1. Arc Michael

      Nimrata "Nikki" Haley (née Randhawa; b. January 20, 1972, Bamberg, South Carolina, U.S. 1,000

      #nikki #antiChrist banned these symbols she works for #donaldtrump antichrist nigger worshipper who kills whites all over earth for nigger glory
    2. update 14 th Avril 2017 Β Hillary Clinton admits She is al quaeda

      Indian AntiChrist

      Donald Trump joined Bush Sr and his brown jihadi global #semite group, breaking his entire promise of 1.5 years on the campaign trail to espouse jobs for the whites who been ignored for 250 years of American history and are being eradicated by black, brown and yellow and red humans in con trol of the #DRAGON = America(s) are its 600 military bases to suppress the whites on planet earth.

      The entire USA History books are full of revision and lies. Trump pushed out Steve Bannon who joined Trump late on the campaign trial but was able to secure influence on Trump by being a part of his transition team. He advocated for white agency and was constantly attacked That brought down poll numbers of Trump to 38% before his military actions created the Jew bump approval to 59% approval of Trump’s job ratings. .

      Jake Sullivan to Hillary Clinton Feb 2 nd , 2012 a.d. "[al-Quada] is on our side in Syria"--email from policy advisor to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (Feb 2012). link

      He means by code #syrianrebels; USA Congress have them $700 billion us dollars so far, just for #ISIS.

      By the End of March 2017 A.D. Donald J. Trump has joined the AntiChrist team and betrayed his base.

      #donaldtrump By the End of March 2017 A.D. Donald J. Trump has joined the AntiChrist team and betrayed his base . #trumpbiography#arcmichael #bookoflife.org

    3. Top three in USA Inauguration Day & history since we kept counting: source according to Nielsen.
      Ronald Reagan 1981 seen by 41.8 million viewers .
      Obama 2008 seen by 37.8 million viewers in markets that included the world.
      Trump 2017 seen by 30.6 million in less markets than Obama.
      And actually, Trump could have been seen by more viewers than either Obama or Reagan. Nielsen ratings are departmentalized between Overwhelmingly altleft and anti-American families.

    4. 01032017ad : During recount Jill Stine and George Soros and Hilary Clinton found out they lost 50,000 votes at Wisconsin, and blacks did not vote for them at Detroit, Penn. And Oakland and other states as they assumed .

      21 21 2016 Election recount halted because of the obvious lies by the media that hillary won the popular vote: That was all a lie: Poluar vote now confirmed TRUMP 70,145,232 CLINTON 49,988,455 REAL COUNT: Finale

      Media tried to lie as usual, no “no came to her rallies.”

      TRUE IS TRUMP 70,145,232 CLINTON 49,988,455 REAL COUNT: Finale TRUMP 70,145,232 CLINTON 49,988,455 REAL COUNT. No one came to Hillary Clinton rallies, and those that were promoted were photoshpped. to add in 1,000s of people who really were never there.

    5. Election Results ↑ Donald J. Trump Won 3‚084 out of 3‚151 Counties. Hillary Only Won 57.

      There are 3‚141 counties in the United States.
      Trump won 3‚084 of them.
      Clinton won 57.

      There are 62 counties in New York State.

      Trump won 46 of them.
      Clinton won 16.

      Clinton won the popular vote by approx. 1.5 million votes if you choose to believe the Mainstream media whose polls and data were 10 points of error or any margin of error for 10 points. Only Los Angeles Times‚ a major polinews player in WashingtonDC actually predicted Donald Trump by 5 points, two points over their margin of error of 3%. They tracked same families of blacks in California and some nationwide for over six months and noted or scored any changes in political support.

      Hillary Clinton’s Popular Percentage Vote: 41‰ when we take away those 3.9 dead vote to Democrapers and Fake machine votes: 25% in most battle ground states switched, on video and camera selfies from Trump to Clinton. California and new York are mainly foreigner states now.

      In the 5 counties that encompass NYC, ⟨Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Richmond & Queens⟩ Clinton received well over 2 million more votes than Trump. ⟨Clinton only won 4 of these counties; Trump won Richmond⟩.

      Therefore these 5 counties alone— more than accounted for Clinton winning the popular vote of the entire country. These 5 counties comprise 319 square miles.
      The United States is comprised of 3, 797,000 square miles.

      When you have a country that encompasses almost 4 million square miles of territory, it would be ludicrous to even suggest that the vote of those who inhabit a mere 319 square miles should dictate the outcome of a national election.

      Large, densely populated Democrat cities ⟨NYC, Chicago, LA, etc⟩ don’t and shouldn’t speak for the rest of our country

      sourceAlt.prophecies.nostradamus by a long time poster. The Deplorable Jaseeka < source link > Darkblade‚ originally shared:

      Never in the history of our politics, we have such a candidate as strong as Donald Trump. So strong, he is actually scared the heck of almost everybody.

      This presidential campaign opens the eyes of the American people to really see and realize the true meaning of American politics and what it is all about, while Donald Trump himself never held a political office before, yet Donald Trump completely changed the face of the traditional politics in America forever.

      His presence in this race is the best thing that could ever happen in our entire presidential history.

      Not only Donald Trump is fighting three different political parties namely the Democrat, Independent, and including his own GOP, not to mention he faced the most corrupted political opponent, furthermore, Donald has to put on his gloves to fight the corruption in a corrupted mainstream media establishment as well.

      You will agree with me that Donald Trump has made some mistakes during the primaries against some of his republican opponents, but not even close compared to the damages that Hillary and her husband Bill Clinton have caused to our country in the last 20 years or so, especially Hillary Clinton who now wants to be president just to cause more damages.

      While Donald Trump is yet facing a bunch of cockroaches, such as the Bush family and Co, Mitch McConnell and Co, John McCain and Co, Mitt Romney and Co, Bill Kristol and Co, Paul Ryan and Co, John Boenher and Co, and many many more.

      Those individuals are not only pulling the GOP flag down, but they actually spit on it, and they even burned it to the ground by their actions.

      In other words, those traitors are clearly stated, if it's not one of us, we would rather destroy the entire party, and now the party is not only divided, thanks to them, the Democrats are taking full advantage of their stupid actions.

      An action that tells every Americans that they would rather have spoiled it for everyone else, because it's not them, allow me to be among the first to say this is BAD POLITICS.

      Those mentioned above are even worse than a basket of live Crabs that are pulling each other down from the basket, although these guys have been in politics holding political offices for years, it's never enough, if I can't stay in control forever, why should you? The heck with the Republican Party!

      Meanwhile, Donald Trump is standing tall and strong like an electric pole or a shooting arrow, while you guys are trying to break him down, as if any of you ever could.

      That tells us as the voters, that Donald Trump is the chosen one. If he can stand and fight every single one of you and remain as strong as was before, then give us one good reason, why should we vote for anyone else?

      Newsflash, try not to even waste your time fighting Donald Trump. He is our next president, so don't continue on whining. Whining won't do shit.

      At this point his actions speak louder than words by fighting every single one of you. That just proves the power he will have as president for the future. Think about that.

      In conclusion, Donald Trump will win, but it'll be very sad to win without the entire GOP on board, and those who want to destroy the party will only have themselves to blame.
    6. Russia Ruler during 1980s claims Obama to start world war III by trying to eradicate the white race on planet earth.

      GooglePlus ArcMichael Post


      #antichrist & World War #3 #wwiii Am e Rica = #Satan translated form #carib culture to #Biblical Greek.
      #Gorbachev ruled when #arab #ronaldreagan was #potus & said yesterday, this is the most dangerous time , more dangerous than the Cold War . #obama wants world war III with #Russia .
      Gorbachev was born on 2 March 1931 in Privolnoye, Stavropol Krai, #Russian go  #trumppence16  

      #mikhail gorbachev #PUTIN   #hillaryclinton admitted Debate #2 on 10 09 2016 A.D. the #unitedstates runs and arms #is #isis #isil #daesh #nursa #alqaueda and taliban and other #sunni and shi'i #terrorist outfits. USA =@syrian rebels = #Islamic state baby raping Obamanite crews.

