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who, what, why , where and how?

That tech I experienced between March 1 and 5 th is old now. The new stuff will be ghosts coming out of your minds, then going in front of you and materializing into solid entities and beating the shyte out of you and  killing all you animals. this is what I consider funtimes.

Two Time Governor Edmond Jerry Brown is now under Articles of The U.S. Constitution for impeachment. Video source is Washington D.C. 3:44 PDT p.m. #03242018AD #confirmed

Article 1 - The Legislative Branch
Section 10 - Powers Prohibited of States

No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts; pass any Bill of Attainder, ex post facto Law, or Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts, or grant any Title of Nobility.

Sanctuary constraints

Art. 10 US CONST Sec 1 continued : No State shall, without the Consent of Congress, lay any duty of Tonnage, keep Troops, or Ships of War in time of Peace, enter into any Agreement or Compact with another State, or with a foreign Power, or engage in War, unless actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay.

#confirmed Treason








Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood. Apokálypsis: Alpha DNA ♣ assassin matrix 1 ‚§ 2 §StarWars +

We need money for our military and illegal immigration is sucking our life blood and we are targeting those that are sucking our life blood. 12:57 PDT p.m. #03242018AD.

Beast 03 24 2018 AD
A beast is an unconscious animal and not human in any shape or form and they live among us and operate like a mask for human beings, when in fact they are dracos or reptilians and both are just soulless animals.


They will never understand. An interpretation of a ‘Q’ post the day Erica Pollard threw me out of SFVCMHC with pressure by co founders there running antiAmerican programs behind the scenes ‘explained this clearly.‘These people cannot nor will ever understand what is a patriot or a person of GOD. To them, this is just a land of animals and inwhich they can they rob it and  destroy patriots.’ That is until they met me.

At SFVCMHC they targeted me, a Patriot first. They do this with their lies and subterfuge. The story is  below because Erica Pollard threatened court over my posts of exposing their traitorship. They are unconscious and believe it is their Beast rite to conduct violence and hate and destroy Patriot Americans. At SFVCMHC , they do not understand, Dignity, Respect, Love, togetherness andor community.


What do Beasts understand? They understand only one thing


SFVCMHC uses court approved traitor violence of California to enact their AntiAmerican treason.

At SFVCMHC 03232018 I caught them in treason on the city level, county level, state level and national level and they either know and operate this or our unconscious of it: Both have 1000% no  excuses.

Revealing what our elite are terrified about? Beasts They see the world collapsing and do not know what to do and are terrified.  These animals in human form know only one thing? VIOLENCE.

Who was tracking who?

  I post on my site, have a readership that is concerned about these world issues and I never promoted once my website or identify to any of these  animals at San Fernando Valley Mental Health Clinic.  To these beasts inside of their this is a globalist system they can rob and cover up with confidentiality.


our Plan is to Microchip them all, all of them to track these animals.


During March 1 st and March 5 th an important  date for our Universe and connected to the Washington Monument Cornerstone, which is masked as a capstone I had things to do very important to these things. At this SFVCMHC I was being secretly targeted and attacked by these beasts, clients and staff and i decided to trick them and post” “ You are all under surveillance.” I never said a word prior, these staff and clients were all trying to target me first, and spread the word and I outed them by my methods.


Who is this person? a Native Born American, born right here in Sunny Los Angeles.


These animals choose group–think called Globalism.

Globalists are all illegal foreign militaries inside of our limping Democracy. Globalist means AntiAmerican and American means Nationalism.


Globalists number one objective is to target Patriots and I tricked these SFVCMHC animals and proved it. You are all now tracked by real Americans. You think your offices are secure, I just laugh and say nothing. My teams are the best in the world, we surveil our societies and get into all channels, everywhere, no where  to hide.

Personal Surveillance.

I AM in full approval. During my events of 2017, I was posting pro surveillance from our intel teams, I love it and want it and on full  time surveillance of me because I AM wide wide open, people. You are the enemy not ME.

