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Morpheus Oracle and Machine and Smith created by Oracle Morpheus to kill SUNLIGHT NEO. worked, blacks win #reloaded First Matrix Rocked + 1.  & 2,3 suck axcxhole.. #MATRIX March 1,999. A.D.

12:52: 04112018AD OK a major portion of website is now restricted as well. Archives and history. temp archive here, looked it is open by not seconddeath file, locked to the public ivefour days ago. #04122018AD

Everytime I connect I hear an illuminti slave honk, because they lift live and push to CA at UK to RAPE Mi5:

Space: Tess ‘s Orbit will be 13.7 days. a brown dwarf hunter! 1:04 04122018AD.

Thursday: Hillary’s suggestion to leave State Dept. long timers in  the Federal Agency is a WIN.  Experience matters!

Globalists means AntiAmerica as all countries are inherently NATIONALIST or Tribalist. Globalists fantasies of a body of rules . perhaps diverse culturally too, which may not be a part of the land they occupy, currently. They fight against nationalists to pay interest into this fantasy of a one world bank & a another fantasy that some world dictator or some Space Alien will solve their lazy ass, lazy butt welfare “ Desired” lifestyles’. No matter how much you hate politicians, they get off their asses and work hard to pay you your couch potatoes lifestyles .

DARPA is our advanced future theoretical weapons system for defense purposes, Agency. They love to stay hidden because they do things, perhaps, non-ethical but always involves real science. Hopefully for the betterment of the human species. But they are also ‘testing’ these new weapons and bio weaponry is the new fad and I believe they are testing a new system on Mark Zuckerberg to see if they can turn a once undergrad accepted Harvard student into a full blown mindless Cabbage?  This is Congressional Epic Comedy. As far as I AM concerned things are going well.


CEO OF FACEBOOK at Capitol Hill, SENATE:  Can't Name ONE Leftist FB Page Ever Blocked — But Pro America Are "Unsafe"! Win for the Globalists.



ahahah! Facebook contributes to dozens of top Political parties, and other members of Congress. It is a mafioso rigged system of ghoubalists! Win for TEAM ANTI AMERICA!

In defense: The only thing worse than Zuckerberg running a corporation on the  internet is the U.S. Government running the internet via the FCC.

Look, Article 10. sec 1 US const. It is illegal to have a state try to break away when it is a coastal state and has a main sea to Port = San Fran. thus these movements to succeed are illegal. #California chiming in, here. it is called Federal Trade Acts. It is also illegal to have a sanctuary state policy too due to port access as a vulnerability point in any State for Security Purposes.. The first sanctuary city in US history is Los Angeles, my town, 1979AD. #IAM

Obama Stunned! Illinois State Senate Just made History and USA Proud! Breaking!

Libtard Progress USA darwin fail: Whoops Forgot there was a Equal Rights Amendment. WOW. pass the meth, dude = Illinois people in general. LOLZ>

After 33 years or more Illinois State Senate just figured out there is a Equal Rights Amendment, they forgot to accept it until today. LOLZ. America is gone, totally nutzoid. “Illinois State Senate just voted 43-12 in favor of the resolution to adopt the Equal Rights Amendment.”

Best time for Me in USA is post 1975 to 1983. Awesome USA. Today a tyrannical untouchable oligarchy of the worst generation going> Bible source. This is indeed of the worst generationals. Bible often uses a base 40 system for biological generations.


You do not mess with people from Cal, RapeChild. ! Go ask Hillary what that means, she will tell you privately. code: Malta to ben Ghazhi

! Epic steal.

RapeChild tech and Google GOG Murder inc. have a plan to show all the different cultural gods to unify religion by some light beams in the clouds. Interesting how they are going to show my reincarnations and not understand I rebirth in white white dna in every culture for the time on Earth. Matters not the culure. Turkey's think —tank for this are cabbages and changers of religoius texts to fit their baby abuse lifestles. . They are trying to set up a GOG bible location. I guess, ask them. Or William of Cametolate is groomed for The #AntiChrist position by these Rapechilds too, even though that is not in the Bible. LOLS> cabbages these windsor and rapechilds, eh? This is why I AM so famous in history. I Just hyjacked London for USA for the Win. even though USA has bad people, like Beast 1, Beast 2, False Prophet, Whore of Babylon, these are all in Revelations and also all are Americans. Period. UK has nothing. USA FIRST for the win. ! Epic steal. Yeah baby. 9:32 pm pdt. And USA has GOD.too lolz. Full Deck! London has ZERO/ hha ha ha ha ahhhahaaa ha . Money does not control everything rapechild! 04112018AD.#Notoriety.

