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Politics Sept. Oct 2016 Journal Data

Polls show Donald J Trump at 49% approval rating, all major sources. Been close and rising for over two full weeks. #02092018AD

#FBI director just threatened #POTUS to kill him
Who is Director “(FBI Director) FBI Director Chris Wray said Tuesday He wants a lid on this [ Peter – Lisa emails] ,” the FBI official said “ This is much larger than just texts between two FBI agents .” Yes, there is an assassination email, already everyone has been talking about it and most of the Congress are criminals who work for James Clapper Black Berry Fiefdom of Child Traffickers and Cannibals and Satanists. You touch Trump, You have been warned by America! By the Way, you are going to the #SecondDeath. #JesusReturned

5:55 p.m. #mason #level34 #bookoflife #01242018AD


Mahmoud #Abbas told by John Kerry ( sD ) " don't worry, Trump will not remain in office for long Just take care of business, we will* Just attack #DonaldTrump please .he tells the #Palestinian Authority. #PLA are antiIslam and run Cannibalism and Child Trafficking, these are the über billionaire Palestinians.


Eric Holder threatens Americans and Donald Trump's Life 12232017AD youtube

According to the exit poll, whites voted 58 to 37 percent for Trump over Clinton; there's no indication who drew the map, or on the basis of what data, but from my own examination of the election returns he or she seems to have gotten the results pretty close to right. Washington Examiner 07202017AD

Russia Investigation Findings by our US SENATE

#BOMBSHELL : Confirmed: John & Tony #Podesta, NRO James Clapper, WIlliam & Hillary Clinton, ,deputy FBI director Andrew #McCabe was the contact to GPS FUSION, person Steele, Robert Meuller on Obama's teams ( Susan Rice), and Former FBI director James Comey & Bernie Sanders. Most of the TIME, GSP Fusion spun sources being social medias over Google plus, who ever posted, GPS Fusion, a hate based liar fraud DEEPSTSTE run by Wall Street Journal execs or former exects. blamed Russia and not US Citizens who had dirt on these establishment cronies. Attorney General Loretta Lynch is now under investigation for obstruction of justice to halt the Hillary Clinton Email probes.

#Russian #investigation

“These weren’t mercenaries or hired guns,” a congressional source familiar with the dossier probe said. “These guys had a vested personal and ideological interest in smearing Trump and boosting Hillary’s chances of winning the White House.” New York Post , 06252017D archived with links on other pages.

be careful Rep. #AdamSchiff You have been marking us for dead and assassination, saying White people of USA and RUSSIA /affirmative' hacked our election. and we knew all along you were full of 100% #bullshyte Diane #Feinstein ( D Congress , CA) went to CIA HQ in March, and learned the truth ( #noevidence ), and she is on your team. So you had known it was a lie by March 2017AD and you did not stop the lies and hate. #racist
#arcmichael #bookoflife #06252017AD

US⊥ Islamic State → begins World War III today bombing Russia 10 04 2016 A.D. . AntiChrist US Military Obama to start World War to kill off all white Russians in a plea to advance islamic rule all over Planet Earth. Yahoo breaking.

USA from Lyndon Johnson to Barack Obama USA became The Terrorist Billionaire Politician Club

try to articulate your speech patterns. In 1950s #SCOTUS passed a law calling #jews a race of people. Not the #Bible . but #atheist wackos on a bench. 

Capitol Hill explodes, US Created ISIS and funds it, we have CIA NSA in full Sunni control 09 23 2016 A.D.— Arc

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front women of bands € bigot policy – Affirmative Action

Becky G Tiger Girl.

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White Traitors GOP = Terrorists confirmed FBI


6:30 am 8 th Oct 2012
Got to do something about these missing children grabbed by  the perverts. Too many incidents —fast trial, death penalty.  Donald J Trump, Twitter.


Arc Michael originally shared:


Hillary claimed Trump 'paid nothing in federal taxes'...

Trump paid higher taxes than #billgates #msnbc #media heads ; #donaldtrump paid higher taxes than #timcook #appleceo #trumppaid higher taxes than the #antichrist #obozodaclown ; #trump paid more than #google in federal income taxes #donaldtrump paid more than 160,000,000 #illegalbs or #dnc #democrat #politicalbase #MSNBC are #telemundo crookedhillary 's that lied, lie all day long.


#bookoflife . Everyone at the #EU who are rich says that the Globalism of the EU for the last 60 plus years has been about peace. And that nationalism, pre world war I, and II, created the world wars. this is a freaking lie. Islam started war one with the Jew Nazi. Jew Nazi started the world war II and used Islam to fight on their side. This is a total jew take over of planet earth. #whitegenocide

#rachelmaddows go away you are a real #novice of #news and #reality and #logic and most of all #honesty you made the gay community live in #shame. #idiot.

