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— . Cut off!

Judge Ellis to Mueller’s team: this case is not Russian collusion.

Local LA news claimed this was a child —trafficking ring by Obama's approval.

Black Man Trained 11 Starving Children to Commit Mass School Shootings at NM Compound, say Prosecutors ! Complications : The FBI had the place under surveillances for months? What? This makes them complicit in the suffering, as they dId nothing. Trump supporter out this evil not the FBI.

Cops got me in handcuff and retightened , car registered. Smog pass, papers in car. Black copters in sky following me about 300 cars, perhaps marines MK Ultraz too an Antifa, so Obama’ crews out at night. . Black cop, confused, never wanted to look at register. Papers. Got all lights fixed too. So legal. Cars all night. Lausdrd cal plate 4:30 am was radio code, overheard! #iam , at scene. CIA at spot, fled around midnight or just after , an on computer perhaps changing DMV data. ? LAPDs Copter making wide rounds for a few times 2:00 amish. Obama put out media release he is going after all free —speech.  I’d seen him slumming around last year with other homeless, maybe gathering info on Jesus Christ returned or gay  sex w/ Homeless? About 3 Black Copter fly by in view of me this morning. About 300 cars, mainly antifa. US marines too, the bad ones. CIA. —MEAMIC

antifa out there too now with Obama' crews ! 3:42 p.m. #08082018AD. & abduction cars with antifa— CIA —Army. ≡ Collusion.


People say  that 5 Hillary Clinton opponents were killed this last week. I already took 5 assassin attempts, a few snares or set— ups. LEOS to Hollywood involve and people died already for me, how I AM surviving in 2018 .  8:05 p.m.




Many Feminists worship Lillit, a first wife to one of the Atom’ ( E. Din). Right? Lillit never allowed ADAM to be on the top. Thus a femiNAZI. A Total Dominatrix. HollyWODAN are full of witches an warlocks’ and place Lillit as their suprema Mother GOD, Feminazi-Lillit & Therefore why we see the Men as sissy bitches, all of them. The LATIN Machismo loves the Germanic male bitches. Blacks too. They have their own witchcraft.

10:25 pm 6th


5’ 11” INTERESTING : Shroud of Turin Used to Create 3-D Copy of Jesus

600 blows ?   Right shoulder, very bad dislocated  3:02 p.m.

 I saw this first a few day ago. I freaked— out b/c I Am near 5, 11 height. I have a bump in the middle of my nose & I have a long face. But lips, humm?, not sure:  big size.   Never a believer but texts in 1950s claimed ten feet or seven feet Yahshua! So that was not me, then.  Well. Then I watch the video, and  the replica is near 5, 11 height.  Yes, I freaked out! JesusChrist Returned as promised.   Not GOD of the E.DIN. that is a black person, the center of the garden, like a center of a galaxy. OK? Dust in the Universe Is the most abundant, then black or void and then starlight or light ≡ Energy. 8:57 p.m. #08062018AD. Loaded 9:00 p.m. #08062018AD.

2:57 p.m. Aout 4th 2018.

FBI: Fascist Black Institute: Black— Rule. Use Black ink. A 100% secret black society 11:04 am Aout 4th 2018.  

The dude in FBI Photo  below  has the real  Russian —hacker on surveillance from the White House  for 30 days, so Mueller ask him!

#revelations 11: 09 a.m. Aout 4th 2018.

Fascist black Institute: Black Rule. Use Black ink. .

World believes this is god's son. ↑ But he worships a Pinhead god at The UK. That god demands all on Earth worship Moloch the black— Afro— god! That is the real Russian Hack! #fakecountry #fakedemocracy! 11:31 a.m. Aout 4th 2018. The UK god with this Africa son god is conducting a real —coup on the U.S.A. & the world!