More demons in cars flashing lights into my car 833. update beyotch is gone 9:15. Trying to provoke me because Hillary Clinton and Jerk Comey are not in trouble but are fee and doing all sorts of evil. Donald J Trump Swamp Drain is a lie. Usually they master bate out side and police allow then because they are untouchable. Pulled up took a photo and put lights on his jacking off ass. Creepy world. Must be a comey kiddie worker. His car lights were directly into my car and he knows it. Comey threw assassins at me with Bill Clinton, talal and Windsor. He called Trump a mafioso boss, to air Sunday on some mainstream kiddie rape Channel. .He runs that crap with Beast William 666 cannibal Clinton. Clinton means in etymology DEEP PIT. You all Worship the Beast , don't ya? ha ha

So Rothschild Beast Plan is to divide earth, then collect humans for torture and food and jump to one side and then to nuke the other side of Earth. in a Global New Order Satanic orgy of blood. They never chased me or bothered me until I touched pedophile and  the evidences. Then they went bat nutz crazy. That was a key for me to  understand the root cause of SIN. and the Beast. Cannibals.  DARPA GOOGLE RUNS THIS STUFF.

Google Darpa 's New 5 G stations will be able to grow cancer in your cells in live time! Go out and celebrate them at Google cheers. !!!( rapechidl news will distort the science, they own all media major all over planet earth and they eat babies alive too = your buddies out there) new science study finds. Electron Microscope used to show proof . The elite it was agreed too today will live on the other side of the earth, with 1,000s of children in a new garden of RapeDom. No really, just watch. These are things going on behind the scenes.
actions city councils, tell a friend. stuff like that until they make that illegal too. RapeChild's own planet, and. they plan to divide world, one side baby rapers the other side food, you as cannibals. So I guess you have to ask Dick Pan, a new Cali Sactown  legislator to NOT pass, DO NOT SAY ANYTHING< DIE! Law. No more speech talk, all banned . You are to die now? That is the message. I guess we are shyte out of luck? 7:44—5 pdt p.m. #04112018AD City of the Evil Angels. #lolz I pulled my protection from American before arrest. ha ha, I no longer care about your inhumanoids.


A little  Shoppe of Whores & Mark Voyeurburg's misadventures. #lols.

True fact: Mark Zukerburg CEO and co— founder of Facebook, Mark created it initially as a college whore ranking website, a duche bag for sure. Marie Clair, Mag reporting on line.  Co —found? He did not develop the code, he hijacked it away from others and got sued and paid  out 8 million.

He just admitted this to the U.S. Congress. #LOLZ " I RANK WOMEN. zuk" whould have been a more clearer name form. #lolz


DOJ Jeff Sessions needs serious jail time? Warlock Hunt. AM e RICA

Robert Mueller's investigation is 100% illegal . SCOTUS passed 2000 law that says it is OK to collude with foreign countries for a general election . Ruth Bader Ginsburg singed off on this so this fake Russian Collusion investigation by Special NAZI Council is 100% illegal. #IAM Why does Jeff Sessions, Trey Goudy, Clintons, Bushes and JSOC and NSA, CIA, Pent sign off on such illegal proceedings? They are all cannibal baby rapers and slaves to the RapeChild illuminati.  They all are buying time to kill people trying to stop the global human harvesting and civil rights abuses, world wide.

1:01 p.d.t. p,m. #losangeles #04112018AD

The Entire Truth: So it is clear. The Real Hack!
We may find out to all of our embarrassment Donald  J Trump is the SWAMP. Why? He could have drained 30,000 on his first day in office just reading the entire John Podesta emails that Julian Assange got and then archived on his WikiLeaks. But Donald J Trump does not do this and so he has to be a Swamp Person. Horns out there are pedios, eh? Accross the street. These creepos buy buildings just to spy, everywhere I GO.