#donaldtrump #hillaryclinton all smiles at inaugural, set up plan with tech  companies to suppress all #trump supporters ; you cannot win that way, at all, they will sabotage you. why? #christianity   was thrown away by #allendullas #jedgarhoover and #bush #johnson #nixon #clinton #obama  
#christians imply white people. They want them to die on battlefield while vets die in streets and die overseas. Please stop that, Please end it all. Thank you. #loveArchangelMichael #bookoflife #arcmichael #politics #googleenemyofhumanpeople = #gog  

the #altleft team has full control of #MEAMIC
#Media + #entertainment   + #Academia + #Military + #Industrial all as a complex of #antiwhite and #antiChristian

final posts at #gog or Google, there has been 18 years of lies by the #google staff.  They have evil in their souls and have no redemption.

My #mom was denied because she was #Christian and Because she was #white. what it means to become an #American #family

arcusa 🔚

Mom Tried to get citizens ship 1960s — 1994 A.D. Denied 1,000s of times: family started and created a permanent broken family. — Arc Michael 01 29 2017 A.D.

my famili ID as #Christian so immigration officials said you cannot ever become a #citizen.  1960s - 1994 

She met all requirements.

Denied Foodstamps for the entire time;. we starved. Denied temporary for the entire time;

Denied Housing for the entire time.

Denied SSI for the entire time

Denied welafare for the entire time. we starved and fought for life, suffered. This place only showed me hell on earth. evil hate all around.



Poular vote 21 st December 2016 A.D.

21 21 2016 Election recount halted because of the obvious lies by the media that hillary won the popular vote: That was all a lie: Poluar vote now confirmed TRUMP 70,145,232 CLINTON 49,988,455 REAL COUNT: Finale

Media tried to lie as usual, no “no came to her rallies.”

TRUE IS TRUMP 70,145,232 CLINTON 49,988,455 REAL COUNT: Finale TRUMP 70,145,232 CLINTON 49,988,455 REAL COUNT. No one came to Hillary Clinton rallies, and those that were promoted were photoshpped. to add in 1,000s of people who really were never there.



Electorial College vote Dec 19 2016 A.D. It is finally over.

Vote is in Clinton lost more electors
304 Trump
228 Clinton
3 Powell
1 Kasich/ Paul

If done majority take all states, it would be 232-306

Trump lost 2 of his original electors
Clinton lost 4 of her electors ( link to data stream) googleplus trump the asian.

DONALD TRUMP Rejects Newspaper Endorsement of the Southern U.S. Klu Klux Klan. 11022016ad

#Donaldtrump just rejected the #KKK Newspaper endorsement.  That means your WASA outfit is not needed., OK.  #11022016ad so you will be voting #Gebbush or Johnson, I bet,. Donald Trump hates KKKers because they are low iq and not  white white but white arabs.

Can u explain why he rejected your people?

so this  means Donald Trump is stupid like me or he knows KKK is NAZI and NAZI hooked up with mussies and bombed white people because the have damaged dna. ?

so Donald Trump is stupid like I, right? thread


got a lot of #whites telling me My position on #KKK ( opposed to them) is wrong, thus I am stupid. #FOAD ok? Thank you. See you at judgement time. #bookoflife #arcmichael #11022016ad  ARC MICHAEL Gplus

semitic cyborg crookedhillary

#white people get out of #colored party now.  White #traitors   are banned and sent to lake of fire .  & no questions asked. #bookoflife #arcmichael #10252016ad  
#hildabeast calls #trump supporters Bigots and  Racists , all of them, every single one and so does the #SNL so does the #jewTV so does the Washington Saudi Royal Congress, so does the #EDU Israeli godless bigots. The #laraza for brown and nothing for white. Latin Semitic dna damaged race also. Whites get out of all jobs, you are taking it from a brown - foreigner or first generation #Semitic, get out you freaking #racist



I gave you all multiple and more multiple lives between that last 2,000 years , you all have been exposed to monotheism in various forms for over that amount of span-time. . If you are still lost, there is no hope for you, at all.; it is game time.

Armadillo changes Trump and GOP to Hillary Clinton 10252016ad. Arlington TX, changes all GOP and Trump to DNC candidate votes and Hilary Clinton.


Semitic Latino‚ Italian NAZI brown supremacists again violently suppress Me and 4,500 other Los Angelenos. Police under these laws, most of my life beat me, abused me, harrased me and I had to live in total fear. It is the semitic people doing this to all as the Semitics have no souls.

New ban on The Suppressed

More than 4,600 cars and RVS were in use as living quarters this year in Los Angeles and 90& are patriot white white americans who are being beaten to hell by brown shtyte.

LATIMES Ends ban 2014 Summer, but again to ban it after 2016 election.

so sensitive #LATimes gives no headline. Suppression of white #white people, #semitic filled filthy #citycouncil to enact. We white whites are not #racist #bigoted #homeless ; we are suppressed by #NAZI #hittler   ( yes 1/2 Jew #Semitic was hitler, birth name was Hi  TT ler =) #hitler #brown #dna #soules bigots. Before #brown shyte came we were treated   with respect and love. #alexPPadilla   Semitic Arab Latino whore of Calbabylon denied my #DMV electronic signature, a history of voting white party.  Hitler was Jew, warned us about Jews and killed whites and aligned to Jews.


banning vehicle habitation, in California and elsewhere.

