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Semitic Judgements: Bible


Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood. Apokálypsis: Alpha DNA ♣ Google hack post 🚫 🔯 2017

Climate Fraud


Social Security Fraud by Semitic 100% — Arc Michael

United States Citizen: mom tried since 1960s to get her citizenship to feed her children and cloth them. The father ( my bio earth father in this life, separated when I was eight-years old). She tried over 1,000 times, crying,, wondering, and hurting us and herself. After the Northridge Earthquake of 1994, she called and begged Canada to retake her, she was fully disgusted and scared because my sister was getting married and could no longer supporter, which was an overwork for my sister. She left back to Canada, I saw her for the last time, that year, 1994 A.D. And semitic : Jew, Arab, Moslem, Latin, Mixed race, ashkaNAZI German white all attacked my super white white Nordic mother.  There will no longer be an exscuse that “ It was not me.” I am applying ‘guilt by association’ terms to your soul.

August 17 th notice of cancellation, again.

Three fully filled out by me and with doctor and review, extended versions: correctly. All are held at the Burbank SSI office. For the last five months, I have received about five cancellations and Urgent Notice to fill out these reviews and turn them into the office.  This is a part of a wider two year review they have had on me, often ushering me to a recorder room to ask their top SSI eligibility questions. Then this week, I get a certified mailed by the Burbank office (Found out today, sneakily) and another with different set of review dates (again, from the same office, I found out today, sneakily).

The Arab people  have 100% of all the jobs there with the Latin people, both have the same DNA systems. They tend toward brown and differed only in the face shape of Asians, although there are more Semitic Asians than white white  Nordic  Asians.
My mother tried over 1,000 times to get her citizenship so she could get welfare and feed her kids. She  should not get a job due to being an illegal alien. The  people working the  welfare were blacks and Latin ( today they are Armenian and Arab ME Godless); :Latins moved  already to the middle classes, and higher paying  jobs.
There is not one Nordic working there and only a few black people. There are no white white Nordic working there.  My mom used to complain about the five-ax handled wide #women  who abused her at the welfare children’s’ offices.  These were low paid but overweight fat Mexican women with butt bones about 38 -42 inches and ate large quantities of food and had aggressive and bi polar mentalities. There were a few whites but they were already controlled by ideologies of lies and hate by the USA public fraudulent system of social engineering lies.  And yet, the root cause lay in their  dna. They hate white noordic, but love German Ashkenazi white jews, the largest population in the United States of America today. They hate us Nordics like Donald Trump, John F. Kennedy or I.  Therefore, since they treat me with superior disrespect, even more than  Africans, they are being judged in real time on their behaviors.

Civil Rights for Africans and other colors are forced down a huge earth population that had nothing do to with any racial or tribal suppression, at all and  in any time on planet earth. However, my white noridc ( held 1.5% slaves in USA history,  free blacks about 40%, held black and some white indentured servants, and jews make up the rest, which is a keyword for #semitic. This  includes a large population of Latin, and German Ashkenazim a part of what Islamic scholars call some white Arabs, which formed under the Democratic Party, the Klu Klux Clan, as my Nordic fought with 150,000 for the north, had no rule in usa history, they just arrived off the boats and about 24 Irish scot fought for the south, and the rest are our Latin and German or mixed white Arab south, which loved an idea of a separate nation with Arab people and no black people. I do not like NAZI Germans because they  ( Reagan, Bush, Part Clinton and Obama fully semite mixed race) decided to kill  off the noordic race and usher in the arabites: Latin, Spanish, Portuguese, Sicilian, African light skinned, Asian yellow and brown, all of the Latin Arab Meso and south  Americans and the Fake Jews at Israel to all of the Middle eastern like arabs. These are the people I am discussing in this page and  for a global judgment upon you.

Reincarnations ; I AM everywhere. / to be continued, so do not get all excited. read on when I update. 02092017ad uploaded 600 pm sherman oaks.