We may find out to all of our embarrassment Donald  J Trump is the SWAMP. ( see below data) .Beast Chip 5th Avenue 666 address to 66 Stations is a Bible reference by Atheists? These are non—humanoids, cannot be that stupid to use Bible stuff and claim you do not believe? These are cabbages. Donald Trump was told how to drain the swamp the first day in office and he is covering for the baby-rapers and cannibals that are destroying evidence ——there is no other explanation. Maybe his entire family are sixko Illuminati Creppos? Google and Youtube are owned soley by Rothschild, you will never get any truth out of there. It is all lies.

Rothschild & Rockefeller clubs  are just a baby raper outfits and  human flesh eaters disguised as globalists for the New World Cannibal Order. NSA only exists to manage a global cannibalism elite and torture children clubs, most are always  under 10 years of age. There is no other reason they exist, at all!   RapeChild and Rockefellers and Windsor, two Italian illuminati houses and one Venetian already own planet Earth with four countries without its Central Slave banks. Our entire US Military and POTUS are slaves to these Rothschild Windsor baby raping flesh eating Demons.  And they have the ENTIRE WORLD WORSHIPING THEM 24/7/365!  It is truly a WONDER. WOW TO EARTH.


Trump was told how to drain the swamp the first day in office and he refused! & so that pedio globalists can erase evidence over these years and why Jeff Sessions recused himself so to block efforts at any type of relief for the masses and suffering children being eaten by these 30 Million top power globalist demons. Comey's #FBI sits across the street each night and jacks off to child porn while lifting live everything I type. RapeChild then has massive global teams to manage Socials and make it seem like Trump's team is winning when these are all lies, thus managed by Windsor— Rapechilds. . These are the soulless creepos. The Queen is a confirmed cannibal and Trump is elated to go to Harry's and Megan's wedding, the Cannibal invited him. Not Megan! This shows us Donald J Trump supports these in humanoids and must be a soulless creature himself. My teams does not do this. Period. William already looks like he is now engaged too in cannibalism,  And child rape.

Maybe William was forced to go down on Evelyn? To show fealty?  Kate perhaps watched and twittled herself in the process?


Can anyone answer this? *How Can the World's Godless or Atheist same thing really, and , most of the populations claim they worship the Devil or Lucifer or Satan when that comes directly out of the Holy Bible? I know, these are inhuman godless retarded Reptilians and Dracos. Period . Solved. Why are these souless zombies so Stupid? DNA Damage* !

New 5 G stations will be able to grow cancer in your cell new science study finds. Electron Microscope used to show proof.

updated media mainstream Illuminati:

Jeff sessions you are denied eternal life. #IAM #fu

outed as an illuminati slave. Someone inform the DON.

Democrats in name only Republicans in name only; so DINO RINO. Dracos Reptilians.

#facebook demons ≡ #google Demons ≡ Twitter Demons ≡ DAPRA US Military ≡USA Government≡ Rothschild as Federal Reserve≡ Devilsim! #confirmed

#facebook demons ≡ #google Demons ≡ Twitter Demons ≡ DAPRA US Military ≡USA Government≡ Rothschild as Federal Reserve≡ Child abductors, Child rapers, Child murderers, Child Torturers, Child flesh eaters, and human flesh eaters and co ruled by Narcotics and alcohol and supported by Military, Entertainment, Media, Institution, Academia and elite bankers who killed and torture humans of every age for a laugh.

They employ 30 Million of secret society to assassinate anyone that stands up for human rights. They are all called untouchable and most are from the middle classes.

130 cities built underground by world tax and by fake charity foundations and massive theaft. for Demons to nuke planet earth and or a host of other viruses and poisons and explosions to exposure to the elements; all are planned and they plan to eat many of you for nutrition and laughs. They are all consisting of larger bodies than a normal person. Fatter heads, larger skulls, bigger bones, these are signs of Reptilians in our midst. They are all over Planet Earth. Many are celebrities, politicians, and private business people.  

Donald J Trump is not in control of anything. Period.

United States of America Military, Entertainment, Academic, Media,  Industrial, Complex  Rapechild and a host of other cannibal and child abuser secret societies. These demons are worshiped and mimic demons by the Billions. Christians are false, Islam are false, Israelite religion is false, the Papacy is false. and all support the DEVIL.  There are only 144,000 souls that reincarnate that are a part of GOD. The rest are false, and rejects.