      #SyrianRebels want B.  #Assad out. Islamic State running this since Feb 2013 under the CIA who are now Sunni terrorists.  #antichrist Obamanation of Desolation wants #syrian #regimechange for fun and games.

      #hildabeast ( #crookedhillary ) is wedded to the #biblestudy   = #beast and he aligned to Islam/arabites #Semitics and bombed and made #war against the #christians ( #march 24 th 1999 to last week in June #1999ad ). It was killing from the sky the Christians and falsely blaming them.

    7. Donald Trump: 515 businesses and 4 of which have filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy, giving him a roughly 98.64% success rating. *Hilary Clinton has zero business acumen and destroyed the Middle East* and put 50% of the global black populations into prison for smoking a weed joint.
    8. Donald Trump has been vocal for U.K. Nationalism for a long time. “The pundits all perdicted the wrong outcome” ⇒ Ben Carson 06232016ad. Ben Carson on termism is a very good analysis. There is not a good use of pundits; why? If we look what they have predicted and said for the last two years, and they have gone it wrong. The people who are shocked are the 1%ers, Katrina Pierson, Trump campaign national spokesperson. “The reason he went to scotland was to support his family.” “The Elite wants to give away our economic sovereignty, like Hillary Clinton.” Hillary has amassed a fortune on the backs of the working class," Pierson reported.
    9. 06112016ad: Trump is already exploiting the 26 May State Department Inspector General’s (IG) report on Clinton’s private server and email. The report stated Clinton did not seek approval for her server and would not have received it if she had. It said she violated the Federal Records Act, as well as Freedom of Information Act rules. The IG added that her use of a private server placed classified information at risk. hill
    10. TRUMP VIDEO: “ Hillary is a world class liar”
      ∅ Donald Trump ⇒ 'We Switched From Policy Of Americanism To Policy Of Globalism'… 06222016ad
      'For amount Hillary would spend on refugees, we could rebuild every inner city in America'… 06222016ad
  1. Trump vs. Hillary : Trump had 5,000,000 more votes in the primaries than Hillary Clinton. GOP: The polls are manipulated and say trump is not liked so elect Geb Bush so we can put bush foreign policies and more bank bailouts and printing of money from nothing. Donald Trump wants a moratorium on Latin and Middle East Semitics from immigrating until we solve our problems at home. Bernie Sanders ran on the same antiestablishment platform as Donald Trump but in week one of June swore to uphold the establishment crooked and fixed system of politics. So he is a traitor to his own people that came out and voted for him. He wasted everyone’s time. 06172016 A.D.
  2. 06052016ad: spread this idea : Trump U vs. Clinton Slush U 2016 general elections do not miss it ! Her policy speech was a hard hitting piece against trump. he can counter punch by her University fraud system called the Clinton Initiative which bankrupted Haiti and Egypt and Greece and takes over 150 Million from the people that brought us the terror events of 11th September 2001.
  3. Bobby Jindal throws support to Donald 05 09 2016.
  4. Donald Trump on Latino Judge and the bias inherent in race is the best thing anyone has ever done for my people.
  5. Donald Trump said he would not get a fair trail if a Muslim was also a judge presiding. How is this possible? Because the Democrats have played identity politics for so long that all foreigners now judges, cops, lawyers, congress people , civic servants all have ingrained false information that all whites are evil so all coloreds or foreigners are innocent in courts of law.
  6. JUDICIAL ♣ Identity Politics a Democratic long policy ideology is ued by Donald Trump and the Jew arabs in the media are pissed. The Mexican heritage judge broke the law and leaked classified information on Donald Trump to the New York Times, committed a violation which carries a penalty of disbarment. The Media instead attacks all white people and claims‚ “you see they are racist.”
  7. Millions of innocent whites that migrated to U.S.A. from 1840s to our modern period and had nothing to do with Slavery or suppression of blacks, you are liable under God to treat each person with fairness. I am around 50 years old and have not seen blacks differentiate this qualm.
  8. My first day on my new job at McDonalds when I was 23 years old, working the cash register ( I was never short money because I can count) a black lady floor manager took a $20 dollar bill and tried to get me fired the first day. I found out it was here because after she did inventory and cash registers she called me over to alert me I was short an even $20 dollars. I had no way to complain. I just said I really doubt it. “who had access to my cash door but her?” When we as a group were cleaning up McDonald’s a part of the late night shift the black lady floor manager bent over to show me how to clean a the French fry oil bins , she bent over and a $20 bill fell out of her brazier. She quickly picked it up and put it back into her pocket .I said hey that is mine. I did not last three months there. The Mexicans, 80% who worked there started to bully me and physically called their family members to harass me and so I decided to quit for safety purposes. The Mexicans wanted all workers to be latino and they would eventually get their wishes as this was 1991 – 1992 A.D.
  9. While writing this section a Jew, brown color, comes into a public place and begins talking weird and told me ‘what are you doing here” and not backing down, I demanded first to know what he was doing here. He started talking all kinds of crazy stuff and began to threaten me to beat me up. I exploded and said, “what I will kill you” and I began the process to kill him and he back down really fast. So I halted, and explained this is all racism. He said he was white, his skin was brown, and I told him he was Arab ; he told me he was white and a Jew. I told him Jews killed Jesus and Jesus was white and he said Jews did not kill Jesus and I told him back, “ You are a liar.” He then changed his ‘why’ I needed to leave, explaining that he has a fear of computers. I told him I have no idea of what you speak, you do not speak English well. He told me he can but he speaks Hebrew and because he is Israeli and spent a time as an IDF he has the right to order me around. At this time I was calm but remained loud in my voice. I told him you better expect to see me around here some more. The Entire Issue is foreigners got away with violence because the police are arabites and so they stick up for Arabs ( Israelis today are mostly arabs and arab mixers, not white white). He lied too because I saw him thirty minuets prior go to his mailbox and open it while I was in the same space and not even paying attention to him, believing this is a public space so he cannot by law order me to leave. So the brown lying jew, who demanded white privilege and demanded it too a real white white boy was shut down by standing up to these filthy racist creeps. The Same thing with the judicial courts of arabs and arab mixers who legislate against whites all day long – like Marco Rubio, a onetime senator of Florida who signed racist latino legislation for privileges and was on the gang of eight, ,a body that sought to rid the white race by extending permanent immigration status to all peoples south of America’s boarders. Donald Trump called out the identity politics that the Democrats use and the Democrats responded in the media, only non-white whites are allowed in America or to have any privilege. This country is gone and the arab jews who are half wits destroyed it by bullies and creeps. I found out this dude has home to live in and he was just out of control with self-importance. 06062016ad 11:58 pm. You know I had to scream to this jerk I have a right to be in America. And yes, he was a darkish looking hebrew and not the lighter skintypes.
  10. . California primaries: 40% registered turnout all parties. þClinton loses 30% of votes in California from 2008. ΦBernie Sanders
    1,502,043 ≈ #California at 40% Registered voter turnout. Good but not as good as 2008 primaries overall. Crookedhillary lost to Bernie Sanders some 43.2% of Democrats at California –so a huge portion claims they will never vote globalist so need to figure out how to get this huge swath of #American #California voters.
  11. The State Department declared under #crookedHillary direction it would take 75 years to release all the emails from top aides to Hillary Clinton during her tenure as Secretary of State. #bookoflife #arcMichael #06082016ad #politics .
    “Given the Department’s current <Freedom of Information Act> workload and the complexity of these documents, it can process about 500 pages a month, meaning it would take approximately 16-and-2/3 years to complete the review of the Mills documents, 33-and-1/3 years to finish the review of the Sullivan documents, and 25 years to wrap up the review of the Kennedy documents — or 75 years in total,” the State Department directed by the #establishment antiAmerican globalist demons said in the filing. 
  12. Bernie Sanders won 23 Democratic primaries < not counting Washington DC‚ a final primary next week. This means Trump supporters need to target these states to get these antiestablishment voters to the winning side and help stop World War III.
  13. NEW YORK 06082016ad — Gonzalo P. Curiel, The federal judge in the Trump University case is a lifetime member of the Hispanic National Bar Association, a La Raza—affiliated group that declared economic war on Donald Trump in a national campaign launched on the group’s website one year ago. LA RAZA is an arab militant murder group who only allow Arab Latinos a space on planet earth.
  14. 06082016ad : #estabby me in da backs < Koch Industries > are trying to force trump in the #establishment corner‚ a push to coral Paul ryan U.S. Senate agenda(s) once kind Donald is confirmed.
  15. SATANICMoveOn.org supports Hit Lery´s World War III establishment plans• the NSA⁄CIA have these things planned decades in advance.
  16. 06082016ad &as of one primary left to go Donald Trump has 1,536 Delegates.
  17. As of June 8th 2016 The RNC website < GOP DOT COM >does not contain a single reference to Donald Trump. & DONALD TRUMP had more voters come out to vote for him than any other person running on the GOP party. and by over 1.5 million votes.

