Book Of Life

2027 AD is Erradication of World #Confirmed

αω Bible †

Dragon ab ( current Russia investigation and Judements of GOD). Dragon ACSeconddeath ¨LakeofFireTwitter' Bill Clinton's childhood new. 850 North Kemp St Bigotry and attacks against ME

Judgement: Godless World: ! Fallen Angels will be descending to Earth to take care of you! I do  not care about you any longer. 13:00 Los Angeles -  Yĕhôshúa

update. you have 3.4497666068 years to prepare. 2:52 pm.

Sherman Oaks, CA.


Commandment One is all that is left 11:12 a.m. Sherman Oaks Cal. People have a hard time doing law #2 and I threw out the other laws 2,000 years ago because they seem too complicated. So let us try just one law.

twitter: deleted wront time, will repost soon. and this will be it.


Google Plus: All Religions! There is only One God! Now there is only one Commandment. # 1 of Moses: Follow it. Or be wiped out. - Michael aka Yeoshua

. All seem not to be abel to do under others as you would have them done to you. You can still try and preform this law, but even two laws seem hard for your to handle. 11:44 09232017AD a.m. Sherman Oaks Ca

Pale Horse : dirty secret the pale horse is a blue horse. yep. Ma ≡ Chinese animal wheel, where the key is Juipter, a base run sideral visual I use, base line very elemental is located in our modern Gemini stars and it referes to #multitasking. it is the best place or position of a multitasker. Ma = Horse, I AM white and Kalki is that key script. That is my hinda people and I have to deal wtih them. good and bad on both sides. - 12:18 pm Sherman Oaks, Ca. More on this later. Death and Hyades are linked to the Democratic Party because it runs 'new programs' and no old ( red conservative, warmongerers) but both blend at the top. or in the white or clear spectrum.


Black Horse is economy, and slavery. blacks run and created slavery and shifted out to the world. Slavery has many functions, some of control, some of mentors hip. Such as the early colonial slavery run out of the Old Test. you do a job for a number of years you win your freedom and get some pay. Later it became non biblical and was a permanent bondage and the primacy of the Civil War.


four faced beast or figure in Revelations ≡ CCCCIA . James " Jesus" Angelton was only up to CCCIA. . His down fall was sex issues. IAM am a virgin technically both ways. It also represents the Cross, the Christian strait vert and horizontal types.


this Mexican cop, I had tussle of words with, said I Know one Scottish restaurant. I did not reply, I could have said, I know 10,000 Mexican restaurants. hahdhhad 1:10,000 in our SoCal southland, not a good representation of multiculturalism.

I hope that dude was drunk and threw up and not Hep A in our Cornerstone. Anyway just watching it.

Lucifer who is he in human form: George Herbert Walker Bush .900 Van Nuys CA 09222017AD

#2027AD Sept Oct Eradication of the Human Race #Confirmed. #reddragon = 23 America Countries and 1 Jewish dual citizen state = 24 Heads of the Warmongering #Satan lands. #judgment #Jesusreturned 4:44 p.m. #09162017AD #bookoflife #arcmichael

Removed from the Lake of Fire as promised by me not you. for being honest in closed door committee. means a lot to me. Any of my team shows loyalty, anything you do I will get you out of. OK?

OUTOF THE LAKE OF FIRE James Robert Clapper Jr. b. March 14, 1941, Fort Wayne, Indiana, U.S. xD. #N.S.A N.R.O.  , University of Maryland, College Park B.A. —09112017AD 11:44 PDT Noho

no one is left. I do not apologize.

new permament member of the #SecondDeath

Donald John Trump, June 14, 1946  Queens, New York City, NY, sD —09162017AD 4:38 p.m.Noho. loaded 4:44 pm

#deepstate and with Shadow control Earth. Even if I go to Russia or China these creepy brain dead cabbages will follow. They are Mafioso and Judean white reptilians. Every single one of them combined cannot even match one iota of intelligence of IAM. tant pis.


If I cannot live in peace on this planet , You cannot.