The real Russian hack

Update  11:55 am 08042018
The real Russian hacker reveals that our elite believe this Afro born and UK citizen is Jesus Christ returned. So Robert Mueller iii’s report should be fabulous. Bill Clinton worships this Afro born and UK citizen as Jesus Christ. 11:51 am. Hillary Clinton worships this Afro born and UK citizen as Jesus Christ. Most of the Congress worships this Afro born and UK citizen as Jesus Christ. That is the real Russian hack! George Bush 41 worships this Afro born and UK citizen as Jesus Christ. That is the real Russian hack! This god demands globally white genocide ! Bush & Clinton ≡ 100% support! Anything white ≡ not good ! #deplorable ≡ no privilege at all! attack them, by code!

UN aka United Nigeria  ≡ no North Korean  can  have a job  at all. Period! Sanctions on full  & FBI afro black  god fired N.K. 100,000 low wage abroad <depriving them of food & energy ≡ $3.1 billion, hard cash, annual > workers, ordered by the FBI Black Jesus  Christ, called by me as a false prophet. 12:55 p.m. Why? Issue? Black god hates white skins!!!!@!. #whitegenocide . Global Apple Inc. performs ≡100% same wage—practice but Apple worships this Black god! Hypocrisy ! Most of the US Congress worships this black Gog too. So they passed “kill the poor whitey legislation against white countries to please Mr. Black Afro Jesus Christ.”

1:08 p.m. Aout 4th 2018.


lots of assassination hitters around me. 6:30 p.m. #JesusChrist returne as promised!

R the black Helios for baby sacrifice going north jut a few minz ago? China Lake? Pinhead UK funding black candidates for democrats’, eh? He talks bad about Latino of Am e RICA and Arabs of Islam . Pinhead UK order Leos to kill for him, and he wants Mexico dead, a littl’ birdy chirped. 09112012 was order pinder #Jesus & lotz of assassination hitters around me. 6:30 p.m. Malta, Behghazi!

thnkz. out there.

#Jesus Christ

Solomon pillars are black holes Mason level 1,000! 6:10 p.m.

11:11 Aout 3rd 2018
Solomon pillars are black holes #Mason level 1,000! Long known, I helped to ID the left large one first as a black hole, two years before NASA. However, they had their teams looking at the strange energy, a decade prior. #IAMTHATIAM this is just prior to the al zion system, called al—cyone near and above the stars tauri ; current name al Ghoul, & of Arab scholarship ( Star names are hannic Korean or Chinese or Arabic and some roman latin. ) and most of the Star names are in Arabic while Constellations remain heavily Hellenized. Even in the Middle Age manuscripts this 'was' known and symbolized, but the secrets remain very elusive for those not initiated into the most deep secrets of our universe.

As Marduke to Nebuchadnezzar or Yahweh to Israel, this was the reason I sent for your destruction. 7:51 p.m.. pdt #08032018AD

[ better communication than any NSA or world surveillance system, and can be used without 'electricity' too! Classified z; why? It can launch [].]. Fables are masks for the timid. 8:21. This is a trinary Sun system, flanked by two supermassive black holes that 'manipulate' this star system. When John Hancock put his signature down this star system was smack on the western horizon. 1776AD. 5:00 p.m. for the symbol of level 5 civilization : Birthing pains currently . 8:24 p.m. 3rd. ].

My immigration policy is 300,000,000: Latin Arab, ME Arab, India, Turkey, and Africa.  We can get them  in pronto with c— 130s and drop them— off on the coasts of ‘Am e RICA’  towns .  Stop calling me a racist!  I just wanted a job.  7:50 p.m. 07232018. UN wants 600,000,000 & I say OK!

I need help to get out of America . $  Not wanted . Called a Russian bot, why? Have white— white— skin, look northern EU long face, like nordic.