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“The system is rigged. It´s crooked‚” Trump said. ”It's a rigged system … I see it now 100 percent.”— Fox & Friends Donald Trump after GOP steals 47+ delegates by stopping The Colorado Caucuses

∅ Curly Haugland of North Dakota‚ who is mentally insane & a long time member of the RNC Standing Rules Committee has sent letter to all ∀RNC members to not vote for Donald Trump on the first round of the Republican Convention delegate ballot count because #Greed must be of the first issue and not jobs for these American struggling people. >Please help end the GOP‚ forever. Î

Donald Trump Why?

Wrong Pat‚ it started with Ronald Massive Amnesty kill American jobs for NAFTA Ronald Reagan. < 01 28 2016 A.D. > The immigration policies championed by Bush Republicans as well Clinton and Obama Democrats produced the immigration crisis that propels the Trump campaign. --Pat Buchanan

® Arc 02 26th 2016 A.D.

® Arc 03 3rd 2016 A.D.

013015 > Anti-Islamic group Pegida Ireland to be launched at Dublin rally Launch on February 6th designed to coincide with anti-Islam protests across Europe – Irish Times.

01292015 A.D. Jon Ward‚ Senior Political Correspondent‚ January 29‚ 2016 Says Donald is disqualified because he does not follow the White Genocide program of Arab Jew Lation African blacks. program called Political Correctness. So Yahoo‚ run by ISIS members‚ hate Donald Trump. Go Donald Trump. Take out these bigoted racist goons. or God will do it for you in a horrible manner.

al shabab are niggers ( THEY ARE NOT BLACK PEOPLE BUT FIGHT AGAINST BLACK SOMALIA CHRISTIANS AND COPTICS AND OTHER RELIGOUS AND SAMARITANS TOO) who hate whites‚ Somalia‚ killed our men trying to help their poor people‚ Black Hawk Down‚ and demand Obama fight for WHITE GENOCIDE UNDER THE BANNER OF ISLAM. al shabab on New Years' but out a propoganda video saying Donald Trump is the reason for evil so the Dmeocratic and Republican parties must ban him and import al shababs to all U.S.A. cities and give them section 8 housing and full welfare and Social Security. They claimed Obama is a Nigger and on their side! 01022016A.D.

“The Christians are being treated horribly because we have nobody to represent the Christians‚” Trump told CBN’s David Brody. “Believe me‚ if I run and I win‚ I will be the greatest representative of the Christians they’ve had in a long time.”

I found out Donald Trump voted and congrats to Obama that means his judgement suxs. 12262015A.D.

It has been something I have never seen in all my 40+ years on planet Earth‚ the Smirks wiped off the face of the brown and black haters. Arabs have a problem at causing others not like them pain and then gloating about it or laughing at you or with others at your pain they caused and then blaming you by Arab text book lies.

Donald Trump after CNN debate on Christians 12 152015 A.D.

:: USof Arabia targets Irish - Scot and Scandinavians :: the racial group known to create things: Like the Periodic Tables of Science‚ form understanding of our universe and create legal codes of justice:: Arabs the largest DNA group in our world oppose love and justice‚ they want world domination: Alex Jones: 'Prison Planet' grabbed and compiled a very few of a large population of Brown supremicists tweets with white Arabs too calling for Barack Hussein Obama's Death‚ whooops I mean Donald's death!
irish scot were never liked in US of Arabia 2 />

Trump on Rubio Rise in Polls Nov 2015

I've been very critical [of Rubio on illegal immigration.] He was a member of the 'Gang of Eight‚' which basically wanted to have everybody come in and take over our country. All of a sudden he went down in the polls‚ and he immediately changed and got out. He's totally driven by what the public thinks. Trump on Rubio Novemnber 1-2nd‚ 2015 A.D.

Marco doesn't show up to votes. He doesn't do things that you're supposed to do. He got elected senator. And the same thing happened to him in the Florida [statehouse]‚ if you look. ... Two minutes after he had the top position‚ he was looking to run for [US] Senate. Then he runs for Senate‚ now he wants to run for president. Maybe I'm the last person to say this: Relax. Take it easy. Take it easy."

(a href="http://finance.yahoo.com/news/donald-trump-unloaded-marco-rubio-212006724.html" title="yahoo financial times 11 02 2015 LA"> Financial Times‚ Yahoo ).

Trump Tax Code 09 28 2015 A.D. 25‚000 and below pay no taxes‚ however he keep taxes very low on the very rich which is a disaster. The middle Class only grew under a 70% tax on the rich plan‚ issued under F.D.R. to Carter‚ the period of the growth‚ so this is a very steep negative for his plan.

cultural significance: Donald Trump put "BRAVE" Back into politics‚ surely missed for 60+ years.

Donald Trump rose to prominance because he said he 'was' establishment but no longer‚ and 09022015 A.D. Donald Trump 'we just saw a fraud dig his own grave' Singed a Contract with the GOP establishment.

update: 09032015 A.D. : Donald Trump signed ‘establishment’ contract‚ bye bye!
update 02 01 2016 A.D. the GOP begins to break their side of the contract ‚ attacking Donald Trump.

  1. Enemies of Donald Trump
  2. “Divisive‚ unhelpful and quite simply wrong.” British Prime Minister David Cameron on Trump's proposed Muslim travel ban.
  3. He changes opinions like the rest of us change underwear."[/highlight] Danish Foreign Minister Kristian Jensen.
  4. His discourse is so dumb‚ so basic." Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa.
  5. That’s the way Mussolini arrived and the way Hitler arrived.[/highlight]” Mexican President Enrique Peña on Trump's rhetoric.
  6. Trump is an irrational type." Chinese Finance Minister Lou Jiwei.
  7. You [Trump] are a disgrace not only to the GOP but to all America. Withdraw from the U.S. presidential race as you will never win." Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Alsaud.
  8. Mr. Trump’s statement only serves to show not only his insensitivity‚ but also his ignorance about Pakistan.” Pakistani Interior Minister Chaudry Nisar Ali Khan after Trump demanded the release of a doctor who helped the CIA hunt down Osama bin Laden in 2011.
  9. Let's be clear‚ Donald Trump is an idiot. I have tried to find different‚ perhaps more parliamentary adjectives to describe [highlight]him but none was clear enough. He is an idiot." Gavin Newlands‚ a British MP with the Scottish National Party.
  10. Scary. That’s how we view Trump [[/highlight]...] Could we depend on the United States? We don’t know. I can’t tell you how the unpredictability we are seeing scares us.” An unnamed ambassador whose country has a close relationship with Washington.
  11. When an apple’s red‚ it is red. When you say ignorant things‚ you’re ignorant." Mexico’s top diplomat‚ Foreign Affairs Secretary Claudia Ruiz Massieu.
  12. I think the Donald Trump phenomenon is a real problem for the United States‚ making their democracy look kind of weird." Christopher Pyne‚ minister for industry‚ innovation and science in the Australian government.
  13. Whether Donald Trump‚ Marine le Pen or Geert Wilders — all these right-wing populists are not only a threat to peace and social cohesion‚ but also to economic development." Germany's Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel.
  14. Seriously‚ have you ever heard me say something like that?" French far right politician Marine Le Pen on Trump's proposal to ban foreign Muslims from entry to the United States.
  15. Given his positions‚ do we even want to have anything to do with this guy?” An unnamed European ambassador.
  16. If he becomes president‚ it will be a disaster.” Former Danish foreign minister Martin Lidegaard.
  17. [Trump has] no regard for alliances at all." Former Australian ambassador to the U.S. Kim Beazley.