+ North and east Houses: Obama supporters perhaps plugged in and harassing me with lights. and banging on things when I come out of the house, back door. Where those two Black gun men perched to kill me just before I called out my Islam to protect me that night ( 6,ooo gunshots) the house directly behind me is not strait. very weird people and I blasted them for smoking out our home with their fire place when it was 100 degrees and we had all windows open they lite a huge fire for hours to destroy our belongings. People in my house are not rich so they were in fear. They shoot LED 600w at me, all the time, trying to disguise it. I need to take care of them permanently. They are Obama supporters and Anti Americans. I AM sure the CIA Obama Hillary Squad have contacted them and said harass away so we will have to take care of them or I start killing by the billions. This is not a joke. I live in constant harassment and fear of their blinding attacks and telling me I AM not accepted here in the USA. Because I AM Scottish. North and east Houses no jobs, no life, sit and play all day. a recipe for disaster.   If I do not get help soon,  my Ch. 12 Rev. sign in the sky will begin to kill by the billions. This is not joke. Hatred comes from them, not I.  And  you all lie and  say I AM hate.  So it is a matter of wills.

I f you see me wearing very dark sunglasses at night around my house, all the time, You now know why!

10:02 PDT #09152017AD


#America #Communism 1963 - current. imo


just constant warmongering Jews are special, not the 12lve tribes of Israel. Judeans were only a branch. I kicked them out over a year ago. I do not apologize.


Donald Trump increases social security by $500 dollars to $699 dollars monthly. Obama did not do this and Hillary Clinton did not promote this and Jeb Bush did not promote this and neither did Bernie Sanders.


Walls Do not Work Donald Trump. Genghis khan breached them with ease. and yes they were manned. What works is punishing employers with stiff jail sentences. The money for the wall could be to hire 40,000 officials to catch employers breaking the USA laws. Jeff Bezos hires one illegal, he goes away for 50 years, no questions asked. That is how one solves this issue, Donald Trump.


Biggest Amnesty in history is DACA about 2.5 Million which includes relatives and children. So that is about $20 trillion dollars in upkeep for them. I live in my car, because illegals who are sanctuary have all the jobs because City Council are illegals that say we only support illegals.

we need services where did the money go Los Angeles City council? The police are pulling out their hair, they have no suggestions for us to go to get help. My place cornerstone houses illegals for ages, I am a third generation Los Angeleno. WTF?

Yĕhôshúa ≡ Michael

as Promised I returned. Seals released, go to upper left top. click. will update.




ό αρχάγγελος





Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood. Apokálypsis: Alpha DNA ♣ assassin matrix 1 ‚§ 2 §StarWars + Islam'

Bible Revelations

Gen 6:13 Cannibalism was the reason I wiped, Noah. Flood. OK people?  It  is coded. Prion enfoldment are lil  black holes in the brain, chemical to particle physics reactions to double positives, not being able to balance. Eachother out. So it enfolds like a black hole.

Arc Michael1 second ago
slumber party is code for sauce in #Pizzawideopen


Chelsea went nutz. In jail this morning, hangover. County lock up in Greensburg.


Frank Giustra b. August 1957, Greater Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, sD— 09142017AD 02:46 PDT NoHo Child Trafficking and Pedophile

Frank Giustra you make crap movies. Kick ass two was poor white and poor black fighting poor white and poor black , with one rich kid on one side and one middle class kid on the other. That movie sucked crap . The first one had a point. The fighting the bad cop elements. Should have made the next one, scalar where in each city, a bunch of kick asses take out all the bad cops in each city.

Timothy Snyder  Yale. Book is full  of lies “On Tyranny” . Yale runs global terrorism out of Skull&Bones. He blames America First people. What? Half of Adolf Hitler's cabinate were DNA jews and half of his military were mixed—Jew races, DNA. So how did they Holocaust themselves?


Hillary email shows intent to destroy emails

Hitler Alive in 1984? FBI? 530 sub to andes.

Argentina:  Even Eisenhower speculated Hitler survived and made it to Argentina. Rout Secret bunker tunnel to a berlin Airport. To Portugal to get on a U2 sub which can travel as far as South America. And one was sighted, called 530. This was not known then, but found out decades later by investigators around the world, interviewing locals. He was surrounded by security by a very wealthy German. Even The Bush family bought land next to his because they love NAZI. Sad but true.

$350,000,000 is stolen ⇒ missing by our own Los Angeles city council for homeless affordable housing. Source #LAPD. they still do not know who is doing it. I suspect Hollywood and Obama's hit men, they are after me. #hildabeast too. She comes here to #la on the weekend to go to her witch covens. Maybe she just picks it up from our city council ? We need to help our local police, so they have a life again, not just monitoring and controlling the massive homeless populations.