“This is a white person, a patriot and a danger for our robbers of this land.”  When I got to SFVCMHC on the morning of March 1 st 2018, people were crying, shaken and deposed. Things changed inside that I never called for and I made this claim I was giving these animals at  SFVCMHC the decision for this  world to live or die soon, and they bought it and not one ever approached me, ever about these posts. They just started to follow the procedures.  I had to do really important things for  our secret societies and secret militaries and politicos  all over the planet and needed space so I made that post and claim.  

The co-founder of SFVCMHC?

I caught this dude, privately targeting me with clients who hate America and see this as a foreign  land to conquer.  They use American tax dollars to kill American Patriots and have no DNA to understand this. We are better re routing this money to our intelligence agencies and military.

So I will give you all  a meaning of Secret societies and  world leaders who are plugged in to your Beast schemes. OK? I do not spill their secrets, they are secure and I love them and approve of all secret societies and secret intelligence agencies and I approve all surveillance systems. I AM wide open people . I  AM a patriot that does not use a mask and hide from these animals, called Beasts.


they are all scared of you mindless animals that cannot read nor write but all jump and beat up othes proclaiming to yourselves you are all better than any American or Patriot. .

This Jorge Vega began to follow my site’s suggestions for my teams ( not at SFVCMHC, they think that because they are animals, meaning stupid aggressive & Violent biological meatpacks.). I got my stuff done, no one approached me and I saw many things changed there : such as a Lunchtime Ritual of watching Jerry Springers’ thugs beat each  other up over absolute nonsense. This is called violent conditioning. I never called for that in there people, they were reading my website and tracking me, without even consulting me about this and then blaming me on false charges. These are criminals.  

I do not care about Beast animals. Why should I?


These animals that go to are SFVCMHC memorized by  this nonsense violent conditioning;they changed programs inside it to please me, again, & not one approached me about any post or anything I do outside of SFVCMHC. You were all tricked and outed by a real Patriot. Most of you all never seen or even heard of us, have you all?


These changes they implemented, not I, it disturbed them completely. Then they blamed me for boredom or something. These people love to lunch while people on television are being beaten up and laughed at by the audience crowds. I never advocated for a change in anything there that was a ploy to force me out because they were outed as Traitors to America by me. So these secret societies and world leaders all know this attitude of you all beasts and want to kill all of you and I AM on bored with them.

Jorge Vega and other controllers. You all do not have to change anything. We Patriots will do this for you , and you do not have to do anything or change anything. We are gong to kill all of you and many on this earth. Depopulation and other effective measures. We do not know what to do any longer. You are all a virus. YOUR SYMPTOMS ARE ALL  hate, violence, targeting, selfishness and anger and fear and you all take it out on innocent Americans. We have no choice but to take you  Mxxxther Fxxker s out. You are not  human, nor Americans but an illegal invasionary force that  steals our tax dollars and then you all go spend it on tools for more targeting of Americans. We have all had enough. We are no longer scared of you Beasts. updated 2:33 pdt pm #03242018AD


When I came to SFVCMHC for my birthday they set up a group where they believed I was giving  these souless animals at SFVCMHC the choices of life and death of this planet. When I got there I was poisoned and given very very evil looks and did nothing  in these groups. I did something very silently.

I cut you all off from salvation.


I do not help you people, I do not care about you . I know of real people of God in there but Erica, and Jorge cut me off and so I Am cutting you all off and your masters are really non human and real bad biological meatsacs. You all have very short times to live on this Earth.

To me, you are all Beasts, non human and many of you are criminals, breaking every local city, local county and State and Federal laws. I have been documenting this and I will not stop. Jorge Vega and his people were tricked, and blamed me for causing this melee when it was not me but they were doing things illegal to get rid of Patriots and Americans and Veterans. And please these animals they give away our American tax dollars too that have only one thing in mind. Destroy every Patriot in America. Jorge Vega who co founded this place and runs it, despite their trickery he does not has never met a real American Patriot until I step through that  door. He, not Erica Pollard had me thrown out, by pressure.
Jorge Vega is a draco animal with very little intelligence and has no soul. They believe, these animals at SFVCMHC believe I AM not surveying them or have any power to be a Patriot. This page will be clear for  the entire world to what I did over those five days.