GOP is FOR ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. They lied for 60+ years‚ Ronald Reagan threw out New Mexican American jobs and replaced them with Mexican foreign labor and the GOP has never looked back. They knew of Sanctuary cities as early as 1979 A.D . ( Los Angeles‚ my town) and did nothing until Donald raised his voice. Now he signed pledge of GOP principles‚ so Immigration will be a fraud. He will say things but as always break his original ideas. So he did wind up being a fraud after all. What a shame.

He said at his first Press conference he was THE ESTABLISHMENT. 60+ years they destroyed this country.

June 16 2015 Donald Trump Announces he is running for President

"I am not a politician." 5‚000 survey population by N.B.C. Monday 08102015‚ released 2015 A.D. put Trump at 38%‚ the highest to date‚ but we await more scientific polls‚ later this week.
Chinese business investment helped Donald Trump out of his last Bankrupted ; the pay large rent fees to Donald's many apartments .
First Press conference after debates‚ Donald Trump admitted he was the 'establishment' for his whole life‚ so that concerns me‚ because he believes he is a populist person now.

Sometime Donald Trump comments‚ opens his mouth on some illegal aliens being criminals‚ this sparks Arab Latino Paulina Vega‚ a champion of Body and Beautiful physicalness‚ starts a national outcry but inspires many in America feeling left out as Arab Latinos are all over the United States of Arabia‚ now .

Like Obama‚ 2004 A.D. Trump publically claimed his opposition to the Iraq War‚ citing once we leave a strong man will take over ( IS?).

Hilary is self serve‚ the people want a person who serves them.
Hillary Clinton calls people names and Megyn Kelly seems to be a hypocrite. Boris Johnson branded ‘Tory clown prince’ in Clinton adviser’s emails.
TOP SECRET//SI//TK//NOFORN found on Chappaqua Home Server owned by Hillary Rodham ( Diane) Clinton carries a three year prison sentance.

Trump said: HealthCare saving accounts
Putting Americans back to work‚ tariffs upon countries that do not bring jobs back here to U.S.A. but demand to buy their products.
Has numerous 'conservative' critics:
Bruised Egos by top Politicians that brushed off Trump‚ first after his immigration comments‚ then his remarks against John McCain and people are scared of him‚ and it is a realm of possibility‚ Michael Steel‚ former head of RNC.
Trump is doing a media campaign‚ which means he bashes people to get into the headlines
No apologies‚ refuses to back down from promising not to run as a third party member.
Race & Powder kegs all over this country: Race solves much of its pain when all people are working.
On policies‚ behind demanded upon specifics? Good business has flexibility‚ implies Donald Trump. Donald does brag a lot.
Geb Bush is an act of love to come to U.S.A. He cannot negotiate with China‚ he cannot negotiate with Mexico‚ his 'act of love' to allow unfettered immigration - Geb Bush.
FORD will build $2.5 Billion dollar auto and parts plant in Mexico‚ we do not get taxes‚ we donot get jobs and this is an American company. Donwld seeks to stop this.
Mexico is becoming the New China‚ and "Mexico is taking to many of our Jobs‚" Donald Trump.
Trump biggest Obstacle‚ Michael Steel‚ and will try to push Geb Bush lower in the polls so he is not number two in the primaries.
Promises to win the hispanic vote.
Vietnam‚ China‚ and Mexico leaders are cunning [ as compared to U.S.A. officials].
Megyn Kelly‚ Andrea Tantaros believe Donald Trump is bad for America‚ in my opinion.
Donald Trump changes his mind; from shut down all funding of Planned Parent Hood‚ to now keep funding planned parent hood.
Andrea Tantaros correctly cites‚ no one else‚ explained 'forced single payer': Trump was for single payer healthcare in America‚ but later at the debates he changed his mind and said perhaps it was good during a different [ American] era.
Demands to be treated 'fairly' which no one knows what that means or he threatens to run third party‚ which is a calculated move on his part to secure the nomination.
Rand Paul attacked Trump‚ Paul‚ also an anti-establishment person cannot compete with Trump because Paul focuses on social legal issues‚ while Trump is a wheeler and dealer businessman.

A look into his soul‚ mysticism

U.S.A. chart as al ghoul on one angle‚ and Obama‚ Bushes‚ Clinton and most of the leaders back to Reagan have beta persie‚ or the Satan star connected to them‚ a western position indicating this is an end of the traditional U.S.A.
Liberalism: Donald Trump by career (culminating by PED and also relatively true) runs on a conservative ticket but is not really conservative. But the people do not have jobs‚ and Trump is the only candidate speaking on jobs and immigration. The rest‚ even like Paul are focusing on social issues‚ which people do not seem to care too much for if they cannot eat or feed their babies .
This stars' position at Trump's birth gives the Donald a shot at the big job spot‚ the POTUS position. It also can mean he is a brutal killer or Trump will have his head chopped off by Geb Bush's pappy or by Geb and friends.
Arabs control almost all aspects of western civilization‚ which is a fail . "I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews‚ and are not‚ but are the Synagogue of Satan."-- Revelation 2:9.

alpha leonis ( regulus) position to Mars = a martial victory sign‚ posited just above eastern horizon at Donald Trump's birth.  Jupiter symbol lay in Donald's second house‚ a money sign for personal things. Mercury is not that affflicted‚ so the left wing will have problems predicting outcomes‚ as already pre demonstrated. Napoleon rarely lost a battle and when this period was happening‚ he had Mars transing by Biblical progression over Regulus.


I got excited only over the Illegal Immigration stance‚ and the backlash by the leftists aligning with GOPers (leftists) to attack Donald Trump who advocated that Mexico‚ not U.S.A. ‚ pay for the building of the wall. But Trump does claim to be loving partners of Mexico‚ so that is a concern of mine. If they do not pay‚ we slap a little tarrif upon them‚ Donald Trump claimed.

There has been over 645‚000 illegal immigrant crimes in the State of Texas since 2004‚ and Texas while huge is only one state in the Union.

Donald Trump in June of 2015 announced candidacy for President after decades of warning. His first salvo was to complain of massive amounts of Latin Arabs entering the United States of America and gaining power. One of his claims‚ “some Mexicans are rapists and murders‚” in context to illegal immigrants being allowed ‘full sanctuary’ in San Francisco ( approved  by 40 Years in Power‚ Democratic U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein‚ and First women House speaker‚ Democrat San Francisco‚ also 40+ years in top leadership position of California - - both released immediate statements after seven arrests‚ five deportations‚ multiple Mexican cartel drug charges was released to the civic side of San Francisco when Ice pleaded for detaining and deporting before he left jail‚ went to historical Pier 14 ( I have been there‚ truly one of the most  scenic locations in the United States of America) used a pistol to shoot a 31 years old hardware electronic company employee on a walk with her father‚ shot dead. He does not speak English well‚ and admitted‚ although we do not know if he could understand the  English spoken to him in an interview‚ to shooting the women and killing her – he said “yes “ twice‚ and a pro- illegal San Franciscan public defender had him pleaded innocent today in court ‚ as citing his lack of the command of English to admitting to a crime of murder in the first degree.  Being in jail‚ awaiting deportation so many times and returning‚ he was fully aware of his dire circumstances as ICE had him on detainership but because California had a few judges ( not democracy) overrule on how to treat foreigners from Latin America‚ the jail released him to the public where he then did his murderous and desperate deeds.