Killing off the Semitic Race

#Genghis Khan is being resurrected ( the soul) to life on earth for #Armageddon to take out much of the #semiticrace on earth. OK peoples. I am pissed, and want serious global revenge. Don't worry it is in my prophecies 450 plus years ago, and elsewhere. #arcmichael #bookoflife #02102017ad The Mongalis tribe ( Latin mid ages) had success by two dominate High tech fetures. the Tarim Basin, Blood sweating horses that become battle tanks with 360 deg swivel tech and bone tribal strength artillery ( Arrow warfare) ; and the mongals revised the Hunnic Fire bombing strategies. After breaking about five garrisons on the #China wall, the cities of China were fire bombed endlessly until the entire civilization capitulated. #reincarnation = surprise and I keep your memories 'absent' so you feel you have free will. #bookoflife #lastjudgement preview. #arcmichael #02102017ad

Mongalis also used #biblical tech and #algorithms to launch or not launch raids and conquests. source, ancient #secret book of the Mongals.



It is OK noordic white / #crackers to hate #niggers they killed our POTUS and we want global revenge form all #African mass murdering goons. #history #ushistory #gog #nigger FagBI killed #johnfkennedy because this #FBI was an aFRO nIGGER HATER. gOT IT NIGGER #JAY -Z? 

& Robert, John, Kennedy, Marlyn Monroe and Jimmy Hoffa all had polariods of #nigger in a dress on s/he kneews sucking #penis , all had to be offed for embarrassment factors. Niggers we want  serious fucking revenge#NSA #CIA #CCCP #China #russia #india #pakistani intel.



NIGGER Crimes of History : Afro History Month

#niggers run, ran and will further run #slavery as they are the dark masters of all things Hate

¢54 cents an hour the US Niggers pay brown Asians to make their Billion dollar empires.

#jayz #illuminati sweat shoppe exposed. #https :// she is Slave Driver not a slave worker, got it afro community. It is a capitalist #afroslaveplantation owner, it hides and blames white white so it is evil. This #Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter is a pure evil Nigger liar, right #snoopdogg y poopoo and licker? #FU niggers are liars and haters and use innocents and blame whitey for  their nigger #crimes .
#niggers run, ran and will further run #slavery as they are the dark masters of hate and lies and manipulations and blame white noords ( #nordic) for false crimes. Niggers run slavery out of #Africa Dr. #Dre nigger bigot.  your headphone company also uses child labor or cheap labor, fucking #assholenigger  




+Jason West
 sauud make up judges, court officials, congress, and banksterss, you people are about 25 years too late. lolz.

u be noordic, they have you in the cross hairs.

whites on west coast tried to contact KKK part white southerners to take out Beast bill clinton around mid 1990s, the white bitches said, he soooo cool and runs good government. He started this war on terror by launching 65 cruise missiles into the people's homes. Pissed off the arab world.

KKK destroyed America and are traitors.  why they sux bush sissy gurls and Beast bill Clinton and these are all 'advanced altleft ' who call themselves the GOP. KKK was too dumb to realize this. so it is too late and yes, yes,

We love and support #donaldtrump thank you.

that #hastag gets semite 19 year old at #NSA taking breaks from their kiddie porn to see what was said about the white nordic people.

USA is in total sauud and  Mexican control. USA is over for science and white people.

trump is just a bandaid

keylogger fail.


White White DNA raped on famous Hollywood Set

#white #famous actor #raped on Hollywood Famous Film Set by semitics
wizard of oz judy #garland wore a semitc nose to look like jew Shirley temple; or she could not play the role. Filthy Jew robbed her too out of #acting money. #hollywoodswamp #swamppeople   #wisardofoz  

#Garland had white #dna . that was the secret. Shirley had #Semitic and was a white arab.  #bookoflife #arcmichael #02082017ad  

#rapeculture she died pennyless and in fear of the  semitic #beast monsters of #hollywoodmovies  

she was also #raped on set

Judy Garland (born Frances Ethel Gumm; June 10, 1922 – June 22, 1969) was an American singer, actress, and vaudevillian.

