.

When the camels are not around you must not frown

And this was an Ottoman Proverb or saying. It was accurate and demonstrated a spirit of bravery, of courage and to overcome hardship and be resilient.

The Problem was this was not a Palestinian idea & this was a multi-cultural saying. The Palestinian look brown, totally brown nationalism, they are cultureless.  On the other hand, the Jews, only having eight million or so, are multi-cultural people and have been since its inception. The Jews have 1/3 Moslem living or working inside their boarders on a daily basis, and they are more concerned with doing their jobs correctly than firing rockets because browns hate the red hairdo ladies forced to be conscripted in the Hebrew Army. At some point there needs to be made major decisions, on race and tribes or nations. Jews have no problem allowing Palestinians to live and work within Israel, but the leaders have shown they do not want this; war is more fun, so they kill, in little amounts, just to keep the sides fighting with no solution.  The Ottoman Proverb does not  apply to these Palestinians as they do not seek the spirit of bravery, bravery, courage and to overcome hardship and be resilient bur rely on false histories ( Edward Said should have told you this but he did not perhaps not as intelligent as claimed)  but they seek to  rely on false narratives and never attack the State suppressors because of a trick of false religious leaders. The Saudis or the Mullahs are not Islamic leaders but they are preferred to Jewish leader because they ascribe to some form of Islam. The Saudi Royals do not practice any Islam, they are frauds. And I personally have known some conservative north district Tehran rich youth and they are gay, drug addicts, swindlers and robbers, and they too claim they are Islam. So the Palestinians have a problem identifying the ‘causes’ of their suffering.

Palestinians chose Non-Diversity, Helped Destroy the Ottomans' multi culturalism.

A renaissance of adopting French Culture stayed a fall for 200 years. However, the return to strict Islam, and forcing others to be subhuman, as the record showed, caused a reaction to cut off the Ottomans' from world participation.  If you read the very small amount of literature on the Ottoman post Selim’ the Grim’ that began the classical periods of the Ottomans, it will be this initial group, called  the Palestinians that call for ethnocentric racism to rule over all of the Ottoman Domains. After the Ottomans kicked out all the Jews, the Christians and other minorities, the State became weak and was conquered by many nations.

Palestinians helped act out a practice of not tolerating Religious Freedom, so the Ottoman Experiment died out and the same argued ensues today, that pure Brown ruled Arabs are the way to world peace = false narrative by the Americans, pro Palestinians - and others. This needs eradication.