117‚000 pounds of cocain ( $3.5 Billion on the streets‚ b/c this was Crème ( thus 1/3 cut makes 38‚610 cut + 117‚000 = 155‚610 pounds of street sale cocain has been taken in by authorities at California in the last 365 days‚ a US record ; and this is linked to the GOP/DNC Sanctuary City Policy from 1979‚ now over 270 states‚including Republican Govenors allowing it‚ and Megyn Kelly desires to disqualify Donald for sexist comments.

No one inspired more white Nordic and in general Northern Whites of Europe than John‚ Robert or John Jr. all murdered by GOP Bush family‚ well known to people with IQs above 40 and not the liars Arabs‚ the Bush family has DNA of Arabs‚ thus why they sit on House of Saud committees and boards for decades. The race war against Jay Edgar Hoover‚ African American light skin black‚ and his Arab Latin buddies‚ these Bushes have a view of non-whites in the U.S.A. If you are not absolutely moronic‚ the NAZI attacked the northern whites and aligned themselves‚ with the brown skinned Moslems‚ real historical facts and narratives. The Germans also aligned with Italians‚ half Latin and half black race‚ and these traditional U.S.A. races have always rejected the white race. John F. Kennedy and his family were killed‚ allegedly all three by the Bush family and Braden‚ a Italian mafia Texas Oil man. The Bush family still has media and military power.

It is not crazy to demand to be treated with respect‚ work and support a government that feels you and your family‚ friends‚ and community’s needs. John McCain supports the 1%ers (IMO)‚ so he supports massive amnesty.

After Operation Wet Back ( succesful for kicking out of 600‚000 + illegals of the U.S.A.‚ & a record 231‚000 rounded up and deporated in one day) The Race Group Arab/Latin ™ Promised Armageddon to the White Northern European Race. & thus taking place as we speak in a fashion they have done previous mass incarnations.Models are mathmatically consistant and too advance for humans. The rich vote in thier pensions and reitrement plans‚ buy stocks for long term free money‚ and thus need constant 'fresh immigrant meat' to pad the coffers to pay for those Social Securty lifestyes well into advanced 90+ years olds. Thus‚ an illegal ponzi or pyramid scheme results in an displacement of cultures within a gretor culture‚ which is a standard narrative even under semi ethnocentric States in history. Thus‚ white Chinese have had historical dynastic wars with Darker skinned southern Chinerse and with complexities of northern darker‚ Mongolian ( a tribal name but reflecting the far east ( north). The Hindus have this caste system down too and color is a key aspect‚ as well as Mexico city Spahish controllers often have light skin tones to the more populas darker Spanish origin colonists -- with generations of interbreeding with natives which have Asian DNA‚ the crossed the land bridge thousands of years prior. And above this‚ the larger bodied human dominates history in general material and security.

e.g. Home of the Brave.

But to me the real story is why Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein have a sanctuary city for Latin Arabs. They are the drug doctors‚ the Doctor Feel Goods‚ who service millions of Californians (Silicon Valley addicts and Hollywood‚ SoCal‚ addicts) that a need to protect the drug running race is a priority to happy talented or über rich Americans. He was not a convicted violent offender and did not use a gun in a robbery so he was allowed to walk‚ even though he had an old Drug conviction‚ which was forgiven‚ perhaps due to a lack of evidence or a long ago case. I.C.E. has to follow Federal and State policies first before their personal convictions. Donald Trump said‚ they are ‘murderers’ and he was vindicated less than one week after his immigration comments.

Trump cannot be an U.S. President for  the fact he did  not even vote in the last six elections but for the fact he contributed to his friend‚ Hillary Rodham Clinton’s charity which is a front company for the Clinton personal Banks‚ offshore‚ and thus some of his clothing is made in Mexico itself‚ which is an hypocritical positon – something that we all have accused Barack Obama of character display. Let us face it‚ we have had after the disaster Bush years a difficult job putting back the country. We hear stories‚ read literature and see visual moving pictures of stereotypes of blacks being lazy and but enjoying life. Barack Obama seems to be at a party or on the golf course‚ rarely seemingly doing his job and the country is not well despite his and his tether to most media’s lies on the economy.  He is only half black and viciously lazy and arrogant to cover up that laziness.  Most of his problems come from him chanting how good he is and  when things go wrong‚ he covers up those things making matters worse so he does not have to be humiliated‚ which is his greatest fear as an half  African American.  In reality‚ he not Bill is our first African President.  But he is not a niggah‚ those are west coast Nigerians‚ where the term originated and coincided to Latin Negro ( color black).  Race started its colloquial use not by color but by large to small body  evaluations. The Africans have bigger bodies‚ larger muscle ( tones)‚ bigger appendages‚ which ‘differentiated’ their species to Arab/Latins.  White culture‚ long after Arab latins had traded black slaves for 200  years‚ the whites just adopted tradition.  Most blacks came from the west coast of Africa ( in a large part‚ not consistent) where Negro or Nigerians were basterdized by The French languages such as pronunciation problems‚ Niggah! In French pronouncement Nye Jay ah ‚ 3 syllables. This sounds like Niggah. The blacks in America do not even know their own history‚ and rap as if they do. The American ensign on Slave Ships carrying Africans or relocated to Caribbean’s to American colonists‚ as bound slaves‚ looks nearly identical to our American Stars and  Stripes Flag that flies over all capital buildings in America – the blacks then say‚ no‚ the Confederate battle flag of Pennsylvania or Virginia‚ depending on a story is the only racist flag that matters to #BlackLivesMatter .  The Media are these immigrants and cannot communicate the reality or difference between the main U.S. Symbol and its south eastern U.S. post Civil War tradition‚ which only started to fly in 1961 and survived many take down votes in senate chambers due to freedom of expression. However‚ with Dyllan Roof’s shooting‚ suddenly a Confederate Flag is bad and the Slave Ship banners ensigns are good. Is there a retardedness in blacks? Maybe stop playing video games 24/7/365/decades and learn to read and differentiate things‚ to make oneself intelligent; & Because Race in the beginning was not color but bruit violent strength. So blacks just beat up people‚ like I‚ to steal and rob them‚ and when they have politics behind them‚ they become just as evil as their opponents to them form their perspective.

Operation Wet Back‚ threw 100s of thousands out of the USA for taking US jobs‚ a record 231‚000 in one day. Get it done‚ not impossible These haters beat me and other Americans up daily to keep their cartel illegal SSI jobs‚ Gov Brown and Piglosi use Cops to enforce. Why they cut lawns for cheap and pass on narcotics to Silicon Valley arab and african CEOs‚ drug addicts. The Opposition‚ the media and officials going absolutely nutsy in fear for their narcotic drugs‚ gay lifestyles ( Arab preference are homos) they crimes will be exposed‚ and their 1%er lifestyles will end‚ so they plan to kill all Christians on the planet.

Megyn Kelly File & Fox News GOP Debates staged by Arab DNAers‚ Roger Ailies and Arab Rupert Murdoch and his son‚ all to destroy Donald Trump See heading below

Trump raises concerns over illegal immigration‚ Hillary Clinton sends out this tweet gragh

Megyn Kelly then sees Donald Trumps poll number rising‚ so she says‚ On the apprentice‚ you said she would look good on her knees ( a lie and Kelly never retracted this).

60+ years about 99% of the candidate questions were referred too as 'soft ball' or on policy topics not personal. Kelly broke that tradition and attacked Trump personally citing or mirroring Hillary Clinton's view that men that have said in the past a perceived derogatory term‚ must be automatically disqualified‚ which would be revisiting all presidents and then banning them.

Donald Trump Nordic White rare in U.S.A.

Hillary mentally ill greedy person

Roger Ailes has Arab DNA‚ from one side of his family. He controls Fox News and Makes the decisions to attack Nordic Donald Trump. Rupert Murdoch‚ and his son‚ also are Arabs and are in second conrtol of Fox. They put a black lady on Fox after 30+ years‚ because they are still racist IMO.