#Garland had white #dna . that was the secret. Shirley had #Semitic and was a white arab.  #bookoflife #arcmichael #02082017ad  



#CNN believes Trump tunes in the most after he called it #fakenews .
Anderson penisjiihader #cooper   always tells guests, all of them, both sides. " I did not know ."

Guest to Cooper: we live in a democracy Anderson!"
Cooper to Guest: " I did not know that."

Guest to Cooper: blacks kill eachother with guns!, Anderson!"
Cooper to Guest: " I did not know that."

Guest to Cooper: " Obama bailed out the banksters, Anderson"
Cooper to Guest: " I did not know that."

Guest to Cooper: " we have white people hurting in America, Anderson"
Cooper to Guest: " I did not know that"

Cooper to Guest: " I  don't understand"

Guest to Cooper: " There is an epidemic of south Chicago because blacks are having more than 50% of their babies out of wedlock; they have no parental guidance; so they act out like this "
Cooper to Guest: " I  don't understand"

epic lolz. look at the past tapes and videos, it is a normal thing by him.

go #TRUMPSUPPORTERS #donaldtrump #02082017ad
#bookoflife #arcmichael g/night

Jon finclelstine Stewart returned to "The Late Show With Stephen Colbert" to call for more targting oof white white people . he has Scot DNA with heavy #semitic afro DNA.

200,000,000 arabs include #Latino invade white culture ≡ #lespropheties #Nostradamus #Armageddon scripting. prophecy is over 450 years old now. and looks to be fruitionizing. Latin DNA is Arab Middle East DNA = same codonic structures. 1945-2017 polls showed support for arab migrations EUpolls. This week the first poll of an opposition in 72 years says #Arabs get out of the #eu ! #rape #killings #beatings almost daily now. underreported is an overstatement. #bookoflife #arcmichael #02102017ad

Jeff Sessions

obama was against homo marriage and was given a pass, but not jeff, he has white skin. Elizabeth. your Indian dna is confusing you bitch.


National Football League Came out for Burka, Stoning, Headchopping, shariah law↗ brown supremacy and radical jihad this SuperBowl. Celebrate the 30 Arabs Islamits and 75 Semitic to Afro Skinned people, who all hate white noordic if they do not die for their jew greed.


antitrust lawsuits toward Semitic CEOs Google and Amazon. Yes, Jeff Besoz is an Arab supremacist

Because platform privilege involves leveraging market power to alter the competitive playing field, it can lead to antitrust problems.


Fake Trump Google WebSite promote false narratives that Trump was against in the first place.

  #africanamerican    #capitalism is not the correct course for human survival. Trump doers not use googlepplus , this is a #semitic CIA, anti trump or boarder racist trump supporter. US capitalism is white slavery, send poor white to die overseas for jew and nigger greed. that is #capitalism , OK people?  You sound like #Cheney and Bush here.  they hate trump and I hate Bush and Cheney, both robbers of Iraq, the real reason they went there. to send more white Christians to do die for their ashkaNAZI or part white dna traitor status to America.

Semitic white dna conflicts

A latin Semitic full breed. hates on noord Donald Trump or scot irish or finish or scando or white Russians and white Chinese. they hate these people because they have dna conflicts.

Trumpet forced Iran to stop nuke sat. Rocket #icbm good #nsa confirmed by USA recon sat.

#go #trumpsupporters


The CONGRESS ALTER WORSHIPS the Afro Nigger and calls for white Nordic genocide.

The CONGRESS ALTER WORSHIPS the Afro Nigger and calls for white Nordic genocide.

موسى بن ميمون

QURAAN Calls for the extinction of all Liberals

Only solution to all liberals of any color is total annihilation from planet earth.