World Leaders have no solutions for these myriad of global beasts.

I AM joining the side of our world governments and secret organizations to depopulate you all, all of you unconscious beasts. They have no idea how to fix you all. They have no solution but  to eradicate you all, and I AM on board since You all at SFVCMHC that I have no rite to be on this Earth.
At SFVCMHC these beasts feel and believe they can abuse, target and attack any American Patriot they so choose. Therefore I will bring the violence because this is all these beasts understand.
To Jorge Vega: I never , ever, said to change anything at your traitor facility. You all were targeting me and reading my posts to my people I call our Cornerstone. Your fake Cornerstone is a hijack program of foreign invasion and I have surveillance you attacking Patriots since I got there and this is my claim and my sources. I have that rite and Erica Pollard communicated I do not have that rite to stand up for my  people I love and their actions were treason.  Lauren, S. she is  my case worker, my sixth one since coming to this traitor facility, she knows that laws of Free Speech still remain.  I have a rite to expose you traitors in there and being inside, I got message s I AM being targeted by your souless beasts who rob our tax dollars and show little to nothing but devastation and hate and violence. I never said nor is there a shred of evidence I was to change anything there. Watch your mindless violence, I will be bringing my superior violence to you soon.

I do not promote my religiosity there and  all know it. I stand up for my people and my  country and all know and most do not applicate  it; so I cut you all off and yes, none of you are going to heaven. Why? There are people who worked really hard and continue to keep Earth afloat and I side with their plans to depopulate you all.  These world leaders do not know what to do but to kill all of you and I AM 100% on board.

I cut you all off SFVCMHC on March 5 th 2018

I cut you all off SFVCMHC on March 5 th silently and after you poisoned me ( my claim, I got violently sick, just after lunch from many of these soulless beasts who all had evil eyes on me!) I no longer care about any of you, animals. .

What we have awaiting you animals, called Beasts. We have new tech that will put ghosts into your  minds and  make you  slam your head against solid objects until your eyes come out of your head. I have, privately approved the Beast Chip.

We need total transparency Patriots. To target these invaders and animals. They  have at SFVCMHC of keep these  animals that attack us American patriots as secrets and non-disclosures. I AM totally wide open and have always been so about who the fxxk Iam. When I pull my ‘Protection,’ currently you all at SFVCMHC cut off  from me, it  will be over for you all.  My teams have carte blanche ( means total approval) to take you all out Patriot style and  not go to jail or get into any trouble.
You are not humans, you are animals that know only one thing VIOLENCE. So I  will bring the violence at levels  you only dreamed of and stay awake in total fear about.

That tech I mentioned is old now.

That tech I mentioned is old now. The new stuff will be ghosts coming out of your minds, then going in front of you and materializing into solid entities and beating the shyte out of you and  killing you all animals. The people that will be able to survive this will only be on my teams.  I will have solutions to defeat these and send you, my teams, to heaven and safety why we finish cleaning up the Earth form you animals.
When the Vatican, Private Contractors. CIA, FBI, an et al. 16 agencies and other private contractors like Kore or Black Box or any of the cut off CIA , FBI teams come and legitimately try to kill you and you survive over a few years and multiple, multiple assassination attempts ( You all could not defeat, these are the beast teams on earth) you tend to become ‘REBORN,’ and have no fear any longer. That is why I can come into SFVCMHC and take you mother fxxking souless animals out. I never gave you access I just proved my point you all were targeting me and inside I overheard this as a plan.  This revelation spooked my case workers and  others, and I never talked  ot Erica Pollard ever once until this last week. I say hi  to everyone in the halls of SFVCMHC and I have conversations and friends inside there I speak to indepth; not Erica, never knew her at all until she attacked me and threw me out of most or even now all my services.