"Rick Perry needs an IQ test before stepping on the Debate Stage‚" Donald Trump‚ 07212015. Rich Perry previously attacked Trump on immigration and Iran's deal . During the debates of the 2012 primaries‚ Rich Perry was asked for his positions if he becomes a president‚ and Perry’s brain shut off‚ he embarrassed all of candidates‚ he was lost like he had no idea what government does in a democracy.

Heraldo Rivera a long time media personality‚ pro Latin culture‚ a serious bias chap‚ and he is political‚ so bashing some in public calms the nerves of his opponents who remain the majority‚ the Northern Europeans he likes‚ he actually does‚ hanging around. Fox news employs him because he is a competent reporter‚ a I can do it kinda guy‚ but in my opinion he is stealth pro himself—Arab latino‚ which is to say many Arab featured Italians are actually a cross bread between blacks‚ and Latin Arab types. He falls prey to false science he believes is legitimate because it comes from academia or a think tank that ‘falsely’ promotes itself as fair and balanced – which is like saying Fox is fair and balanced toward the Democrat Party or vice versa the N.B.C. or rest of the other networks. Anytime a Latin gets in trouble and this news makes national headlines‚ Heroldo does damage control and claims most latins are not bad for U.S. society. They are just hard workers‚ which is a lie. They got where they are by aligning with the rich black‚ Asian and white classes to do manual labor at a huge reduction in price and living in an apartment with 20 other illegals for decades‚ undercutting whites and blacks of the lower middle classes and beat me and 100‚000s of other whites across this nation when authorities gave Latins affirmative action and political correctness‚ so they were not punished but rewarded for shutting out 50% of the U.S.A. population from following their parents to happiness. Heraldo argues in my opinion that Latins cannot get their lands in order so they come here and steal ours. What is to say after they conquer America‚ in let say‚ 35 years or 40 years and then need to invade Europe because their own people destroy civilization by lazy barbaric attitudes and ways. Every day‚ Latins at Los Angeles give my huge problems. For example ‚ today near closing a Latino removed my computer plug ( he claimed by accident) and did not tell me ‚ even after 20 seconds‚ leaving it unplugged‚ before I noticed the charge on my computer and turned to see what happened‚ asking him why did he unplug my computer? I cannot do anything‚ every single white staff person is in great fear of these migrants because of people like Heraldo Rivera’s lying rhetoric that they are peaceful ( like radical Islam?) and hard workers. No‚ they are the Doctor Drug Deliverers and Producers and have been so since Nixon restricted almost all the top strong medications on Erath. That opened a hole or a need for distribution and gave Latins a strong hold in places of power that often use heavily these type schedule one narcotics.

Republican National Committee Demanded Donald Trump shut his mouth July 9 th 2015 A.D.‚ to refuse him his free speech because the truth exposes the RNC as traitors -- supplying cheap labor over RNC members behind their backs.

yesterday‚ an illegal unplugged my computer and did not apoligize‚ and left the scene‚ we do not even know eachother . Latino gardners blew dirt into my home ‚ my car‚ dirtied the outsiide‚ and I must use my own money to keep it clean for the streets of Cops harrass me. No community people in those homes cares one iota.

Need editing : well follow your bottom line‚ and get out. I doubt IMO you did anything to your lawn‚ you sound more like trollcrap. I too am form immigrants. The white richys ( in bay area at Berkeley ‚ residents say no to leaf blowing Latinos ) they cut their own lawns. Here in LA‚ the rich of all colors have them employed‚ and they start at 6 am and do not finish till 8 pm; the smog regs stopped tail pipe pollution‚ but we still have brown air ( u may not be intelligent enough to understand this) ;it is these leaf blowers‚ blow hard‚ that produce filthy air 18 hours a day. The rich white hater denies whites these jobs ( 1980s- 2010s) but lately white has been seen as gardeners‚ as browny moved up to Obamacare nurses‚ better pay and less work and you do not need a brain cell. I understand you are retarded‚ so that explains a lot‚ IMO. No one can enjoy the city except on Sunday‚ wen the leaf blowers sleep. The problem is the gardeners are not paid enough money by white or others idiots‚ ur kin; and the libtards‚ and yes GOP are libtards too; so they just do a half ass job‚ which most people with half a brain cell could imply was my point but not a retard like you.

Money is Avarice and leftards are all about Avarice‚ eh Moneies? U do not care if a baby eats‚ it is banks profits and lazy hip hop days. lolz. USA will be bananaland soon‚ the whites will leave and start a new civilization‚ and then u buffoons will come running. It is like clockwork‚ epic fail of emotional violent tardism

No‚ it is a symbol of the white flight form the USA‚ it is over‚ the NSA and CIA are not controlled by black racists or facilitators thereof. most of our top US generals under obama converted to Islam‚ look it up. Jay Edgar Hoover a black man helped Bush and Jonson kill John F Kennedy‚ because these whites are gay or Arab(bush) and he was gay‚ and Kennedy was Christian.

we know‚ he knows he will not win‚ his own opinion‚ but he sees innocent people dying before by brown la raza racists‚ and you support those racists‚ eh tardo? Mexico has the most billionaires per capita on the globe ( Forbes 500 2006- current) and owns nearly all US manufacturing‚ CHina is gone now. yet their own people‚ in Mexico‚ force their poor over here to get a land grab. So why are you a hater and racist. Is it genetic as Obama implies?

Latins in LA‚ I see them just now‚ intimidating whites‚ demanding their addresses‚ u r a piece of crap.

*Donald trump plan to stop ISIS is sound but attacked by American leftists.*

Donald 's *plan to stop ISIS has been known in mil circles‚ that is to shut down‚ attack or bomb certain Syrian and Iraqi oil fields‚ and then rebuild them.* Obama does not like the plan‚ this would cut off ISIS's funding. or IS or *The fake muslim outfit has had defections of late* ‚ but still have made gains too and destroyed many ancient artifacts. They plan to blow up the Gizah Pyramids‚ and have beheaded thousands of Iraqis and Christians living in the ME. We can rebuild those oil rigs after destroying them‚ then placing a circle of protection so ISIS cannot exploit and get funding.

We as a democracy can suggest solutions‚ but the WallStreet White House media shame and ignore people that try because it would damage their financial profit margins. So money is trumped more than life itself and respect. Bushes created this mess‚ they should pay and physically go to ISIS and demand they stop‚ it was this Bush problem.

MSNBC ( supports Cartel trafficking IMO) *hates this Trump plan‚ it would disable wall street for a while.* To USA‚ death and carnage are not number one issues‚ the all mighty dollars is of utmost importance‚ even if millions die. This is why we need someone like Donald‚ not a liar ( e.g. Politician‚ Obama says all politicians are liars‚ yes he said that) but a winner. He is not a good business man but his convictions lead him in a successful direction‚ thus he is a multi billionaire. If we remember‚ Bush jr.‚ was also a failed business man‚ who never made that type of money‚ so he is just a failure‚ where Donald has some success and failures as a business man. Bush put us into Iraq and Donald has a plan to stabilize it. He also knows there is no Iraq entity‚ just a bunch of tribes warring now.

Donald is correct‚ the rebuilding of oil rigs would be fast with those trained oil facility builders‚ the current oil fields fund ISIS's destruction of the Middle East‚ and the radical left‚ in power in the USA hates this idea‚ and in my opinion‚ they love ISIS because they are exciting to watch kill people on youtube. A culture of Death voyeurism.

How did the Russian defeat Hitler‚ they cut off his south east European oil fields‚ late in the war and that crushed the NAZI resolve. Obama knows this but will not act because IMO‚ this is his beloved long wished Caliphate‚ and he is a lair if denying this because he told us all politicians lie‚ and yes he is a politician.

FOX NEWS are Radicals and Uber Liberal Establishment

Update First Primary Fox Debate 08 06 2015: Murdoch‚ highest shareholder of Fox global inc. influenced the " I swear not to run as a third party if not elected general Republican presidential hopeful for the General Election.

Megyn Kelly

She is wrong‚ God does not support her Gop ‚ her bosses.