“For the second time in two years, a federal appeals court has struck down a key enforcement tool in Los Angeles' efforts to deal with burgeoning homelessness, declaring a ban on living in vehicles an invitation to discriminate against the poor.”

Halloween Hillary Holla back Doll. utube

George Soros AntiAmerican has 16 states that use his voter machine called SmartMatic brand. You have Constitutional rite to demand a paper ballot.

10242016ad Google/Plus Trump Supporters hacked and Google Messages of Troll acct(s) to be deleted aimed at all the myriad of trump supporters. there has been #zero support for #dnc or #hillaryclinton sense the beginning of September 2016ad.

20,000  rally Trump Pense @florida #tampa   #florida we need all  of you to get registered now, see timeline, should have and get out and vote. #california has been taken over by Alqaeuda. they banned whites from voting and Oregon has no donaldtrump on its ballots. We need you North Carolina too. common blacks, look at the real issues.  Hillary needed Michelle to stump because no one comes to Hillary clinton events but Jihadis and foreigners looking for handouts. #Podesta email eludes Hillary had #Scalia killed. #podesta brother works directly with House of Saud to put Jihadi Mosques in #USA for suicide bomb attacks for the future. Nice #DINO #RINO = alqueada now. Obama @lasvegas said Bush Cheney and other GOP have joined these #Democrats  and will not be voting #garyjohnson but perhaps #geb   will if he can wake up on google/plus

Tom Hayden: Arab White German.

1968: Led antiwar movement and anti Capitalism movement.
2016: Supported 1000% Capitalism and Global Human Genocide.
He remained until last night, a vapid #beast #antiChrist supporter of endless wars for Semitic or white arab profit.  Ban it to the lake of fire, for 500 years. He  had a good heart. Arc 10 24 2016ad


Europeans call us #Christians the most evil of the human race. The Christians, mind you, are the only types to take out the #beast  

Media in Total Denial

east BIBLE

#originator of our global #waronterror begun by #idiot #bible #beast who randomly murdered #Muslim #celebrities , artists and factory workers, it was too busy shleaping 18 year olds, to bother to run the #USA   & Chaldean and  & Hebrew germancia = #666 as #potus sig. . No  other world leader has that #beast signature. Anyone worshiping him, will go to the lake of fire with him. #bookoflife #arcmichael #10212016ad  

so innocent Muslims sit at home and get bombed for nothing by  this cretin. So what happen was it pissed the entire Muslim world off and #barackobama actually campaign for this  crud. That is how stupid #antichrist is or how evil it really is in reality. Obama will not be held innocent by #God for ignoring to learn proper #World #History .

#US #Catholic #Church worshiped the #beast wife yesterday. It has been found wanting. #church needs to go  bye bye, it is #antichrist now.

demon on earth needs to be banned dna, restricted for 1,000 years

#christian #kelper wrote Special Relativity. #demon too stupid to see acceleration and deacceleration in Kepler' s equations = #plagiarized . Said God is bunk; begged #FDR over and  over to build bomb and  use it on  white people and also, evilly called for global #whitegenocide #arcmichael Sent to Lake of Fire, ban its dna, 1,000 years., #bookoflife #arcmichael erase from text books for claim, area law #2 diagrammed and understood is Special Relativity. #semitic robbed a white Christian. It hated in its soul, White white people. Mis Identified Hitler as white when he was 1/2 Semitic by #dna .

Anyone in the next 1000 years worshiping will be deleted from life itself  time to put our real demons into #hell  
where this Demon went to school Kepler was the #primer and text book, all this fool did was plagiarizer and take credit of a white that he called for mass #extinctionHenceforth anyone worshiping or giving itt cretit will go to the lake of fire with 'it' 

What R USPatriots? 99% have nots? And will never Get Anything!

#17 #american #president 1 st #USconst president. Lied to his troops. After fighting for years, he reneged on his promise to  give them a plot of land to make a family. Real #revolution #history #UShistory ban it to the lake of fire, lock up #dna , 1,000 years. It also stopped violent protests so when #politicians go 100% corrupt, you can hold only a sign. so they laugh in your face. Sixko people #america teaches none of its history to anyone , anylonger. #archangelmichael #bookoflife #10232016ad  

he also used a #black man to trick #Cornwallis knowing by doing this black American slavery would flourish another 100 years .  To save face, he let his #slaves go free after he died.

US 1%er foundational policy to the 99% always was keep a starving dog hungry ( the sheeple masses) and it will keep following you .