A liberal is a person that will tell a judge it does not rape while it is in the process of raping someone in front of these Judges' bench!

Dragon USA people: this describes you, totally bullsyhte and no solution but to kill it off of the entire earth.

California State Senate Leader Kevin de León runs Global white Genocide.

Most of our Californian Politicians are illegal aliens and were able to win fake citizenship because of Jerry Jihadi Brown, the Herod the evil of our time. Help drain the swamp. De León made the remark while speaking on Senate Bill 54, which he introduced and would make all of Califor nia a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants. —Washington Free Beacon



Arc Michael
4:42 PM


#USA is all nigger supremacy which is brown which is also Yellow NAZI german jews ( You cannot tell the difference, between nords and white arab jews)  to Latin to Italian to Isis members to house of sauud to Afro countries to  UK  hybrid MexiHindu Arabs and then NFI Nigger Fascist league and then ther's  USA which runs Nigger privileged called #PC or affirmative action, still going on today.  u support all those groups, I do not.
all of this has nothing, not one thing to do with #democracy it is #mobrules , and the most immigrants across your borader,s, they win by default.

Anonymous is bullshtyye, Warriors have no maskes  ;;;;;  but the masked  libtards and liars and niggers masking as white people as is the case for 18 years at all google group forums -- that is called Nigger #Fascism and white sissy traitors. . that is what anonmous runs, called #whitegenocide fuck the nazi and nigger crews that sleep and eat and fuck eacother.

and if your fake white Anonymous  is not a filthy nig liars. then this applies.

QURAAN Calls for the extinction of all Liberals

Only solution to all liberals of any color is total annihilation from planet earth.

A liberal is a person that will tell a judge it does not rape while it is in the process of raping someone in front of these Judges' bench!

Dragon USA people: this describes anonymous who worships NAZI and NIGGERs and hates on whites by false narratives;  &, totally bullsyhte and no solution but to kill it off of the entire earth.




all the so-called #islamicscholars cannot read , apparently. why ? #QURAAN Calls for the extinction of all #Liberals. the quraanic passages are all over my website and linked to the #USC #islamic server, so authoritative.  got it filthy NAZI Liberal Jew. that means all jew filth.  but we found out no one  on planet earth practices real islam. They cannot read nor write and thus the television controlled by #eviljin bend and twist the greymatter into mush and pretzels  #arcmichael #lga1230 #sealone  


Cold war = blame white people
Vietnam war = blame white people
JFK assassination = blamed white people
Iraq War I = blamed white people
Iraq War II = blamed white people
#monicawars = blamed white people
10 obama regime changes or attempts, two big ones he got.  = blamed white people

more here sergi not allowed, it is a #semitic bigot racist goon.

#protesters same ARABS PROTESTING American #donaldtrump are the same immigrants that celebrate the  #establishment bombing their countries . So they are not  human, must be #Eviljin . #islamfake real moslems kill all #liberals as Muhammad commanded them. They disrespect #allah so they  get banned  from life, OK fakeislamic people ? #bookoflife #arcmichael God does not like you #antiallahites   masking as Immigrant Moslems. You be #fakepeople .. You attack the establishment altleft that does this to you and stop your false accusations, #quraan bans false B Johnson 's make endless jew greed wars. Stop blaming innocent #white #Christians .  we were thrown out of power in #1950ad  

This applies to all  #latino which are Arab dna and antiChrist as well. Most  #religious #latino are not in USA and too poor or weak  to migrate. The ones already here are mostly #Evil and haters of #multiculturalism   a whitey thing. 

Moving to twitter soon. #googlesofake  

#altleft bombs Arab countries so #Immigrants from those countries blames #Altright ; USarabia is gone for all #christian #white so get out before the brownhell animals eat or kill you. #scienceisracist they say and whites created #science. So get out people.  #googleantiwhite  



#SpaceX where X= #arabsupremecy no #whites allowed. #bookoflife  
#amazon #CEO and committed #alqueadanite been Federally caught #fuc *king up #space and #spacecraft for the #taliban Space jihad #jeffbesoz Government Accountability Office accuses  #SpaceX of #spacejihad with faulty equipment and dangerous launches.