11:35 PDT 09142017AD

City Council Members: 2017 Los Angeles City Council. Phone & Email Contacts:

Council Member: Gilbert Cedillo ∫

Council Member Paul Krekorian∫

Council Member Bob Blumenfield ∫

Council Member David E. Ryu ∫

Council Member Paul Koretz ∫

Council Member Nury Martinez ∫

Council Member

200 North Spring St., Room 470, Los Angeles 90012 | 213 473-7001

Councilmember, Gilbert A. Cedillo
Chief of Staff, Arturo Chavez
Deputy Chief of Staff, Tony Ricasa
Senior Planning Deputy, Gerald Gubatan
Special Projects Deputy, Sharon Lowe
Legislative Deputy/Scheduler, Debby Kim
Communications Deputy, Fredy Ceja Council Aide, Jay Cortez
Council Aide, Emmanuel Solis
Council Aide, Moniquea Roberson Council Aide, Silvio Nunez

 240 District Office
Highland Park Field Office,
5577 N. Figueroa St., Los Angeles, 90065 – 323 550-1538
FAX 323 550-1579
Field Director, Conrado Terrazas
Deputy Field Director, Jose Rodriguez
Field Deputy, Hugo Ortiz
Field Deputy, Luis Gonzales
Field Deputy, Sylvia Robledo
Case Worker, Ricardo Flores Council Aide, Suzana Muro Council Aide, Alfonso Palacios
Council Aide, Kimberly Salazar
Glassell Park Office, 3750 Verdugo Rd., Los Angeles 90065 – 323 341-5671
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – FAX 323 341-7741
Director of Constituent Services, Mel Ilomin




On the skies and on abuse of my planet and chem trails

Arc Michael3 minutes ago (edited)
dude relax you cannot chem trail the entire earth at the same time, there are thousands of cities with clear skies. get pictures from there. chemys allow drone high alt flyers to operate without a need of a ground lazar. what u are experiencing is an inter dimensional back lash by me for all the abuse going on on this earth and not being address by the masses, so I will use my space people.  you people sit on your asses and watch the masses be abused and laugh, and so the poor cannot have any love because you rich are assholes. So I bring in my space people to wake you up. Got it? #arcmichael , it is not too hard to understand. 11:27 PDT p.m. Noho. #bookoflife #09172017AD

On #Lucifer as the morning star is not true. It says in the old testament that Lucifer is the son of the Morning Star and in Revelations Jesus is the Morning Star. So Mason 33 are dumbasses . #LOLZ #masonlevel34

On the Rapture

relax all, this is all just the beginning.  you all do not just get to  enjoy your  rich lives and then get raptured. You all have not done a good job  of love to others on this  planet. that does not mean you get to go to heaven. You  have to earn it. So far you have failed.  See the Bible and  the  false Christians  mentioned?  There are too many in the USA Dragon lands South to north Americas ( and all over even in Europe) . OK? I  go  into your churches and you reject me, so how will I accept you? makes no  sense does it.

 do a  little less  pontificating and  more pro action to your fellow suffering citizens.  I'll  

will not tell you what you are about to experience, but it will be a huge wake  up call.  you are all asleep.

#arcmichael #bookoflife 09 18 2017 AD


thank you Butch for studying the Bible all these years. + 1

Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood.


I just saw Keifer Sutherland at Market Burbank, Hollywood Way. top down. with all the spooks. got to the library and of course the internet is shut off. Typical Childabue Industray of America = CIA. I bet the CIA tells their people I AM a security threat while they do not tell them abouit my website or that IAM Jesus returned. I supposed to clean up the corruption.

new: #hillaryclinton says she loves Voodoo ⇔ Cannibalism. Confirmed. She was pointing a voodoo doll at me this last weekend. Trumbull D. Soule, sD. runs pedophile ring. N.S.A. FBI—09142017AD 01:48 PDT NoHo. Alan Morton Dershowitz, b. September 1, 1938 , Brooklyn, New York, U.S., sDpedophile —09142017AD 02:31 PDT NoHo. Frank Giustra b.  August 1957, Greater Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, sD— 09142017AD 02:46 PDT NoHo Child abuse. Founded: Lionsgate. Also makes bad movies.

We are assembling at the East, watch for the Sign.

new seconddeath update 555 pdt just put two cabbagess spooks into the lake of fire #seconddeath by visual outside of lib. hahah. Bye bye.