#arc #weneedtotakeearthback

Christians came to America 1830s-40s and tried to implement equality, and free the black and poor white slaves, but in 1870s Jews said, let us control textbooks and manipulate the minds of the goy masses.  white white Christians fought back but Jew made #wwi and #wwii and then other wars to eradicate the #whiterace   because the jew was bored with being #good and #helping others.

#dullas presssured by Black godless #jayehoover and later Ronald Reagan offically by doctrine ended #christianity as a real American value ( 1830s - 1980s - R.I.P. Christians) Since then, we are back to the 1%ers and the Goy 99%, and endless blood, war and profit for only the 1%ers and the women all/most worship the Beast.

1947  #nsa act implemented #Lying as an indistinguishable policy to hide the truth of the shadow government.

21st century first two decades are controlled by the #godless #mediates that are half and full #semitic #arab white #jews.  that never even read any #bible

s o what the hell is an #USpatriot ?

US 1%er foundational policy to the 99% always was keep a starving dog hungry ( the sheeple masses) and it will keep following you.

Europe Turns To Trump

uk all say Debate #3 showed a calm, grown up approch.

#italian Wasa white arab bigot Maddona said:

I will give you a blow job if you vote for Hillary Clinton , with Amy Shumer on stage at New York, today. Miley Cyrus ‹ Arab persian Terrorist looking freako› will campaign for regime change baby killer #hillaryclinton . She lies she cares about homeless, only give change to the ones she sexes, so she uses a charity as a whore connection because it is rich. ban her for 1,000 years. take wholefamily dna and ban them too. ArcMichael 10202016ad.





340 Times Convicted Felon Creamer, Robert, world renoun election rigger visited the @whitehouse

#lga1230   who runs #voterfraud and #bush OK it.
@Project     #Veritas #podesta #summers #harvard run this thing.   undercover video that uncovered several democratic operatives openly discussing, in explicit detail, how to commit massive voter fraud. He is connected. go #donaldtrump #arcmichael #10202016ad   Your nation is not any #democracy but a shadow #oligarchy = 30,000,000 less than 1%ers run all MEDIA, EDU influence, Mil *  Bushes , Institutions, corpos are all anti American, brown terrorist behaviors and entertainment started by white whites is now just a jew sand nigger emporium of filth.  This changed by 1920s, slowly to 1950s as a godless nation spear headed by the #semitic zombies of hate and of  no #love .

no wonder in the Book of Judges God tells his people, GO F&√K YOURSELF.









#USA Population divided by percent of #Congressbudgetoffice #CBO data of foreign #VISA US workers = 18,342,857 Million top US #jobs go to non #Americans, and this is debt in the #trillions #USArabia has been taken over by #Alqueada  #history #politics #bookoflife #arcmichael #10122016ad  


it is both parties . DINO = RINO = 30,000,000 Americans are only the ones that matter. In reality, USA I lived under was a full shadow Oligarchy.


Israel and God’s Laws

Jewish Bible goes like this. God creates and says please  follow 6000 + laws. too dumb so he smashes and give only 10 laws. They again, too stupid to follow , so #Jesus comes and says, OK, two laws, can you follow those  and Jews said , no so they are godless orgyites.

they , #Israel 'modern' follows no laws of #God, please be  accurate.

Hitler was himself a half Semitic Jew

Hitler met once with Himmler to give him camp job 1.5 years before the end of the war. Himmler a white white and Hitler a white jew arab hated eachother. Himmler freed jews, jews lied, he commits suicide so Brits do not hand him over to Hitler that wanted him tortured and murdered.

Hitler said the jews are the  problem, he was 1/2 Jew and proved it. he bombed white white countries and aligned to Islam and Spanish brown and Italian Brown, all had Jews high up in their administrations.  source, old professor at #UCBerkeley and when he was grad student, he interviewed Mussolini top Cabinet, in exile in Communist china at that time. He even took their helmuts and artifacts for his grad degree.

ref. A. Ja.mes Gregor lecturing at UC Berkeley in 2007. Born April 2, 1929 (age 87); PhD from Columbia in 1961 with his dissertation on Giovanni Gentile link to some of Gentile's writings. link


Obama claimed never to have been related to #Islam Declassified shows otherwise. School Records.

#russianfakeinvestigation top news. Andrew George McCabe (born May 5, 1968, an Obama bot did the contact to FUSION GPS, a DEEPSTATE slander, libel firm that is the source for the #fakeRussianhack stories. these wall street journal former journalists and criminals are the source of the M-6 , fake UK, 27 page or 28 page fake dossier that Democrats used to attack us #American first crowds. #bookoflife #arcMichael #06252017AD these criminals plan a murder spree as most are now HIGH CRIMES #TREASON.3:11 p.m. #northhollywood


Obamacare was repealed by USA Tea Party and some old guard GOP and no Democrat voted for it. and 20 GOP neocons voted to keep #obamacare . Obama care charged the poor to pay for the rich, but it did put in pre existing conditions, which was a plus. and Trump put away so far 8$ billion for these special needs. This was an epic win on the Anti Establishment movement.