Donald Trump correct‚ Megyn Kelly denied her own bias on Air time commentary about Donald Trump. I have heard her disparage and play the establishment game‚ she looked like in fear because Donald is anti both party establishment. Plus the tea party‚ the real people are upset at the establishment and see Donald as the only hope.

Fox News does not support the Tea Party & why Ann Coulter has been sometimes invited and appeared on CNN because of her new opposition to people like Mitch McConnel. The Bush family had the most to gain by attacking Donald Trump the way they did at the Fox News debate. George Herbert Walker Bush‚ who was a key player in all Kennedy murders lost to Bill Clinton because Ross Perot‚ also anti establishment took a large percentage of the General Election Vote giving Bill Clinton a less than majority victory.

When we see establishment goons Debbie Wasserman and Megyn Kelly having a love fest‚ enjoying the anti-Establishment lose by Donald Trump‚ who is not a politician; her eyes appeared to undress Wasserman‚ there on camera‚ and in my opinion after the debate.

Republicans make up the Senate or at least always near half‚ and it has the lowest approval rating of all departments  of the Federal Government. How is that Megyn not an establishment GOP problem? To her low IC‚ it is also Obama's fault or the liberal democrats in Congress. That excuse does deserve Obama's ire and I agree with Obama‚ the Republicans are the halters of problems. But Donald Trump is not really a Republican.

Race and  Job openings is my only concern‚ and the establishment saying well we support all does not mean anything for me.

My Hope is Fox destroys itself by this election cycle as it exposes its true self‚ they support the rich that support low wage and robot immigrants over me.

 TRump makes a case for Fox  News Bimbos


“Today” show Monday‚ 08 10 2015 “[y]ou could make the case” that Megyn Kelly is a “bimbo. — Donald Trump.

The Grand Old Party media mouthpeice (FOX Arab News) puts first black women on television in 2014 A.D. = Fox News‚ and that is a war on women‚ period‚ Kelly!
Fox News Consistently attacked Michelle Obama over healthy eating programs‚ for four years in a row‚ is that not a war on Women‚ to make our children healthier‚ Kelly? Are u like retarded?
Fox News spear headed Vietnam‚ Iraq Wars I & II‚ Afghanistan‚ Pakistan‚ Yemen‚ Syria‚ Libya and many others and many other wars which led to 2.5 Million mothers and girls losing their homes and lives‚ just to placate the Misogynists that Megyn Kelly words for‚ is that now a Massive War on Women ?

Megyn Kelly Says Trump Sexism Question 'Wasn't An Attack' - HuffPo claim.

"You've called women you don't like fat pigs‚ dogs‚ snobs and disgusting animals‚” Kelly

Trump's reply : Rosie O'Donnel ( who gives as good as she takes)

"Bristol Palin backs Trump‚ slams Fox News president for saying he only hired her mom because she was ‘hot’"

Donald Trump's point to Kelly/Ailes Arab Latino Attacks on a Nordic White was about the damage of politically correct‚ something Ailes advocates for all over the Earth

New California Law Bans The Word "Alien" as parts of the East Coast have banned the Term "Arab."

A Post of mine to Hillary Yahoo/Google/MSNBC/CBS/ABC/CNN headlines about Hillary Clinton's praise of Megyn Kelly: DNC=RNC and I approve of Donald‚ but he is not politician and running with Repub means we as a country must follow the Smash and break culture of Racist Fox news IMO. Megyn Kelly's attack on Donald about women on their knees‚ many women dream about this is a distraction and a failure of the human race. Megyn Kelly did BIMBO photoshoots‚ wears high heels‚ a bimbo bondage thing started by Moslem Arab Asians in Manchuria about the 15- 16 th centuries. and the Morning Crew at Fox finally after 50 + years put their first black women host‚ now that is a war on women‚ eh black community. Help end Fox‚ and thank You President Obama for teaching me that Fox is Arab controlled racist secular warmongering haters of our universe.

What about Hillary's war on women?

Every time Bill slept with one‚ she set out to destroy them.

Monica Lewinsky
Jennifer Flowers
Paula Jones
Juanita Broadrick
Sally Purdue
Liz Ward Gracen
Kathleen Willey

These are just the brave ones...that dared speak against a President or Governor.

Megyn Kelly does not apologize‚ claims she is an expert journalist LOLZ‚ Ailes backs her ‚ and lies to Trump (IMO) because this Arab controller at Fox only wants a 'smash and break' leader like the Bushes in office to give his Fox News huge ratings‚ and thus‚ some more profit = MORE MONEY!

Archangel Michael

Political Correctness Cannot

Bring Up NAZI in discussion‚ Why?

Because left wing is NAZIsm‚ the DNC/RNC run left wingism‚ which has a component of lying‚ confusion‚ and corrupted DNA

MASSIVE #amnesty the GOP has been 'obsessed' with race. #reagan threw out the American jobs in New Mexico and replaced them‚ 10‚000s with Mexican illegal. that is a part of the historical narrative.

Most Leftwing anchor Media called Megyn Kelly's questions on Trump 'top journalism'

because Kelly‚ airhead‚ will not out her warmongering - for - ratings - boss‚ Roger [ allah akbar] Ailes

He begged Donald Trump to return to Fox News‚ after Fox News ambushed Trump and then fired him from their institution‚ until polls on Monday showed that last Thursday’s assassination job on Donald Trump by Fox News‚ and tough questioner Megyn Kelly about Donald Trump's behavior‚ in which the women Kelly accused on Television put out their own statements that Kelly was a liar‚ so Ailes is a hit job man for ISIS‚ IMO . If I were on the battle field‚ I would not want Kelly as a partner‚ she would be for the enemy’s side while claiming she is my best friend.

Saturday: I had a police helicopter follow me around for 45 minutes‚ and I was not suspicious until I drove a few miles and a few minutes after I parked to take a scenic picture of the Valley‚ it showed up banking low‚ toward a perfect view of me and my car. At this time‚ my ears were ridings so bad I flipped them off‚ got out of my car and made them notice they had my attention. Then the copter flew up the mountain. I took a few scenic photos and got in my car and headed back to down town Burbank. Then the Cops show up‚ read on here.

Michael langtype
  1. Race type € White D.N.A. ⇔ northern white Chinese and partial Japanese and Koreans and Russia and some of the Caucuses and onto Balkan states and jumping over France and Germany and Spanish domains. Modern Scandinavian countries’ Scotland but not England, and onto Ireland; these and scattered 19th century whites in south Africa or Austrilia make up the whole small unit of white people on planet Earth . Typology white–white skin to blond hair and or light eyes in combinations þ noord as in pushed up to the cold regions of Earth by arab and black pressures of non–global cohabitation . exmp: IRA vs. U.K. London– northern Ireland modern wars ⇔ white white vs. Angelo⁄Saxon < arab dna> and shows this is purely a DNA function‚ and as the function of wars related to demographic natives.
  2. Race type ¬€ Black — scattered and congregated from Central Africa to South Africa historically. Typology gigantism and black–black skintypes.
  3. Race type ¬€ Semitic Arabs from the Middle East, Latinos, South Asians and southern lands of China. ÷ Dark skin types but not black— because the two races ≈ White and Black show cross breading body type and consciousness level variables: add in the top body shape of Caucasian to Asian and include gigantism and dwarfism, the majority on earth are Mixed race Arabs. Typology dwarfism and general mixed racec DNA skintypes
  4. Demograghic Global › 24% Ξ combination of white–white and black–black the only two root races .
  5. Demograghic Global ⊗ 76% Ξ combination of white–arab– semitic and white–black † Japanese often very white skin and very dark eyes and dark hair – a product of early intermixing and then some millennia of isolated breeding – this includes the historical hannic– Korean episodes of important civilizations for our world history.

    Mixed races are Angelo Saxon < white as Angelo and Semitic as Saxon ⇔ King Author ( circa 500 A.D.) a real white figure battling early England midlands with the Latin Arab and mixed race Angelo Saxon. Most of the French are mixed race and have been so since the post Frank period. d.n.a. shows us our natural enemies. Sunni vs. Shi´i relies upon whiter DNA: northern modern Iranians and darker Sunni Iraqi and Qatar ; these emirates’ and Yemenites — & completely absent of religious discourse.