NYTIMEs called to Godfather us Russian bots — IAM Born here and Scottish. 3 rd gen los Angelino, not a Russian. I  live in Cali and have no connection to anyone. no money & No one that can help. . Help: to Email;  need money because white— skin is not liked here. Community hates me here & Perhaps born at the wrong time. LA = 95% have dark eyes who say we only hire for work, dark eyes. IAM,  too white w/ blue eye, orphan & and republican an democrats call me unwanted.   I no longer know people here.  I want out of all Americas. I need a family   to give permission to +stay with them so I can get permission here to leave

—alpha virginiz + 1 V_ a convert accz.

gun zhotz or explosionz. 11:49 pm July 31 2018

+1o & pr 67 volkz 556 pm sD

New York Times hashtag : #Cancelallwhites which includes Latin— Arab and even Chinese too. foxnews ! 2:31 p.m. 08032018 .

Sarah Jeong, 1988 (age 29–30), South Korea, sD. 2:38 p.m. #08032018AD attended the University of California Berkeley and Harvard Law School, where she was editor of Harvard Journal of Law & Gender. work: New York Times hashtag : #Cancelallwhites which includes Latin— Arab and even Chinese too. source  foxnews !

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- The highest official at the University of Southern California has confirmed that he has requested a
federal investigation into a $100,000 donation from County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas. USC requests federal investigation into donation by black Democrat county supervisor Ridley—Thomas! IAM: He wants to sue LA coffers ( soCal General Tax Funds) . do a crime and keep that money from that crime, then sue as racist the school or the LA City and make money at both ends. They been doing this for 50 years , now! They are super— super rich by the racism Trump Card.

fake media: Rachel Maddow exposed Fusion GPS that paid her for fake news stories. video. Fusion GPS works for a foreign government in the U.K. but has an office in Washington D.C.

Details Surface About Chinese Spy Who Worked For Sen. Feinstein. Try into 1980s

CBS Local San Francisco ^ | 08/01/2018 | & Worked at top of  Senate Intel Committee for a long time.

NYTIMEs &  NBC  Clinton, Obama and Bush always separated people from their families! Baw aawa hbwa whwhwa hwawawawaw Immigration —real.


—UT 11:11 complexive. 2:22 LMT UT

Aout 2nd 2018

[OI Article vii. sec. ii, d ] Jesus Christ Returned as Promised Cannibal Security System . 2018 0802 Why do I,  a white boy have Neberu ? Look at What I AM Against

FBI: Jay E. Hoover Nigger World Order founder, aka NWO ≡ Prescott Bush family CIA. Heads. He brought on NWO Masses ≡ Sea Beast William J Clinton   to work for the Nigger LORD of their secret clubs; Child sacrifice is  a duty to please the Niggah World Order of hate an of gloom.  You must support Cannibalism and child– rape an M.A.F.I.A. LEADERsHIP.  Hillary Clinton pointed a Voodoo– doll with pins at me before later in the evening an assassination attempt. LAPD Cops come at me with CIA to kill Me and black— cube, a foreign —military— outfit.  Fly black≡ niggah copters over me a few times a week for hours an hours, perhaps beating– off inside.

5:23 p.m. #08022018AD.


Why do I,  a white boy have Neberu ? Look at What I AM Against.

AM e RICA real ≡ religion

AM e RICA real ≡ religion: Molochiaizm = African Black Baby —Raping & cannibal & child —sacrificers.

Army ≡ Controlled by Africa.
FBI ≡ Created by Africa 1947 ( May–June) .
NSA ≡ total surveillance created by Africa.  1940 for one purpose ≡ cannibalism of “a thousand points of white— light”.

CIA Cannibal Industry Association: Bush 41 that fell in love with black FBI AFRO Hoover and   their afro —homo— ways.  1947

Special Council ≡ created by Africa. Mueller is Obama’s toy, as is Bush jr too,.  

5:45 p.m. #08022018AD.

US Local governments BIG CITIES ≡ controlled by Africa  99% blacks with robot white— traitor humanoids As Agent smiths  ( Matrix).