3,184,597 = entire USA voter fraud, as of 10212016ad. not real people it takes 35,000 000 to win electorial and the establishment demons have 30,000,000 registered.

Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton Crowds


Stunning Numbers: Trump Leads Hillary in Rally Attendance by Half a Million People Since August
Nobody Likes Hillary.

Donald Trump joked at the Alfred E. Smith dinner on Thursday night that the 1000 people at the dinner were Hillary’s largest crowd of the season.

This was a joke but there is more truth to it than anyone there may have known. Since the party conventions in July (from August 1st through Saturday, October 22, 2016) Hillary has participated in only 34 campaign rallies to Trump’s 87. Of Hillary’s 34 campaign rallies where she was present, only a dozen of these events had crowd estimated at over 1,000 people. Donald Trump on the other hand held 87 events in the same time period of which only 7 had crowds estimated at less than 1,000. Most, if not all, of these small crowds for Trump were special campaign events where he gave speeches on foreign policy, childcare, or his recent Gettysburg address, for example. Trump has held 80 events with crowds more than 1,000 in this same time period with 16 of these events with crowds 10,000 or greater.

Trump averages more than 6,000 at his events while Hillary averages less than 1,000. [ arc= I saw in second to last week, many 300 crowds with photoshooped one, very badly. ] Because Trump has many more events than Hillary, he averages getting in front of more than 6,700 per day compared to Hillary’s 380 per day in this time period. Because Trump has worked much harder he has 53 more events than Hillary, which has resulted in Trump having more than a half a million (530,000) more participants at his events than Hillary.
Hillary has taken 57 days off without participating in campaign rallies since July. She is either sick or her campaign thinks she’ll do better if she doesn’t get in front of people or her campaign doesn’t want to show the abysmal lack of interest in her and her events.

These estimates are based on only campaign events scheduled by the candidates and for the most part do not include events where the candidates speak to participants at other events. Total attendance is based on best estimates. These numbers also do not include fundraisers, debates or TV events. This is only our best estimate for attendance at these rallies. Note that these numbers do not include the estimated 100,000 people were turned away at Trump’s events during the campaign. - Clair Sullivan



NY PD forced the FBI to launch the investigation again, since they uncovered a child prostitution ring in weiner and huma's laptops, among a million other heinous crimes. These crimes implicate SEVERAL high ranking politicians, including many congress people link

sue me  islam vs. Godless lawsuiters

" Celebrate Islamiversity" where u have free speech but do not talk back to your Arab slave masters or they will chop your head, clean off with sharp blades.


Florida Jacksonville Hillary Crowds are illegals and very very small.

Huma Abedine, “Hillary Clinton created this mess”

I am 50 years old, never had one #Latino treat me fair or like a human being.  I am white white, noordic, born LA and they are #Semitic Arab #Latino culture, same as Isis members or alquaeda, look and act the same.  Threw me out of seven jobs , never fired, but b/c o f my skin color and jews backed them, they owned the business or franchises. why Jews are arabs today, most of them, and not white white. to me, both are same as the baby raping caliphate of #AntiChrist #obama  10212016ad

Globalist DINO RINO WOMEN who are they?

So women support Team #antichrist that contain a statement by world officials that  65,000,000 lives destroyed UN– to Obama in September 2016? Are they vampires?

Texas' secretary of state, Carlos H. Cascos ‡ leagally orders no whites can watch polls. This is a semitic Latino Jihad on us Americans.

ban it to the lake of fire for 850 years. take its #dna and lock its entire family out of #heaven . these  #semitics cannot stand a white whtie around them, so they made southwest brown geographically and Bush group who will vote #crookedhillary bow before this evil judge. Laws made in last 60 years are for elite brown jihadis, #semitics#bookoflife #arcmichael @voterfraud #10212016ad source dallas news. He banned white US citizen #Russians . these   white people are not allowed in celebration of his LARAZA  #multiculturalism .
#voterfraud is all over #USA.  run by #semitics. from all sorts of cutlures that never  ran a democracy in their races #history.   It appears to have love for its own kind. no  one else.

#Mosul #Iraqis and residents who had family slaughtered or raped or suppressed, members killed by Islamic State and you want ‘revenge’ in all life for the people who did this too you. These are US citizens, Barack H Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Willian J.  Clinton, George H. Walker Bush + sons, John Podesta, Larry Summers. John  McCain, Bernie Sanders and his wife Jane. They run these things and laugh at all your family's deaths.

these #white #traitors and #arab brown traitors of the USA want more of your family dead.  These are the enemies of the Human Race. As well #catholic Church is OK with Iraqi genocide, they as a whole worship the #biblical #beast as they did for its wife, yesterday.

Am e RICA = translated into carib cult. = winged serpent, code word  in Qur'an and Bible to #satan   so we have identified the source of Hell on earth that has caused  all of your problems.

