Bernie Sanders a traitor to his own message now endorses his rival and enemy 06092016AD #crookenHillary is Bernie Sander's Arab Companion?

H. Clinton Received 1.5 Million FEWER Votes in 2016 than in 2008 — Dems Down 7 Million Votes

California: Donald Trump Support → now has #Mumia Abu-Jama who hates these Clintons.

Today June 9th 2016 A.D. Donald Trump is our last standing antiestablishment candidate. Bernie was one but decided in true commie form to switch sides back into the realm of the estabby me in da back crews.



25.9%, trump, Berniesanders 13.5%, #Obozo 14% tax rate bawhaha ; #berniesanders is one hell of a good liar. He has three mansions, bank accnts, and off shore bank accounts; he is 1%er and stole all his popular ideas from us #trumpsupporters

Mitt Romney 15% 2012 A.D. Obama 14% 2012 A.D. Tax Returns made public during Election.

MSNBC reporter Rachael Maddows claims she foundĀ  Donald Trump[‘]s 2005 IRS tax data "in her mailbox"

"Does anybody really believe that a reporter, who nobody ever heard of, 'went to his mailbox' and found my tax returns? @NBCNews FAKE NEWS!" Trump tweeted Wednesday morning. He was refeering to David Cay Johnston who went on Maddow's MSNBC show and said he had woke up in the moring and found these in his mail box. GreenBay news. He wrote a book called The Making of Donald Trump in a very short period in 2016 for Melville House Press after multiple other publishers spurned his proposed book on the New Yorker's true nature, "assuming Trump would soon disappear."
The book "grew out of my frustration at the utter failure of my peers in U.S. journalism to tell voters about his profitable, lifelong embrace of mobsters, violent felons, Russian oligarchs and the man who supplied his helicopters," he wrote in February for the U.K. Guardian.

Started his career at age 19 as the youngest reporter for the San Jose Mercury, which later became the San Jose Mercury News.
He also spent time as a journalist for The Detroit Free Press, The Los Angeles Times and The Philadelphia Inquirer before joining The New York Times in 1995.


25.9%, trump, Berniesanders 13.5%,

updated 03152017ad

25.9%, trump, Berniesanders 13.5%, #Obozo 14% tax rate bawhaha ; #berniesanders is one hell of a good liar. He has three mansions, bank accnts, and off shore bank accounts; he is 1%er and stole all his popular ideas from us #trumpsupporters

My Ballot Box Experiance

ballot box 0950194a ( and surrounding districts, Burbank CA) near NBC and Disney studios, across the street = about 50% of Republican voters were given Provisional ballots ( never counted, ,no matter how much they lie) because many did not secure their voting credentials. You need to get your addresses on the registrar books . Illegals given ballots and no ID or questions asked . A DNC jew dark troll was overseeing and laughing when white people were denied. I went in like last time with murder on my mind. I did not get my ballot official sample in the mail, and the radio claimed if you do not have it, ,even on registrar you cannot vote. My name has been on this district registrar since 2009 and I was told i COULD NOT VOTE in the last midterms because I was homeless. I threatened to kill all at that polling station as an Iranian,, illegal ,non-citizen was the head of the voting table. (? yes, non us citizens can make money working the California polls, Barbara Boxer, a sicko bigot 's program . My name is on the registrar and I threatened to kill them all. I was then given my proper ballot and voted. This time, again, had no official sample ballot but had ID with address and DMV and mail by banks sent to this address,. I had all this with me. I started talking my problem while waiting in line, and challenge the Latino head there at the table about being denied even though I am a 3rd generation Losangeleno . Voter suppression is a real thing, 2008 reg at Oakland, CA, the bay area deregistered 150,000 republicans √ ( took voting rites away) ←. Paul Ryan daa bitch does not care nor mitchy poo and we need these establishment globalists out since they run white genocide by never standing up for us whites.
this 2016 Global white white genocide
#GOP .com has no mention of #donaldtrump at any link, at all. He just got 1.5 Million more votes than any GOP in history and this #POS gop #establishment are nothing but a few arab white satanists bent on permanent war economy ⇒ body bags for your masses and big fat stacks of cash for their sacrifice in rituals #bookoflife #arcmichael #06082016ad
one primary to go and Donald Trump has 1,536 Delegates.
#keylangs #NSA/CIA run wars in Middle / South #America to force mass migrations which are their voting populations to keep them in power. this is #edu #SATANISM 101