I did all this surveillance and  fighting deep stater or shadow  governments to win a housing voucher, not to change you mr. Vega. You can run SFVCMHC with your hate programs nd  violence nonce less  all the time; I do not care about you at all, period  . END OF STORY.  To me, you do not vet these illegals you give US privileges with our tax dollars and they run the very problem into our state that gives you jobs and careers and  we cannot take it any longer.  You have no idea of what the people of GOD in all cultures are all about. We will kill all of you on this earth to save one soul and give them respect. You attacked a white veteran with Tom, Ron, Jerry, Jorge, Kim, Jeremy, Jorge, and some other s not name. Lauren my case workers is threaded my biography because it is my responsibility to run a real thread narrative and I do this for Stephany too, a long time SFVCMHC medical specialist.  She privately asked me to clean up U.C. Berkeley there because they too are running white or Patriot Genocide there and replacing them with drug runners, criminals, thugs, leeches, freeloaders, imperialists, robbers and haters.  When the UK took control of Cal, this place went to hell in a hand basket.
So just before March 1 st, I witnessed a take down  by staff and clients of a Patriot who served their country. “When you attack my people you get the wrath of GOD, and this is more pure evil than anything Lucifer can do and increase that evil by zillions of exponents.  You mess with my people, I will personally do things to take you all out. And  Lauren, who I have to speak to about who I AM sees some of this stuff and is terrified of  the animals too inside of SFVCMHC.

Mr Jorge, I never advocated change or anything, and you are all liars. By threatening to take down my surveillance of SFVCMHC as you did Erica, I increased this exposure of the crimes of SFVCMHC three fold now.  The police have over the course of 2017 and now 2018 have silently and secretly asked me to help them because animals like this Jorge cannot vet his ‘charges’ ( people coming into SFVCMHC for serives based on sanctuary laws)  and the LAPD has to spend all their time chasing these nut balls and not being able to focus on their jobs at hand. This is so much  work for them, I AM helping them to clean up this failed system of management at the United States of America. These cops need to be worshipped and  respected, and at SFVCMHC they are seen as the enemy when the real enemies are these Beasts that usher in the problems by never vetting these people, as Jerry Brown and Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein ,and Gavin Newsom, Eric Michael Garcetti,  and Kevin de León  and a myriad of other traitors have ordered all criminals be given citizen privilege over Patriots and Americans. This causes the LAPD to be overworked and under extreme stress. SO I Am helping them out. I AM not stupid Jorge you all have not tried to call the cops on me and  you all celebrate these assassins in the streets trying to kill  me so you can usher in your criminals under ‘confidentiality.’
Jorge, it is not just me. We are EVERYWHERE
Bob Weitz4 hours ago
Trump is Brilliant, The AMERICAN Armed Forces and the American people are now Seeing TRUE LEADERSHIP, and with a very Wise and brilliant President.
Jorge, your 55 crew member animals are stealing our money and ushering in vast criminal cabbages which is destroying our world. I have only asked You to give me and other native born Americans, respect and dignity and access to our countries resources. You have told me to fuck off and die.   Our teams all over Earth and in America have carte blanche to remove you and take everything you own and charge you with treason. You are creating the problem out there in the streets boy. We are standing up and  taking back our Country from you foreign invaders and care not of your threats of legal or violence which already have chosen to perform on real Americans, making you the enemy of our STATE. 1:03 pdt.p.m. #03242018AD

Jorge since I have been back last year, I have noticed without telling anyone you are not really liked, people are in fear of you and that is my job to remove that fear.  You run AntiAmerican, Black and white genocide and brown if it is American born and you have traitor white or semi white convinced that these people need to be targeted and killed for your little criminal empire.  You need to be out in the street in a cardboard box boy.  You rule because you have a larger Draco body, authority by mass murdering politico robbers and have traitor courts on your side. The people fighting back know this and we do not care, we can take you out regardless.  And that includes Erica and anyone else. You told Joe, I had a death wish, just before he left and the facts are You are targeted for this, not I. He respects you giving him a  job but he does not agree with your platform of steal America blind for robber politicians.