    Latin Arabs a massive population and global group are not white nor black but have combinations of both to varying degrees. The Portuguese and Spanish sometimes in history interbred for various reasons, such as race relations of the 16 th century, countries wedded their princesses to foreigner princes to give a symbol too a potential cohabinationist relationship in economy, for power of institution. The Portuguese and Spanish have proximity and historicy to breed into a whiter type of skin tone over the centuries. Philip’s invasions of the world produced Dark Arab mongolids with Cracker ( Caucasian but Arab strained Spanish and Portuguese, white and black type interbreeding producing the modern Philippines‚ and its newer race group.
  6. United States of America post 1930s A.D. are controlled by working class arabs < Italian, Sicilians, eastern european nations during the hight of the Cold War and by the 1970s‚ and intensified by the 1990s they have taken #MEAMIC .
  7. Language ϖ ∃ masses⁄ urban culture ; Nigger = black ; Sand Nigger = Brown ; Cracker = white ; thus a limited truth domain b/c an absence of clarity.
  8. Popular MEAMIC : nation ≈ Black ‚ Brown‚ Olive or light brown skin to White skin types.
    1. Academic : type– names ⌊ Romans; Macedons; Ethiopians, the Hindu, fair skin ‚ dark skin‚ faceology‚ and these remain the most broad of all types of language discourse one uses to relay information.
Race type White or Black ‡ « Root Ξ Crossing DNA ∈ Semetic < middle or common w⁄ skin type variable light to dark dark brown.
  1. Race type € White D.N.A. ⇔ northern white Chinese and partial Japanese and Koreans and Russia and some of the Caucuses and onto Balkan states and jumping over France and Germany and Spanish domains. Modern Scadinavian countries, Scotland but not England, and onto Ireland; these and scattered 19th century whites in south Africa or Austrilia make up the whole small unit of white people on planet Earth .
  2. Race type ¬€ Black — scattered and congregated from Central Africa to South Africa historically.
  3. Race type ¬€ Semitic Arabs from the Middle East, Latinos, South Asians and southern lands of China. ÷ Dark skin types such as dark skinnned and olive skinned Hindu but not Black– associated to African roots. — because the two races ≈ White and Black show cross breading < apok > body type and consciousness level variables: add in the top body shape of Caucasian to Asian and include gigantism and dwarfism, the majority on earth are Mixed race Arabs.

I take photos‚ here are the buildings of the Burbank Movie studios in film land area of Burbank form the East Hills of Burbank‚ here a Copter showed up to follow me‚ after I drove here‚ 2.5 miles‚ where that copter was circling me so I moved. I do not fit a terrorist profile‚ not look like out of place‚ except I believed my white skin stood out as people all over these hills look like the photographs of ISIS soldiers. The Police did not seem to have a problem with these folks?

Political Correctness a Cover For Criminal Operations for establishment elites

Governor Jerry Brown never worked a day in his life since 1969 A.D. Mr. Establishment worked with Arab and Arab Latinos to ban by California Congress at Sacramento the use of the term 'alien' because Mark Zuckerberg (an Arab) promoter of alien immigrants has a clientel of Arabs who abuse these substances; the only reason IMO are these Latin who make up these producers‚ and are these consumers of these toxic narcotics. They are the majority of the population in All of California. They had their first Sanctuary City‚ at my town‚ starting in 1979 A.D. Why? Well the largest Alien shipment of strong narcotics were seized by the FDA in California from ships to gas tanks‚ taking in a U.S. Record seizure 117‚000 lbs‚ FDA recorded 2014 A.D. While Kelly focuses on lies and her hatred toward men's objectifications‚ we seek to look at the real problems plaguing America. Donald Trump needs to ask ( because the Leftwing‚ including FOX ‚ will not) ‚ what is our country? A drug fueled illegal alien compost dump for Latin/Arab unwanted‚ sympathetic ISIS recruits; the racist outfit‚ slogan " all for Arab Browns and nothing for Nordic whites or African blacks‚ Asians‚ Indians and other non Arab Latino ethnicities" ? I just went out to have a cigarette at the library and saw a Spanish large brown latin on the phone talking Cartel business‚ mentioning el chapo's smuggling operations still going on and I am in total 100% fear to contact any authority. I have white skin‚ nordic‚ and feel as well as scientific observation‚ threatened by Police or authority. If I call‚ I get tracked and helicopters‚ like last Saturday ‚ these Arabs in Burbank chasing me for my color of my skin type.

White – white

Had no role in American or pre American slavery

First press conference he claimed he was 'establishment' a true FAIL‚ and then loved Mexicans and will build wall. No wall in history ( UC Berkeley hist dept) never stopped anyone‚ not even Ghanghis‚ not the Tutonic from Rome‚ nothing‚ they come by visas‚ the only real method is Operation Wet Back #2. but reality is this is and has been started as an Arab country and the last nordic was assassinated by German Arab DNAers‚ and Latin DNAers and an African black‚ so this country hates whites. No way Donald nor Bern can survive the hatred‚ the USA is arab who love their drug cartel bros stuff‚ so sanctuary cities gives drug cartels‚ the US brothers‚ ARab Latins their key to success and at LA 74% are Latino Arabs in control‚ got all jobs since 2006‚ and I mean the illegals‚ it is over‚ waaay over. This world is tired in repeating the same thing‚ so our interlude or real change is Armageddon‚ starts 2016 brought to you by God. S/he gave you 2.000 for the elite to get their bad corrected‚ they failed so its show time.

-- posted to Matt Bai ( yahoo politics‚ 08 132015‚ and this claim is very real). #Bookoflife

NBCNEWS 'SCIENTIFIC' POLL: TRUMP INCREASES LEAD AFTER DEBATE... . 08 102015. I was chased by a Helicopter 08082015 than a Latin Arab Female Burbank Police person and her back up jail squad car‚ with some complacent dude to the Arab‚ because ????? I look Nordic white. More on police Arabs Racism against whites in America as a rule in Southern California's oil wealthy neighborhoods.

white⁄ black genocide and religious Christian genocide

No Christians at tier one universities

Treat Christians as white white
Small amount of Christians in all sectors of USA government form national to local.
No Christians on any mainstream media, but a plethora of Islamic advocates and worshipers.
No Christians working at department stores or fast food chains, limited if any.
No Christians represented in global corporations, rather run by anti-theist low intellectual hawks.
No Christians at most major hospitals; however they are filled with Moslemites.
No Christian founding fathers taught in schools for fear that Arab students will be exposed to love and sharing.
No Christian preferences in the social sphere but suppressed by the Media tech giants who even admit it by manipulatihng trends or stop gaps to shut down non-conforming paganites.
No Christian: Ronald Reagan was not a Christian he attacked Christians and wrote policy to exterminate them.
No Christian: Latino Immigrants are not Christians. Most of the Catholic Latinos do not migrate and have no need to migrate as they see it as a bad policy. So we have anti-theist racist bigot LA RAZA and by the 60 Millions of them; and that is a huge problem . they support Gay Islamics that want to suppress all blacks and whites who do not support a perverted lifestyle.
No Christian: Courts: increasingly make judgements against all Christians, no colorline.


Jack Kennedy was the last white white POTUS

“Donald Trump and I spoke today‚” Ailes said in a statement. “We discussed our concerns‚ and I again expressed my confidence in Megyn Kelly. She is a brilliant journalist and I support her 100 percent. I assured him that we will continue to cover this campaign with fairness [and] balance. We had a blunt but cordial conversation and the air has been cleared.” Kelly also addressed Trump’s comments‚ telling viewers Monday night that she “certainly will not apologize for doing good journalism‚ so I’ll continue doing my job without fear or favor.” ( link yahoo news . Dylan Stableford yahoo politics‚ online

source of tweets‚ Alex Jones web people and website Prisonplanet‚ accessed 09212015 A.D.‚ Usenet troll force‚ unamed and legion