The Catholic Church was outed two years ago running Child Abduction Rings and Cannibalism and are very proud of who they currently are and celebrate their modernity of Godless demonism.  Pope’s people, too were caught plagiarizing my stuff and throwing assassins at me. The Current Pope, not the last one, supports 100% the Devil and not IAM. My opinon counts and not yours.

Hollywood is SES too and they are a part of RapeLord culture. So they kill and have no qualms about it and spread fear to keep their people, US, called Slaves, in line and docile.

Rape Child Threw Hessians at American Patriots.
Rape Child threw assassins at our first black African President, A. Lincoln (DNA african)
Rape Child forced 250,000 ( thousand) of my people who came over from the pond from Ireland and Scotland to die for their profits in paying for both sides of the U.S. Civil War
Rape Child funded 250 Napoleon and his generals war campaigns and funded the other  side as well, making about $350 Billion in that very ancient past time period.
1950s RapeChild started to buy off U.S. politicians’ and control local districts courts and jails and laws by 10,000s of secret world employees.
Rape Child has many problems with Spanish or Sunni and Shi’I fealty. This is why Julian Assange got into trouble recently, targeting Catan and Spanish politics.
Rape Child ordered the John and Robert Kennedy Assassinations. #confirmed.
US Gov, HOR, CONG. DARPA, 16 Intel agencies , the lead CIA and NSA included are not free people, they are illuminati sex slaves to these Rape Childs.  If Soros funds John McCain, this is from the Rothschild permissions.  It is called the Establishment and Ronald Reagan’s  ( which Lucifer , TX tried 7 times to assassinate) and Donald J Trump bring up the historical ‘cleaning state house term,’ Swamp Drain.
I Code these inhuman sissy slaves as “ Sell Outs” as does my Church and many Church fathers.  They can never be trusted and they all do not follow any laws but what is recommended to mislead or deceive  the watchman’s eye.  They employ low wit large bodied reptilians that look white but are just masked over the skin. Carter Baines McDonald

200,500 or up to 1.5 million young Children are abducted and never found again in the U.S.A. the largest missing persons places are close to the CIA and Washington D.C. Data for the last 20 years. 7:50 p.m. pdt

SERPCO Globalists, sub SES:

Sepco ≡ Serpent Company: 8,000 Obama Rorthschild appointees are SES and others that have been in this process for a long time. 4.5 Million Employees, and 10,000 bosses and cannot get fired. Patent for world surviellances and G5 radiation to create disease at the cell level live in animals. .  Sold—out and brained washed and indoctrinated into believing trans national business should be globalists.  One of the 5 – eyes, these are shared all of our information, and all are our enemies. SES is under British Rule, not America nor any other country. Senior Exc. Institution brain washes these idiots to believe in Globalism. which is Child Trafficking or Raw Mineral War mongers. 1984 Russia owns our Uranium mines sold by George Bush and the Clintons. . They controlled 50% of our entire Nuclear Energy industry.  SerpCo protects these globalists.

Under Fake Names and controlled by Bush and Clinton, Queen owns most of our oil and nuclear industries with Russia who in 1984 took real control of 50% of our entire Nuclear energy market. Enriched The Clintons and Enriched The Bushes. B. H. Obama jumped on board very late. Noisy car around me all night drinks human blood. Saw it months ago. Sixko World.

USA is made up of all liars or dolts.








Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood. Apokálypsis: Alpha DNA ♣ assassin matrix 1 ‚§ 2 §StarWars +

To Pope Francis. GOD will charge you with millions of innocent deaths and child trafficking and abuse and swinging fealty toward your two cannibal Italian illuminati Houses and one cannibal  Venetian.