Steven Allan Spielberg, Dec 18, 1946 , Cincinnati, OH, sD Protector of demons—09132017AD 2;30 Plus 7Vn j471 Nexus 200T Visual, plus dude in the back and the black car at the Lib when I arrived. #Seconddeath. See ya would not want to be ya! :)


Just escaped assassination #14 #Yĕhôshúa


Update .3:38 am So weird all the neighbors are up all night; no jobs and shine lights into my eyes. The world must be already full of cannibals. They have no buddies, no social life, stay home and spook and act bizzare. World is over. The daughter wants father and step mom dead so she can abuse he kids. It is freaking bizzare.

update: Under the weather, not in a good mood. #Deepstate are Mafioso crackers &  they will kill USA , don't worry, it will not be me  :) they said, we go to  ME and spread democracy. #bawahahahahahahhahahahaha proof they are the cabbages.  #win

Tonight A story of Dream Works, taking  care of blacks and white first before foreigners,  feeding  the socially suppressed, and putting one of  the top Hollywooders into the  Pit. So  semi-autobiographical because I will be linking in my social commentary and judgements.  At the same time lauding some top Hollywooders for their service to the America  first people, the  suppressed America  first people. What I will reveal was kept a secret not by me but by a top very Top Dream Worker. . —09122017AD 18:05 PDT. I will do that when I get home, as Long as Robyn has the wifi on.

and also the lower middle class NoHo has a lot of very very expensive cars roaming around, lolz. I AM ok with that, people.

Huge slaughter 2018 Jan 1— 9 Kings and masses.

remembering 0911 2001

#Cracker Intelligence Agency. the worship of  the Beast is a Cracker. No one will prosecute the cracker, so the world is over folks. you all worship the crackers that cracker— assed you. :( Cannibal Industry of America

In Memory of those that were sacrificed:

43 POTUS watched live the first explosion of  09 11 2,001 A.D. before he went to read my Pet Goat. #confirmed. So there is your secret of the 20 minute delay Michael  Moore.  Maybe you need to redux your documentary now Moore. #ArcMichael #09112017AD #bookoflife #revelations Ch. 12                                                            


#hillaryclinton on Sat afternoon ( did  not want to mention it) spooked me, and she had dozen of white cracker spooks, with her and today, these crackers were everywhere, looking for the opportune time. I AM Tired of these Crackers so get ready for me to turn off the Sunlight. It is a cracker too. I cannot get a moment of rest.

WilliamBlythe ( AKA) William J Clinton is  the Beast. It is a white  cracker.  That cracker goes into the  Pit with the other crackers.  #georgeherbertwalkerbush is the AntiChrist One,  his son was born with the sign. It is a white cracker, it needs to be  thrown into the Pit.  I hate you crackers. I AM Going to turn off the  SUN,  it is a Cracker.

Whites get out of Hollywood. Whites get out of Israel; Whites get out of the Vatican; whites get out of America's jobs, give them to the blacks. I cannot have one day of rest with whites chasing me and harrasing me since May of 2017 A.D. OK? Why? They are suppressing the blacks. IAM a warrior for justice. Yeahoshua.

Eric Schmidt , April 27, 1955 , Falls Church, Virginia, United States, sD —09102017AD 9:51 PDT p.m. NoHo CEO GOOGLE 2010.

it is about the color of the skin tone. whites are evil #source #HillaryClinton
Judeans are white so you need to get off the earth!
Latinos are white so you need to get off the earth! 2029AD = 0 are left on planet earth.
Italians are white so you need to get off the earth! 2029AD = 0 are left on planet earth. 09132017AD. 3:36 PDT p.m.
German Nazi Bush and Cheney KKK Saxonites are white and need to get off the earth.

Robert Meuller you are white you need to  get off the Earth! Rosenberg you are white you need to get off the Earth.

Take out DonaldTrump and you solve ZERO, gurl.

how many billions are that?


Condi Rice, take Stanford control and get all the whites out of all positions and put in the Blacks

Cheryl D. Mills take out whites from all Academia and then take Isreael because they have white people.

What will I do for the black race. For your services I will take away our Sunlight, because it is white. Do not worry I  will do  that for you so we can have happiness because white is evil. Source is Hillary Clinton, Bush family, and Obama’s.


Van Nuys Callifornia destroyer Ch 12 Bible Revelations

armageddon  white nazi attacking  whtie  nazi

Dad and Mon of Archangel Michael, nee Carter Baines McDonald. Richard and Kathy, my mom chose to use her middle name after cliaming to be  kicked out of Canada by her father



mexico-18-woman-found-in-chiapas-victims-of-sexual-exploitation plus 41 more Immigration of Chiapas says. 2017 8.2 quake




ARC Sept 11th 2017 A.D. 01:00




United States of America Military, Entertainment, Academic, Media,  Industrial, Complex 


Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.


ό αρχάγγελος

Carter Baines McDonald.

Online July 18th 1999 A.D.

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