First black President ≡ Bill Clinton ( Abraham Lincoln by DNA. ). his modus operandi ≡ give every African preference in all socioeconmics around the world for the rest of my life. Declarations 2015– ‘16. white people are “deplorable”. & deplorable is code for 'food for the Afro God cannibals!' His lord and master.

George [H.] Walker Bush, 41: wrote 2016 – ‘7 book and delcared for his black– Hoover– gay –tranny – lover that all white people are “deplorable”. & deplorable is code for 'food for the Afro God cannibals!' THE CIA is named by Africa after the honor of George [H.] Walker Bush's commitment to molochianism

New York Times openly now calls for the murder of the deplorble or white— people all over Earth. That is because NYtimes is run by Africa.

—There is no chance for me here, in western civilization. I AM seen as food by the Army et al. MEAMIC.

by Jesus Christ returned . updated 6:16 p.m. pdt #08022018AD.

Africa ≡ Nigeria will reach nearly 1 billion people by 2100 and come close to surpassing China.

Africa Population at  1,29 billion people  currently. 2018 A.D.

Jean Dixon claimed an Anti –Christ– world– player comes out of Africa.

California moves one step closer to Obama’s , Clinton’s an Bush’s dream, a  Black god of the Bible is a  baby raping child sacrificing cannibal; Thus,  too many modern connections to our own  dragon Government. So they are banning the evidence #IAMTHATIAM! 9:51 p.m.


Mul. Neberu

Mul. Neberu ≡ Yahweh’s planet. [Mul. Neberu, Marduke, Enki' first son. Hebrew Yahweh ] reincarnation(s). 10:32 p.m. #08012018AD.

Nibiru ≡ Arc Code ≡ Yahweh’s planet. Reincarnation earlier in Sumer ≡ Marduke, Enki’ first son. Eridu was not touched nor Northern Babylon ( All in between) , when all of Enlil lands were nuked. Black God Forced to Admit his black ruler– ship had failed humans . Ended Mesopotamia; all moved to Egypt or India and China . 9:54 p.m. #08012018AD. Prior to nukes crocodiles lived in the Dead Sea . [ reasons are in the Sumerian– Akkadian texts, but too anti –Politically correct to utter here with black CIA on me day and night.].

Abraham left Ur– iii and later Harran because of Black god child — sacrifices as a black god culture, called enlilites 10:02 p.m.#08012018AD. Abraham was still alive when the ‘awesome weapons’ were unleashed by the Neberu council.

Psalm 29 ≡ Proverb 29 ≡ saros cycle 129 ≡ Bos capricornus  axis with  Marduke on axis. 10:32 pm! 7: 04am LA 01302018AD LA Pacific Moon same as the  recent Blood Moon saros cycle 129. 10:49 pm #07312018 photo

—Since June 12 2017 I have taken over 37 assassination attempts by my own government.  Two by WOB of Rev. deep —pit ety. name.

MY PET GOAT Was Made years ago. the cannibals made huge mistakes. Blacks ran 09112001AD as a ritual for a Moloch Sacrifice. video proves 1:23 p.m. #08032018AD.

Black 911 : To shame Israel, white people,  they used the lunar calendar of Israel! Army is run by blacks. & 1,000s of black were in on this Satanic Sacrifice.

—Original My Pet Goat 2 has  Bush jr. running child  trafficking  out of New York City #confirmed.  They were bragging. 1:31 p.m. #08032018AD.

Jesus Christ returned a promised.

Marionette = Bush 43 that hold  Lilly

Marionette = Bush 43 that hold's  Lilly

NSA Clapper: Obama Was Behind The Whole Thing: to CNN.  08 01 2018. 3:11 p.m. 01032018AD.