What I found in their people, Washington DC and people all over the world is these animals are not human, cannot read nor write and are all jacked up   on  succeeding form the State of California and expecting endless   welfare and government support when we all know they are all fantasies. Jorge  are you going to get Mexico to fund your  new robbery Empire? Because America is  not going to endlessly give you a free pass to kill Americans, no longer beytoch. Erica Pollard, I nor other Americans are not scared of your threats. 1:10 PDT p.m. #03242018AD

Danielle groups are awesome. She gets its. Our cups are empty, not overflowing like you robbers, Mr Jorge. You are ushering in the problems doing what Jerry Brown orders you to do by policy. We are taking city by city back and targeting you for targeting us for decades. And we are open about it.  There are no secrets, you want all  of this secret and await your traitor teams on the streets to  get us and  deny it but our teams can see through your camelflage. There are many inside of this place that do not like you but have to fake  it that they do to survive one more day. You attack my    Americans as Tom upstairs and  Kenneth, Jeremy, and Ron to cut him off of his  services by calling the cops when Kenneth, who admits to beating up whites as a life agenda, we are taking your asses out. END OF STORY.

Surveillance is me and you been outed as an AntiAmerican traitor.  All of this  money inside of your  facility can   be rerouted to our Military to take care of our vets, the ones you throw to the street and await for  them to die. You have no soul and thus have no love , respect, dignity or patriotism. You are just a mindless aggressive Beast. These are thrown into a lake of Fire and next their souls deleted forever. I AM not here to change anything. I AM here to judge you all and do my job, a job I do not get paid for but get very happy doing it because it makes me happy to see filth, garbage, traitors, murders, drug addicts and antiAmericans taken out and losing all of their State or  Political Power.

The people I support have technologies to wipe you all out and I AM on their side and I AM going pure Evil against your evil Jorge.  You been caught trying to frame me, make up lies to get me out and stop me from protecting my loved Americans.  Tom upstairs at FBS, you are a low wit cabbage , very stupid and uneducated and I caught you attacking America First veterans and I AM going to have my teams take you out.

& Before that March 1 st Post, I told you exactly what happened. That was a beast, godless take down by animals and I was a witness and standing 10 feet away and  the proof is that  Marquise and two other latin employees both had exactly the same thing happen  to them form this vet as this Godless, admitted antiwhite bigoted Beasts that targeted with lies to kill me people, Marquise walked by with those two and understood this persons venting and it was about 38 degrees in the morning. This black dude Kenneth, he attacked this Veteran first, I warned  him and he went inside and got Jerry, another mullato and came to beat him up and stopped because I backed up for the surveillance. Then Kenneth went to Kim and said this veteran attacked him first. This was a lie and I told FSB Tom upstairs and he blew me off as crazy.  

The Continued take down by Beasts. As he was being unfairly targeted and lied about and backed up by you cabbages, the police wer e called and in Danielle’s group, I learned the truth, he could lose all of his services and I was a witness to Ron, Jerry, and Kenneth all Godless people ( they lie to you all out there) laughing as the cops outside were there to arrest him over false charges.

All of these people mentioned are AntiAmerican or godless animals called beasts and they only know one thing. Violence, HATE AND MURDER.

So I will bring that to this facility for you all. IMO, Tom upstairs need to lose his job and be considered a real American traitor. I told him the truth and he blew me off and this vet is no longer there, he had to vacate but Ron, Jerry, Jeremey, Kenneth are all still there and Jeremey and admitted alcoholic when he does his personal parties got all privilege and he has been there for just a few months. This vet is being killed on the streets because of Tom and Jorge and Kim and others that lied and targeted him unjustly.

So that is why I AM here to bring hell to this traitor place and take out or salvage the good people in there  You can take this to your defamation court, Erica. Because you are involved  too with targeting real innocent Americans. I do not want to change your lifestyles I just need some respect for people who fought for this country and you all take advantage of it and call yourself Globalists and the chosen ones, when in group after group, all I see are addicts and violent  animals and this place all worships your evil.


Do not ask me for help when my American First teams come at you all. I Cut you all off and  no longer care about you  and have the talent to end your  little robbery of California and your plan to have our LAPD chase your unvetted criminal illegal aliens all over the streets at night because you are all mindless cabbages.

SFVCMHC , you are all under surveillance by me and you have garnered my wrath. You fuck with my people, I Will take you out. Those that follow me  know I keep my promises. All of them. That is why I AM trusted all over this universe.  I do not get paid for what I do  and I still call it a job. I do have tremendous power, many powers you all will never realize.