Sermitic Antiwhite bigot CIA/NiggerSatanAgency = #nsa  
#CIA has local loc on IP service so I'll embed the link

#CNN is always #fakenews  

source,  your own altleft  rag, outing you evil Spacejihaders

Aiesha in Islam & #fakeislam

+Cora L
 cora, I am also a decent Historian and perhaps a better one than most on this Arab issue.

There are two sets of ancient texts. One is Aiesha is 14-15 years old at marriage  the other is 19 years old, both have weighted sources, about even in number. which one do you promote? one age is legal and the other is not , here at USA.  And yes, I do agree with you that fakeislam runs #babyrape culture . For example, Turkey leader is not islam, but a fake islam. He passed rape the child act , earlier this year. the Turkish Mil that has christian memories of a tradition, tried to kill him and take it out but the left wing wacko populations, kept the babyraper dictator into power. and he helps run  #IS


Whiggers and Slave Masters

Arc Michael

Shared publicly  -  1:05 PM
#Marshall Bruce #Mathers III (born October 17, 1972) fame grew each year as inches further down the back of tis vile throat goes the #Afro #Slave Master's symbol of domination.  the  3 stands for brain cells. lolz. #Voodoo sissy gurl needs a bath, eh?

The black slave masters has ordered  #EMINƎM to call for the assassination of all #trump supporters and the #potus Under #obama u just mention his name incorrectly they threw you into jail with  out a key. here, half of the Semitic and white traitor family are openly and publicly on the airwaves calling for the assassination of #donaldtrump  

#google #ceo calls for impeachment of #donaldtrump as #wigger #eminem   who came to power sucking on #bbc ok. CODE #afrophalllace white traitor. He spits on the veterans and pukes on the starving african children and kicks street babies, in my opinion. that is how the gurly bitch acts.

#rapculture jayz next ; Marshall

Let us put it into the #lakeoffire ban its dna, and ban it from Life itself for 1,000 years.  I has failed to do anything in this world but spread hate and false accusations.

#bookoflife #arcmichael #02042017ad  

60 + years of global white genocide and #Sergibrin publicly says he is warming to the Trump administration. no he is not, the white genocide is run by false narratives.  #google is #antinoord #antiwhite #antiConstitution and it lies and #fascist   ( tethers) with funds to the people in the #federalgovernment that said, we love Sergi Fuck all white on the planet programs. Fuckinig liar and is an israeli semite globalist #Zionist. #godless = #google - #gog

#dragon = god's people take it down.

United States of America Military, Entertainment, Academic, Media,  Industrial, Complex 

Arc Michael
Wallace Arab/Latin
Braden, Eugene/ Arab, Light skinned
George H. Walker Bush/ Arab/German, Light skinned
Charles Nicoletti /Italian = half Latin/Arab, half African Black
Directors of Operation
Allen Dullas (MEAMIC)
William “Bill” Harvey
artillery: Remington Inc | knowl, CEO Bush family
Target of Racism
John F. Kennedy, Nordic White, Irish

The Social boards are full of Semitic Latino Bigots of Evil and Hatred to anything decent and humane. so i ATTACK THEM.

+steven romero
 nope, better the Aztec Brown race gets wiped off earth for starting slavery and blaming nordic whites. OK bitch. America First to u is human sacrifice. you have had no white migration to latin lands by Const. and vote in latin politicans to vote for wars in your sphere so you can bumb rush your sand niggers in here. FU to hell, bitch.  Get out of this universe.