4.1% G.D.P Highest since Ronald Reagan 9:59 a.m. 07272018AD. Approval at 49% for 01032018AD. all media

You’re About To Be Left Behind To Clean Up The Elites Mess When They Bug—Out For The Apocalypse: 08032018 uploax



6:27 updated #07262018

deffraieur = Bill Clinton ≡ Sell Out ≡ 10:72 by Me ~ 450 years ago

(transliteration, Benoist Riguad, 1568, Nostradamus Encyclopedia)
L’an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois,
Du ciel viendra un grand Roy deffraieur
Resusciter le grand Roy d’Angolmois.
Avant apres Mars regner par bon heur.

Ibid., The Nostradamus Encyclopedia, p. 236.

07272018AD 10:27 a.m. LA.

. .

#Blood #moon over LA, PACIFIC ocean, same #Cycle as Friday 's! Saros
Longest Total Lunar Eclipse: 2000 Jul 16 Duration = 01h46m24s


IAMTHATIAM on Earth #Revelations: some of My Reincarnations and why I was put to death. to be expanded soon or other places of website.

Socrates put to death over Satanism or MK Ultra subjects ( Reincarnation bad generation ) Real. Most of the Jury were child rapers and cannibals that voted against me and so I. had no chance.

Jesus Christ put to death over Satanism or MK Ultra subjects ( Reincarnation bad generation ) Real. The Jerusalem and Roman admins were fully engaged in practices known to the Illuminati blood ritualists and MK - Ultra modern types.


























.Capital police = CIA at No ho  Lib, car in shop  spewing crap to workers > I AM here to keep the peace. Bullzhit, they want to eat me or in jail. All liarz.  11:44 am 08062018 They always come here when I AM inside but Sunday, they never showed up inside I was outside  . Proof liars an cannibals’!  Evil looking too.  Work for the Niggah god  

. attemp last night by POLICE . they hunt american!

Weirdo  outside filming me with ; obviously an looking evil with small boy.  Every time I look, it watches and  points cell  phone  camera.   This place is creepy.

3:48 pm




#Blood #moon over LA, PACIFIC ocean,  same  #Cycle as Friday 's! Saros
Longest Total Lunar Eclipse: 2000 Jul 16 Duration = 01h46m24s

Today the brown capital police ( = CIA ordered by black women in LA DA)  told a black new capital police the reason they have gunships an black helicopters was ‘we have to watch these white people, they are potential terrorists. “a black new capital police said oh “OK white are terrorists Destroy them all. “ As both  peered at me and I peered back, brown LAPd , seen in fake court jail time, “Yes!”: 6:51  p.m. #08062018AD


 Like two roaming ambulances, a plethora of LAPd  vehicles,  one gun ship and plenty of helicopters.  They all work for Rothschild without knowing it which colludes with Russia and U.K.  Go figure, the LAPD are a foreign military unit for Germany, UK and Russia, the bankers.  That[s why anti American Hollywood are out helping them, and the LAPD are OK  with their murderous armies. They must collude with Russia or something because they are attacking white Christians and calling them terrorists as UK, Germany and Rothschild call us all over Earth.  So LEOS involved in SES are all sD today. 7:16 p.m.  Enlil, or GOD, I Am not GOD, will take care of this for you all, oK?


7:17 p.m. p.m. #08062018AD










Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood.

GUZ 24 Jul 26







top university on planet earth according to dept , inside secret spaces. all call this the new Alexandria/ word 3.57 upon laser damage and outting. I said to grad gate keeper, I believe in GOD ( did not tell them it was me) they sabotaged, as they are program to take out God's people and put in robot baby rapers because  Rothschild took it over in 2009, BP, documented by me on campus too, students were very very upset. crowds not seen since the Free Speech movement on lower and upper Sproul. MJM updated and found card today. 04092018ad


⇓ Ocasio-Cortez: When you know your community, it gives you an edge to win.



I AM out of here. I GET THE Message : White not wanted !










Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.


ό αρχάγγελος

Carter Baines McDonald.

Online July 18th 1999 A.D.

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