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front women of bands € bigot policy – Affirmative Action

Becky G Tiger Girl Face Paint. Love Her.

Latest Politics and IslamicState Origin Emails Archived at 154 Journal155 ISIS and Politics

Social Security is rather new to History of USA. , 'social' cancels out 'security' . US Americans are very paradoxical.

leftwing = AntiAmericanism and always has been in all global States of History † Right Wing ⇒ Pro Nationalism



Chinese Moble History CHO5 1989 June 3, 4.

What is Jew ARAB Racism?

White People of Russia were not an Issue until after World War II when Jews fled to either the Holy Land or America, and most came here secretly. Canada did not allow any Jews into our lands and neither did Franklin D. Roosevelt. It starts in secret just after the war and by 1960s Jews took power in Academia and wrote false text books promoted as real that all whites are evil bad people and we must have Affirmative Action, Political Correctness and non-vocal global white genocide.  

Arabs control Whites At USA, Arabs hate Whites, so they make fake Cold War with Russian because it wants all white dead. Any more dumb questions on #Racism?


What is a Mexican? It is a brown supremacist

Mexico has no white , no black and no brown immigration policies.for over 100 years now.

USA terms current events →Globalism means you are anti American, living her or not, you have no love for  its past traditions.


Emails WashPo & Judicial Watch’s FOIA

“May 28, 2013, months after stepping down as secretary of state, Clinton sent an email to a group of diplomats and top aides about the “123 Deal” with the United Arab Emirates. But the email, which was obtained by the Republican National Committee through a Freedom of Information Act request, was heavily redacted upon its release by the State Department because it contains classified information. ”link

Hillary Clinton broke over 174 laws; Even having two illegal servers in private residences did not punish her at all. The USA people are very perplexed. No one follows laws if they are careerist politicians. They then are not punished, as well.


Facebook is Anti American

facebook must be anti America; it is run by an #Arab. White Arab owner is a liar. Said Mom said to love all types of people: like baby rapists and US murderers, .He is mentally challenged. Harvard is not a school of merit for the last 35 years. It had to cover up its crimes ‡ 2009 - 2016 A.D.‡ it was deleting and suppressing all Pro American posts and accounts.


Mexican wars for US lands. History

#primary issues, early on #crookedhillary wants 2.5 Million amnesty of Mexicans in the first week in office = so she can win #potus She does not care at all.
Arc Michael originally shared:
#hillaryclinton wants her first month in office 2,500,000 immediate Mexican amnesty ; a promise to the Latin groups to vote for Anti American #crookedhillary who is just  a #globalist = #antiAmerican

IN #LA mexicans hate whites and blacks and call for their #extinction. So the #eradication of whites and blacks is Hillary Clinton and  DINO RINO agendas.

#globalist = #establishment #WashingtonDC since 1964 A.D.  A few breaks with #jimmycarter and then put on Steriods under Anti American #ronaldreagan who started #NAFTA ( #bill just signed it).

#mexicans are pissed and want their #country back.  So vote #hillaryclinton   to make sure they get it back as soon as possible.

#bookoflife #arrcmichael #08302016ad



were u born yesterday? Three top Mexico Parlimentarian Justice leaders are the heads of cartels. They have no other products but meth, Heroin, coke and pills
 Left wingers are druggies so they import them and kick out the Christians.

Sin is not real, says Zombie

u got laws. lolz. same thing in religious communities. Sin = punishment. You break the law, in secularism, also  you get punished.

but you were not known for brains,right? 






Pentagon. Missing $6.4 trillion . Donald Rumsfeld 09102001 pent. Missing 2.4 Trillion

August 2016 A.D.

Scottish Donald Trump IQ 156

North–East Niger Kongolese Barack Obama IQ 102

Hillary Clinton IQ = 140
Donald Trump IQ= 156
Barack Obama IQ = 102 ( same level as a community organizer gansta!)

“Do the Math”

GEMS does 25% of USA Vote & the big states


30,000,000 super elite = Media;Institutions;entertainment; academia;Military;Congress;


+ antiChrist in full control = fascism Prediction

it takes 35.000,000 to win the USA electorial college.

BattleGround States

Need Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and Michigan. Trump needs Florida too. Trump is down with Sun PED over Alpha Cancri. By 9 points in an NBC poll, so a five point error margin. Trump is down in Ohio too. We need west or east coast districts. These are government controlled, MEAMIC.






tina s French 16 year-old classically trained since 6 years old. ADVICE ON MAKING IT HAPPEN.

Tina: The environment is very important. It is necessary to have a solid foundation and the base is represented by family and friends.


08 302016 A.D.

#Arabs ( Jews, Muslims, Latinos and South Asians )  control #Whites At #USA, SINCE Arab imports started 1965 A.D.  #Arabs hate #Whites, so they make fake Cold War with Russian because it wants all white dead. Any more dumb questions on #Racism? #race #wars of #racism   Russia has many white populations and this disturbs #israel a brown nation of arabs who also detest white people. #bookoflife #arcmichael #08302016ad  

Political Terms 2016

#political #terms #liberalism #leftwing   or #Progressive   today means #AntiAmerican . #DINO or #RINO r all #leftwingers = this included #Reagan to Obama, and all in between. #jimmycarter was the last US #POTUS to care generally for the USA. Not counting the intern POTUS' like #ford   #bookoflife #arcmichael #crookedhillary runs #antiAmerican policies and  so  does the #establishmdent #washDC  

#globalism has made #brexit and soon #scoexit and perhaps later #germexit #allande  


Twitter Shuts down Pro American website.

Hillary Clinton is playing the Barry Goldwater scheme which worked in the past against the GOP right wing ( or nationalists) .

How to combat and this is the only way for the Barry Goldwater tactic. You attack all white people inside the Democratic Party and demand they leave their jobs for foreigners. You will be attacked and so you take this position: " I do not play hypocrite, you are white and you say our GOP is racist so you cannot have it both ways! Get Out of your home, leave the USA, this is a brown colored nation.‡ archived 155 Journal. ‡

White kids are being kicked out of School for wearing or possessing Pro American sentiments. Fetus High School threw out students that were Trump Supporters.

Mexican Trains full of Middle Latin American Immigrants to America



Wed, Jul 9th 2014 @ 11:27 am EDT

Earlier this week, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and Guatemalan president Otto Perez Molina held a joint press conference to formally announce a new program that will allow Guatemalan citizens to legally travel through Mexico in their effort to enter the United States illegally. Guatemala is one of three sending countries accounting for most of the illegal aliens coming across the U.S.-Mexico border during the ongoing surge. The agreement grants Guatemalans 72 hours of legal status while they make their journey to the U.S.

The "Southern Border Program to Improve Passage" will increase the number of border checkpoints along the Mexico-Guatemala border, provide medical care, and offer Guatemalans a Regional Visitor's Card. The card grants Guatemalans enough time to make the trek to Mexico's northern border.

The program will also offer protection and financial assistance for unaccompanied minors who attempt to make the journey.





hell da beasty



Arc Michael gif to show current US poltiical belief systems ARC 082

 White genocide is world  wide and Germans are mixex like Jews and not white white


Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.



Carter Baines McDonald.

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