Photo is #ISIS spiritual leader and USA john McCain 's best friend. #CNN has him on video saying he is such a fan. a lover of this IS movement to kill and rape the good people on earth.

#bookoflife #arcmichael

You have #allah permission to retaliate, no retribution in the afterlife

Israel is invoked too. They never attacked Islamic State because it is run by USA that pays them cash to kill God's People of #Palestine.

#bible #lga1230  


Arc —
Undercover Footage Shows Clinton Operatives Admit To Inciting "Anarchy" At
Trump Rallies
Oct 18, 2016 5:45 AM James O'Keefe

Arc Michael

#demonplicity  10212016ad is a term I made up to use against hypocrites involved in endless wars. All they do it lie and blame innocent white white people.


Debate #3 Trump was calm, did well, and she had Chiron over the transiting Moon.

If you listened to a contemporary Democrat, you’d believe Republicans are responsible for all of society’s race problems, past and present

Why ?

They are brown shyte or white traitors copulating with brownshyte,. and hate #white in their souls. I am proof of this empirical science. I never suppressed them but they suppressed me. And over many , many and numerous lifetimes. So why give them any more chances? Same unhuman behavior over and over again.


US N.S.A. tests its new vote rigging computer system. Podesta and Larry Summers run this program. 10212016ad

#harvard #larry summers helping #johnpodesta from secret bunker at Bay Area shut down Julian and test run a rigged election. Voter ballots at Oregon have no Donald Trump choices, but two for Kaine and Hillary. You have been warmed. this is not a #democracy.

vote fraud

Major DDoS attack on Dyn DNS by Bay Area knocks Spotify, Twitter, Github, PayPal, and more offline

If u all listened to current  event news, US mil broadcasted a huge attack on Russia, last week . that was a false flag, this was the test attack. At least matt druge got that right.
 this is to rig the #elections.

George Soros Who called for global white genocide too has control of 16 United States of American voting machines.

#DNs denial attack comes from here , #california #bayarea #johnpodesta and why he has secret Military around #UK facility that has asylum of #Julian #assange#druge #trump #mikepense #white people #russia #putin these all are antiwhite and white traitors  and have huge computer server banks for this attack. This is not a registers place. #spook #donaldtrump   #alert

#arcmichael #bible #beast #bookoflife #10212016ad  GOOGLE PLUS LINK if still up 4 14 pm 10212016ad

update Yahoo John Podesta article. Russian hacked — a lie, it is our own FBI spooks who love the world, and do not want to see the Clinton Beast machine again. yahoonews #elite says these are not real, but they are, the entire world against these elite mass murderers,

so far:

FBI investigation of Hillary RIGGED

Democrat Primary with Bernie Sanders RIGGED

Secret Jet meeting between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton RIGGED

State Department coverup of Hillary's secret server RIGGED

IRS Targeting of Conservatives RIGGED

Benghazi coverup RIGGED

Clinton Cash Foundation coverup RIGGED

Facebook Conservative Media Suppression RIGGED

2016 Election ......

Barack Hussein Obama ii Private Email released by wikileaks

["""""Barack -- Following up on your conversations with John over the weekend, attached are two documents: -- A list of African American, Latino and Asian American candidates, divided between Cabinet/Deputy and Under/Assistant/Deputy Assistant Sectetary levels, as well as lists of
senior Native Americans, Arab/Muslim Americans and Disabled Americans. We have longer lists, but these are candidates whose names have been
recommended by a number of sources for senior level jobs in a potential Administration. -- A list of women, similarly divided between candidates
for Cabinet/Deputy and other senior level positions. """""""]

Note the #whitegenocide been going on for over 100+ years now.


Bush Podesta and Obama work together emails elude

From: John Podesta [
Sent: Tuesday, November 04, 2008 3:39 PM
Valerie Jarrett; Pete Rouse Subject: G-20  


I don't want to bug you today, but the memo pasted below concerns a possible invitation to the G-20 meeting on November 15. On the chance that President Bush would raise this with you tonight, I wanted you to be aware that it is the unanimous recommendation for your advisors that you NOT attend. As long as you are aware of that, we can review the contents of the memo tomorrow.

source link

#podesta to #obama from Obama hacked  emails released  today. It shows Bush is running the United States; #Podesta and Barack bow to this Leftwing Bushite control. #wikileaks #bookoflife  


Memo to Barack from Jhon Semitic Podesta



Good meeting yesterday. When we got off on the idea of creating an emergency national economic council, we left unresolved two questions that were contained in my 2 page cover memo. First, should Daley or Tarullo run the interim economic staff team in the early days of the transition (with the expectation that once appointed the National Economic Advisor would take over)? These are presented as options 2 and 3 on page 2 of the memo. I lean towards option 3, with Tarullo in charge, but either would work. That needs resolution today or tomorrow so we can execute on Wednesday. Second, we need to decide on who should be on the interim outside council. There is a list of suggestions on the bottom of page 2. You added Warren Buffett to the potential list. How do you want to proceed? Pick from the list? have further discussion? Let me know.