#hollyrout is a 2013-14

GOD will charge you with millions of innocent deaths and child trafficking and abuse and swinging fealty toward your two cannibal Italian illuminati Houses and one cannibal  Venetian.   By not crying every day on these Narcotic, Endless Wars for a single family’s World Bank control, and Child abuse you are being denied Eternal Life.  The top world controller is a practicing Cannibal and  Child  Torture, and he pays your Vatican money to keep the Church up and Running.  Prior , during the Bush 43 years, you had to wed to a Venetian Illuminati cannibal house to  run our operational funds.  You claimed, recently HELL DOES NOT EXIST. I live in hell, do not need to be on this physical world and can go to heaven at any time. It is nice there, not here; I live in hell, tracked and persecuted by your very SES crews. Senior ( old pedio people Executive ( Ruling body) Security = Untouchables. All have one thing in common: Satanism.  You do business and photo ops with them that violates  all rules in our Universe. I Fear No  One! #IAMTHATIAM  5:18 p.m. P.D.T. Los Angeles. Jesus Christ returned as promise; and yes I have to promote it or no one would know. I keep it a secret throughout my reincarnations.  You lost your reincarnational string. I do not  tolerate Child abusers or facilitators or agreers  , PERIOD.

Vatican RapeChild US Mil Pent and Windsor set up international Cannibal and Pedio ring. Child abduction, torture, sacrifice and cannibalism.  There is no reason now for this  Church to exist. It is an empty shell of narco abusers and child traffickers’ for  the various illuminati houses.  The Church no longer serves any purpose.  5:22 updated



ALLAH or IAMTHATIAM or The LORD. Same person. Not different.

Lord Evelyn Rothschild ≡ Hyjacked the position of GOD.

Mark Zuckerberg is a NAZI Germany, Austria and Poland heritage.  He tells Congress all EU whites are conservative and  targeted but not NAZI leftists or the NAZI Queen of United Kookdom. World Controlled by always Leftist NAZI reptilians. There was never one single Conservative or Right Wing NAZI in all of history. Bushes, Cheney are GOP leftist NAZI. not Conservative. NAZI were globalists. NSA,CIA,FBI full of NAZI. End of America. Unveiled. The Creatures are being exposed by the Light.

Muhammad bin Salman


32 year -old Muhammad bin Salman , thank you a buddy of God. 1979 a drastic change was already in play to reform Islam from running Islam to radical mistranslations of academic of sharia, part my stuff and part tribal and others made up. In fake shariah, and fake Israel religion there are two main books the world ran under Talal and his buddies = original Usama bin Laden targets , now mine. These ported fake texts such as The Talmud, which Bush posed for a photo opt to show fealty to Child rape culture, seven fake sources have I marrying Aisha at 9 years old. The seven real sources, primes sources say I married Aisha at 19 years’ old and I was in my early 50s. So the dream takes place at age 16 and the wedding at 19. The fake sharia baby rape global reincarnational cultures changes texts on purpose and Talal was using this fake Islamic text as legal law to abuse, rape and murder children, and his club are connected to cannibals. The text is laid out as 16 and 19 where as the hijacked texts say [1]6 and [1]9 and I found out that pedophilia is a something of an under 10 years of age which is basically banned in My Quraan and Bible, and other world sacred texts. Prior to 1979, Many Arabs of Islam were wearing shorts, women held jobs and status, discotechs were permissible and party and booze acceptable. Talal, hooked up with a Reptilian masked white family called the Rothschild. They control all banks, except Iran, Syria and parts of Crimea and some Chinese districts. They called for the Fake Shariah to be law at Sauud Arabia and especially at Dubai. Talal made a fortune from these Reptilian inhumanoids, and violated my laws so much he will lose his soul for eternity. Judgement already cast. Arabs and Islam were working, thriving and had most of the Plastics industry, all the way to production of Tupperware ® a type of plastic kitchen container, in many shapes and sizes.
Lucifer, GHWB then took over controls of MilCom and hooked up with Bahraini illuminati and Talal’s connections to these Rothschild that ordered the assassinations of the Kennedys. He is a promoter and operator of a global pedophile ring. So he is not a part of GOD or the Kingdom of Heaven.
When Bush and Rothschild policy decided to give Baghdad, Iranian control after centuries of Sunni control, all hell broke loose and that was planned by white godless and some soulless Americans. Now they have a city there, you know all about but not westerners. I approve of Yemenis war because it is very illegal to take a port, which was outlawed even during the Venetian and Ottoman long history of on and off wars. So Sauudi Arabia has my approval for any response. When Venetian and Ottoman were warring trade ports were always open, if leaders so chose.