You have no intelligence and all of you have talked to eachother how superior you are to me and so you are about to be schooled. You screw with one of My American patriots as I have pointed out here, I take all of you out and I will not be anywhere near you all; you will suffer the consequences of your actions. I AM wide open. Your choice of ignorance and hate are not my problem, we will not take anything like that into consideration. Beasts,  you will suffer the consequences of your actions. I AM wide open.

I do not attack my shadow govs funding programs. I know where they distribute and run these schemes and  will do nothing. Donald J Trump’s drug policies are multifold. First we get people to stop using them and second we take out the cabbages that are taking up our  tax dollars to replace these funds they need desperately. There are people in this facility who served in Iraq, know that our military does some questionable things and still support our Military and USA at 100%. I hear you non Patriot cabbages hate on them and target them and I AM not alone in my hatred of you  animals. Our Militaries are funded by things that are illegal and I will not halt  this because the real problem are globalists robbing this nation blind.

so the people I mentioned in this piece, you all know where to find me and I AM wide open. WE ARE COMING AFTER EVERY ONE OF YOU.

We are eveywhere.

Just call me an American Patriot. I already put my person and body on the line and inspired a whole bunch of real American patriots to do the same and feal NO MORE FEAR.

Iowa family of four that went missing in Mexico found dead

The Sharp family, Kevin, Amy, Sterling and Adrianna were found dead Thursday in a condominium in Tulum, Mexico.  (Facebook)

03232018AD this has  been happing for a white now. media does not report much of this stuff

3:27 PDT p.m. #03232018AD The Sharp family, Kevin, Amy, Sterling and Adrianna.

Do you all see the white dna here. This is what white and off white at SFVCMHC 03232018, INC Treason target for distinction and lie about it and use subterfuge and hitters out in the field. source is ME.





Donald J Trump exposes Globalists killing our vets in Veterans Hospitals with facts and data. this has been happening for the last fifteen years. These Globalists on both political sides hire illegal and non-doctors and then give them fake certificates and then these doctors do not treat Vets and put them on two year wait lists hoping they will die sooner than later.


A beast is a non-conscious animal that believes it has hypocrite rites to abuse others and call itself a justice warrior. Many are masked as humanoids. They are everywhere, people of GOD

Beasts, the Godless all have no souls, all they understand is violence. So we will meet them at their same game.






Mass Media Hysteria: Teacher Globally Shamed For Not Wanting To Replace White People.

Tiana Dalichov DNA is non white white ; dark eyes, light  brown skin, long EU oval face can look a typical latino lady and she is very beautiful. We people of GOD stand with you, Tiana.

Tiana Dalichov is a school teacher and Anderson Cooper calls her a NAZI White supremacist. Perhaps that pedio list on CNN Cooper's table tells a whole different story?





Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood.

Love One Another

"Over the Hills and Far Away"—Patty Gurdy (Gary Moore / Nightwish Hurdy Gurdy Cover)





Oxnard & Van Nuys, Intersection yellow to red light, stalled on purpose to try to get oncoming traffic to hit me as I was on my way to the SFVCMHC, INC

SFVCMHC, INC Assassin num 8, for 2018 A.D. These foreigner invaders keep trying to kill American Patriots. We are coming after every single one of you.






1999—2017AD ό αρχάγγελος” ≡ Yĕhôshúa 23rd September 2017 A.D.— #jesusreturned 1260 days hernceforth I bring the fallen angels to Earth. to take care of the False Prophet, Beasts, AntiChrist and his father Lucifer, et al. [] nationalist worshippers to also be included in an Ocean dump, from both coasts inward until I say.

JESUS CHRIST RETURNED ebes started 21st 9:30 am PDT March— 2018 A.D. Traitors California; The Warrior l #JesusReturned Second Comining & Book of Life






United States of America Military, Entertainment, Academic, Media,  Industrial, Complex going down


Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.


ό αρχάγγελος

Carter Baines McDonald.

Online July 18th 1999 A.D.

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