Clinton teams sees Obama as President before election, as if they knew it was rigged in 2008, which I was again disqualified to vote, send a disqualification letter as did 250,000 Northern California residents, two weeks before Obama was first elected and in-between of this letter.

John Podesta to Obama )ct 29, 2008 A.D. “Normally these decisions could be made after the election, and ideally after the selection of a National Economic Advisor, but, of course, these are not normal times.”

University of Washington : We imported brown zombies.

Professor Cliff Mass A University of Washington atmospheric sciences and meteorology professor
made headlines this week because he observed the epic fail of Obama's
National Weather Service.

in my opinion. I have seen 1970s Smart people population of Los Angeles turn into Tijuana, Afghanistan brain less zombies. The USA is long gone to retarded violent people who hate other ethnicities in their soul or dna.

why #arab immigrants 150,00,000 in last 60+ years are brain dead zombies. Europe and other weather science deptments are exceptional and we have duffas, retarded, jungle monkey low wit, brown bullies and violent brown and black fellas making up #satan or #AMeRICA = satan

Laura Ingram elites blew up world 10 25 2016ad

40 “black teenagers” assaulted #white   daughter, Christina, 1 because she did not submit to large black penis envy  ? source #newyorkpost New York Post ^ | Octob | Joshua Rhett Miller #USA = #satan taken over by semitic zombies of antiwhite  flavor. and  I mean these are semiticbigots all across planet earth. Most blacks are arab browners.  and why blacks seem to go #moslem the anti Multiculturalists. yo   black lives matter,@la the cops are not white white; #arab whites, most are brown arabs , that you dumb blacks call whites when you find it politically and economically and  socially expedient. ArcMichael

Native Americans are billionaires. now

#frauds are everywhere, white white never fought back. white traitors rule land. and oppress and eradicate their own white masses.  note to native #Americans . whites did not kick you out, your own native American #backstabbers did this to you by aligning with white for personal motives.
 It is a known fact the native American Indians overwhelmingly had the numbers to beat the colonists but their own greed, shame and Native #American Indian traitors to their own race, doomed a unified front.#frauds are everywhere, white white never fought back. white traitors rule land. and oppress and eradicate their own white masses.  note to native #Americans . whites did not kick you out, your own native American #backstabbers did this to you by aligning with white for personal motives.
 It is a known fact the native American Indians overwhelmingly had the numbers to beat the colonists but their own greed, shame and Native #American Indian traitors to their own race, doomed a unified front.


10 26 2017 A.D.