Mafioso AND Latin SAME DNA F*kkkER


On Anonymous Youtube rants

 I listened to the youtube rants: So  you are propaganda. Anonymous is CIA, and they are bush and they are sissy nazijews. and nazis are Islamic cock suckers.

the hate nordic white John F Kennedy or now Donald Trump. This world is full of zombies like you. grow up. it is racial hate 24/7 until the world dies.

#endofstory historically accurate.


blocked by him but not before another false accusation by him.

+Arc Michael​ you're full pride too
You must be the type of person that thinks they know everything. Again I don't need people but I find that people always want to know what I doing. I have anonymous and anyone that follows know that.



 [ I do not follow anyone, I cannot go but only to the main stream which I saw this antiwhtie chumps stream.; so this was blocked to a reply of I was following him. Nope. he followed me. and does not want me following him, so he can steal. ]
 wrong, you are main stream, I read it and commented, that is what social media is about. You are biogot and can  mute or block me to keep running your bigot operations of mass hatred. I mean Google or GOG semitic filth is on your side, so you are the winner, congrats :)  You are one low level intellect.

AN hour later was unblocked by him

 yes, but so do most noordic, the next option after askkaNAZI dna, about 17%b and higher into a noord genome will be 25 % - 50% sPANISH OR ITALIAN SEMITICS.

from what I know, since 1900s, the Italians stole trillions and were the evil of the first 70 years, now replaced by more semitic jews of the ME, just arabs in reality.

When mixing #aztec ( post cortez) with Portuguese ( whoSo crossed with JAPANESE TOO 14 = 15 TH CENT)  and aztec had already ancient japanese dna in them, they produced this mexican hellion race, confused and now more 70% or higher of #semitic dna or non white. they can marry but are more racially pure toward the darker afro  SEMITICS.

usa FOR WHITES = noords is long gone and science will go with the whites, and this place will become a carboard box, post apok trash world society. blame the coloreds who falsely blamed the whites in history and  created social unrest for 70+ years.


Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood.


Homo relations and the Holy Bible

#paul not given authority by #jesus to preach, just a claim after the #crucifiction so homorelations not banned ! #getoverit
Last 2,000 years.
No person will be punished for this behavior.

#bookofjudges #god kicks out #israelites , so. With their #laws

#jesus comes fight for #poor ; #rich #hebrews kill imposter #jesus , so Jew ban #gaylife , not Jesus

So if #christian You are #protected

#sex a choice

#biblestudy #arcmichael #bookoflife #01312017ad


Top three in USA Inauguration Day

& history since we kept counting: source according to Nielsen.
Ronald Reagan 1981 seen by 41.8 million viewers .
Obama 2008 seen by 37.8 million viewers in markets that included the world.
Trump 2017 seen by 30.6 million in less markets than Obama.
And actually, Trump could have been seen by more viewers than either Obama or Reagan. Nielsen ratings are departmentalized between Overwhelmingly altleft and anti-American families.

Cold war = blame white people
Vietnam war = blame white people
JFK assassination = blamed white people
Iraq War I = blamed white people
Iraq War II = blamed white people
#monicawars = blamed white people
10 obama regime changes or attempts, two big ones he got.  = blamed white people

Google leaders and game changeers on all world problems = blame white people.



to heal #planetearth we ban the #hate I have no knowledge of anything that this chump has done for Earth that was positive.  #bookoflife #arcmichael #0204027ad   #hiphopmusic #voodoo worshipper ; Marshall Bruce Mathers III aka EMINƎM  b. (born, St. Joseph, Missouri, U.S. October 17, 1972, 1,000 sc & a new #membership   in the #lakeoffire with special conditions attached for review  for the #second death of its soul. #lord all God's people stop support, and ban its family members and the black masters  that support it too. #armageddon  

NBC 1960s altleft to 2017 wants to turn right wing  and nationalist for survival, the CEO Lack has never loved a single white  white dna person. It is pure hate and bigotry and of courser a #Semite. .

ARC 096



Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.



Carter Baines McDonald.

Online July 18th 1999 A.D.

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