Thanks for shaking things up. And not depicting me in print and fighting for that respect. Racial issues are historically all the time, in varied subtle to outward expressions.


4:54p.m. PDT Los Angeles. California #goamericafirst





Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood.

Muhammad was on of my reincarnations.

CNN and NPR and ESPN rating tank 25% in the last quarter due IMO  to fake news promotion.  They lost trust with their audience promoting nonsense over two full years now in regards to Russians or some influence that put the NON Voted potus by Bilderbergers rejection into the White House, the Holy Temple. Newsbusters.




UN SES AIM ILLUMINATI  is a foreign military

Rape Child’ new cannibal earth plan

wrong half of earth is for cannibal  harvesting by these reptilian RapeChild. Slaves live on other side. NWBRCaliphateOrder. 5 G to slowly kill humans as planned. Rapers and cannibals on the other side of earth, they plan. A part, not all of the Depopulation Agenda.

. 04112018AD.




RapeChild equals Rothschild

95% of entire world works for these two people. OK? Most of our USA politicians bow and swear fealty to these two. All war and econ decisions go through these two first. #IAMTHATIAM and because USA is gullible , the BIBLE says DRAGON = DEVIL. that is all of the Americas and these international illuminati cannibals and child murderers. #NSA works for them, not the u.s.a. #CIA works for them, not the U.S.A. #FBI works for them not the U.S.A. California politicians work for them and they put their illuminati symbol on all state vehicles and buildings, now. All of these RapeChild are #GODLess and liars if they say they are not. They ordered 911, killed Kennedys, started Iraq Wars I, II to get Saddam Hussein who knew their secrets, but kept quiet until his death. These are the soulless #Reptiles the world has searched for centuries for and now here they are outed and what are you going to do about it? #pussies.

Beast #1 is George Herbert Walker Bush, born as G Walker Bush.
Beast #2 is Willian J. Cannibal Clinton
Whore of Babylon is Hillary Diane #Cannibal Rodham ( Clinton).

all three are feminine personalities. Clits and Bushes are female anatomy references. therefore these are the #1,2,3, and this family Bitches. world bitches. 5:55 p.m. P./D.T. #04102018AD #LA

We may find out to all of our embarrassment Donald  J Trump is the SWAMP. Why? He couild have drained 30,000 on his first day in office just reading the entire John Podesta emails that Julian Assange got and then archived on his WikiLeaks. But Donald J Trump does not do this and so he has to be a Swamp Person. Just has to be because my people died, they speak of this only one subject and not one of Donald J Trump’s address every speak on these subjects. These arrests of Child Trafficking are all lies, and he seems to have sex with women and then deny these things. Meaning he himself is a liar.  He just wants patriots to die for his luxurious lifestyle. All know that Jeff Sessions requised himself so that the  NAZI councils, Trump included can take time why the Blue Turban and RapeChild send their illuminati Slaves, The SES to kill us Patriots and people of GOD. He could read these emails at  a press conference and drain the entire swamp   , globally , in one day. He does not. He has to be one of them? So many of my buddies and Islam died just to give him time. FUCK HIM.

#JesusChrist returned as Promised. I have to openly say this people, it is required of me to do so because if not you will not know. 9:06 p.m.#04102018AD #IAMTHATIAM returned as promised and no one cares or our not real humans.

 animate adobe old file bookoflife bol files

US Berkeley Undergrad Card of Carter Baines McDonald, used Michael J McDonald since I was 16 years of age.


written 04072018 archived to secure location 04082018AD. IAM that IAM


top university on planet earth according to dept , inside secret spaces. all call this the new Alexandria/ word 3.57 upon laser damage and outting. I said to grad gate keeper, I believe in GOD ( did not tell them it was me) they sabotaged, as they are program to take out God's people and put in robot baby rapers because  Rothschild took it over in 2009, BP, documented by me on campus too, students were very very upset. crowds not seen since the Free Speech movement on lower and upper Sproul. MJM updated and found card today. 04092018ad












United States of America Military, Entertainment, Academic, Media,  Industrial, Complex 


Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.


ό αρχάγγελος

Carter Baines McDonald.

Online July 18th 1999 A.D.

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