Parts of this list were posted on FR earlier this week:
Trump Administration: Items accomplished or in process:
1. Nominated Supreme Court Judge Gorsuch and dozens of Constitution-supporting lower court judges
2. 59 missiles dropped in Syria to end chemical warfare against Syrians
3. Took U.S. out of TPP (Trans-Pacific trade deal structured against U.S. interests)
4. Illegal immigration is now down 70% (lowest in 17 years)
5. Consumer confidence highest since 2000 at index125
6. Mortgage applications for new homes at a 7-year high
7. Arranged 20% tariff on soft lumber from Canada
8. Bids and prototypes for border wall well underway
9. Pulled out of anti-US and mega-costly Paris climate accord, with an offer to renegotiate
10. Keystone and Dakota pipelines approved to aid energy independence
11. Got NATO allies to boost their contributions by 4.3%
12. Allowing Veteran’s Administration to terminate bad employees
13. Allowing private healthcare choices for veterans
14. More than 600,000 jobs created
15. Median household income at a 7-year high
16. Stock market at highest ever in its history
17. China agreed to curb North Korean exports and banking as punishment for aggression
18. China agreed to import 90,000 tons of American beef
19. $89 billion saved in regulation rollbacks across many industries
20. Rollback of regulation to revive clean coal industry
21. ISIS capital Raqqa recaptured; ISIS soldiers surrendering
22. Travel ban instated from terror strongholds; upheld by Supreme Court after wasteful leftist lawsuits
23. Executive order for religious freedom
24. Restarted NASA space exploration programs (reversed shutdown by past admin)
25. $600 million cut from UN budget
26. Targeting of violent M-13 gangs
27. Deporting violent illegal immigrants
28. Created a commission on child trafficking; multiple arrests of child rape and child porn gangs
29. Created a commission on voter fraud
30. Created a commission for opioid addiction
31. Extends power to states to drug-test unemployment recipients
32. Unemployment lowest in 10 years, since May 2007
33. Historic Black College and University initiative
34. Women In Entrepreneurship Act
35. Created an office for victims of crimes commited by illegal immigrants
36. Reversed Dodd-Frank (bailouts of big banks that hurt small banks, taxpayers and businesses)
37. Repealed DOT ruling that took power away from local governments for infrastructure planning
38. Order to stop crime against law enforcement
39. End of DAPA amnesty program
40. Stopped companies from moving out of America
41. Promoted businesses to create American jobs
42. Signed the “Buy American Hire American” executive order
43. Ordered govt agencies to cut regulations—must cut two for every new reg created
44. Review of all trade agreements to make sure they are “America first”
45. Apprentice program
46. Highest manufacturing surge in 3 years
47. $78 billion promised reinvestment from major businesses like Exxon, Bayer, Apple, SoftBank, Toyota…
48. Denied FBI a new building
49. $700 million saved with F-35 military plane renegotiation
50. Save $22 million by reducing White House payroll
51. Dept of Treasury reports $182 billion surplus for April 2017 (2nd largest in history)
52. Negotiated release of six U.S. humanitarian workers held captive in Egypt
53. Gas price averages lowest in 12 years
54. Executive Order to promote energy independence and economic growth
55. Has given head executive of each agency 6-month time frame dated 3/15/17 to trim the fat, restructure and improve efficacy
56. Revised military Rules of Engagement to give greater decision-making to officers in the situations on the ground
57. Nearly 1.5 million fewer Americans on food stamps as of USDA statistics, July
58. Signed 41 bills to date. Even with a recalcitrant Congress, President Trump has worked with them to pass more legislation in his first 100 days than any President since Truman
Additional Signings (some, but not all):
• Signed executive order on the Establishment of Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy
• Signed an executive order aimed at expanding offshore drilling
• Signed executive order directing a review of national monument designations under prior administrations
• Signed an executive order to boost agriculture industry
• Signed a memo ordering a probe into whether foreign steel is hurting U.S. national security
• Signed bill allowing states to block Planned Parenthood funding
• Signed an order calling for a review of the “waters of the United States” environmental regulation that had given control of every creek, pond and stream to the U.S. government and that had hobbled farming and ranching
• Signed three orders creating DOJ task forces to combat crime and drug cartels
• Issued executive order directing the Treasury secretary to review financial regulatory law
• Signed executive orders to restructure National Security Council Homeland Security Council, extend bans on ex-administration officials working as lobbyists to five years and lifetime ban on ex-officials lobbying for foreign countries
• Signed orders re border security in addition to U.S.-Mexico border wall, including cutting funding to sanctuary cities, hiring thousands more border and immigration agents, toughening immigration enforcement and reinstating federal-local immigration partnerships.
• Issued a Presidential Proclamation designating October 22nd through October 28, 2017 as National Minority Enterprise Development Week.
President Trump has also made scores of personal appearances, meeting with economic and trade groups, trips to Walter Reed to award Purple Hearts to wounded veterans, participated in a farmers’ roundtable, met with victims of crimes committed by illegal aliens, visited sites and people affected by hurricanes, etc

( source FR retrieved October 26 2017 A.D.)

Election watchdog charges Clinton campaign filed 'false' reports on Trump dossier funding

Michael Isikoff
Chief Investigative Correspondent
Yahoo News October 25, 2017

Hillary Clinton only learned about the now-infamous "Trump dossier" after BuzzFeed News posted it, despite the fact that the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee helped fund it, a source confirmed to CBS News.

Yahoo headlines 27 th Oct 2017 A.D.


FBI comes out 10 months early to float more straw man fake news articles about who shot up Madalay Bay, Las Vegas, Oct. 1 2017

The Islamic State group originally claimed responsibility for the massacre, suggesting Paddock had acted on their orders to attack Western countries, but these claims were quickly ruled out by the FBI [ link because ISIS is George Soros and Bush and CIA ‘s creation. LOLZ. So that was ruled out very quickly. ] LOLZ. There were five gunman, many on video and you killed more than 58 people trying to cover up and kill all those US Citizens watching those guns go off by multiple parties including helicopter footage of two shooters in Paddock’s location. He runs Child Body Parts with Hillary Clinton and Some others like Nancy Pelosi. FBI apparently have not told our POTUS they did this to try to jin up support to oust Donald Trump.

Paddock’s girlfriend, Marilou Danley, informed investigators that he would lie in bed screaming, an indication that he may have been in “physical or mental anguish.” [ because she was killing him by poison]  She is photoed Oct 1 2017 at Dubai with the Prince Sauud dude that made 911 happen with the Bushes and the queen beyotch Elizabeth II.

Hollywood who lives daily with Satanic Blood drinkers, Child's blood is currency here, they said this was indeed a 100% Satanic Blood Ritual by orders of African blacks and using white sissy slaves to pull it off and that is FBI, the illegal story, from 1947 to now. Madalay Bay is owned by the Saudi Prince who funded and supported Bush's 911 to rob Iraq and Middle Eastern countries for his own family, not to benifit our world.

Mexican are Semitic Arabs same as Jihadi Terrorists

ARC 082

Latino Bi%ch said " Donald Trump is not a human [ being]!" AC360 , 10 13 2016ad #CNN



Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.



Carter Baines McDonald.

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